Embracing Self-Love in the Rollercoaster of Love

Hey there, love seekers! Today, let’s dive into the whirlwind of romance and reality, where love’s ideals meet life’s complexities. We all crave that special someone to love us, but guess what? The most crucial love story starts with yourself.

In a world where love can be chaotic and unpredictable, it’s essential to remember the power of self-love. Your happiness and fulfillment should never solely rely on others. Whether you’re facing challenges or heartaches in love, nurturing self-love remains paramount.

Take a cue from the legendary writer Zhang Ailing’s tales – love is intricate, ever-changing, and sometimes, a mystery. But amidst the highs and lows, the constant remains: loving yourself first paves the way for genuine love from others.

So, as you navigate the twists and turns of love, remember to cherish and prioritize yourself. Your journey to self-love not only enhances your well-being but also lays the foundation for a more fulfilling and balanced love life.

In the dance of love and life, let self-love be your guiding light, illuminating the path to true happiness and harmonious relationships.

Most people who love themselves live a good life.

The writer Kuang Kuang wrote in “A Woman of Time”: “All my life, I long to be collected, properly placed, and carefully preserved. To prevent me from being surprised, to prevent me from suffering, to prevent me from wandering around, and to prevent me from having no branches to rely on.”

This sentence does meet many people’s requirements for love, but is such a requirement really realistic?

Maybe not, just like the continuation of this sentence is: “But that person, I know, I always know, he will never come.” This sentence is more in line with the reality in love.

It’s not too much to ask for a happy love, but the difficult thing about love is that you can hope for a happy love, but you can’t force it.

When you love someone and that person loves you, you can reap the happiness you want. But when that person doesn’t love you, you have to learn to give yourself happiness.

When you don’t love yourself, all your hopes are placed on others, and you are more likely to be disappointed, because you can’t guarantee what the future will be like for you and the other person.

 Therefore, no one loves you as much as I love myself, remember that.

 Love from others cannot be forced

In relationships, happiness is never achieved by having someone love you, or by having someone love you.

Because many times falling in love with someone else is the beginning of a person’s unhappiness. And this kind of unhappiness often consists of these two aspects:

 One: You can’t guarantee whether you will be happy with that person

Zhang Ailing once wrote: “I believe that love can fill up the regrets in life. However, it is love itself that creates more regrets.”

 This sentence is most vividly reflected in Zhang Ailing.

When she fell in love with Hu Lancheng, she thought that Hu Lancheng was the person who understood her best and that Hu Lancheng would accompany her throughout her life. Especially when the two got married, Hu Lancheng’s words “May the years be peaceful and the present world be stable” completely made Eileen Chang completely Deeply trapped in this relationship.

However, Zhang Ailing’s marriage did not bring her happiness. The reason why she was unhappy was precisely because she fell in love with and married Hu Lancheng.

Not long after the two got married, Hu Lancheng fell in love with someone else and betrayed the marriage many times. During this relationship, Zhang Ailing went from worrying about gains and losses to being extremely disappointed, and finally chose to leave.

Such a result was something Zhang Ailing never expected when she was preparing to get married. Just like in relationships, many people never imagined whether the person in front of them who made them feel happy would make them happy forever.

Maybe sometimes, just three words of “inappropriate” can make people in love feel tired, and letting go is the best ending for the relationship.

 Second: You can’t guarantee how long that person will love you

Another thing that cannot be forced in love is to let someone who loves you love you forever and never change their heart, because even they can’t control themselves.

Just like Chen Junsheng in “The First Half of My Life”, when he loves Luo Zijun, he really loves him, and when he doesn’t love Luo Zijun, he really doesn’t love him either.

He can remember his promise to Luo Zijun and Luo Zijun’s sacrifice for this family. But many times, if you don’t love, you don’t love. No reason or excuse is needed.

Someone who loves you may be able to stay by your side and make you feel stable in this world, but love is fickle and you never know what it will be like in the end.

If we can stay together, we will naturally be happy. If we can’t stay together, we can only accept it with peace of mind.

 As long as you love yourself, you will never lack love from others

Maybe in a relationship, there is no guarantee how long a person can love you, or how long that person can give you happiness, but what you can guarantee is that if you love yourself, you will never lack love from others.

As Wilde wrote in “The Ideal Husband”: “Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

When you know how to love yourself, you can give yourself a lifetime of romance. In this romantic environment, it is really simple to meet another person who will love you.

After Zhang Ailing and Hu Lan broke up, they lived their own lives. Later, they met different people, started different lives, and had different emotional experiences.

The reason why she was able to start a new life was related to her own abilities and her love for herself.

After Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng separated, they did not fall into despair. Instead, they continued to engage in their own writing and wrote many classic works.

In the process, the royalties she earned through writing were enough to support her life. The temperament she cultivated through reading allowed her to meet other people who could appreciate herself.

Just imagine, if Zhang Ailing gave up on herself after leaving Hu Lancheng, stopped writing, and didn’t live a good life, would there be any subsequent stories?

Probably not, because since she stopped loving herself and lost her lover, her life has been frozen.

Dean said in “Farewell to Heaven”: “Learn to live alone, no matter whether there is someone around you who loves you or not, do what you should do, and treat it with peace of mind whether there is love or not.”

This sentence should be the ideal state when facing love. It is not to expect someone to protect you throughout your life, but to expect that even if no one can protect you throughout your life, you can protect yourself throughout your life.

Your life is never lived for others, but for yourself.

When you don’t even love yourself, you can’t see your future, and others will naturally not like you who are too depressed. This is how relationships are.

Therefore, no one can love you as much as you love yourself. You can give yourself long-term love, and you can give yourself the confidence to love someone. More importantly, even if no one loves you, you will not lose yourself.

The rest of your life is very long, don’t waste your time on unnecessary people, loving yourself is the truly meaningful thing.

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