Exploring the Meaning of Life: A Journey Through Biology, Psychology, and Philosophy

The human heart beats 60~100 times per minute. Based on the average life expectancy, people have about 3 billion heartbeats in their lifetime. 3 billion, that’s not a big number. What are you going to do with these heartbeats?

As living, thinking creatures, movement and motivation shape us. To be alive, we have to be in motion all the time, always processing information, always interacting with the environment.

We are always hungry for something. Curiosity is a kind of desire, as is the pleasure of helping others and the impulse to create. As soon as the basic requirements for survival were met in terms of food and shelter, we invented games, puzzles, and competitions. In these light-hearted, enjoyable, and playful ways, we express a deeper desire to challenge ourselves, to achieve something, and to find something in life that we can be proud of.

Desire itself is a kind of care: care for yourself, care for others, care for what happens in the world. From an evolutionary point of view, this makes perfect sense. Creatures that don’t care about their own situation are often at a disadvantage in the race for survival compared to those who care about themselves, their families, and their communities.

As a starting point, personal care may be focused on ourselves, but on this basis, we can construct values that point outward, to the wider world, and to find meaning in something bigger than ourselves.

The finite nature of life makes the meaning of life more profound and moving. At every heartbeat moment, who I am and how I should act is a choice that everyone has to make.

Astronomer Carl Sagan put it this way: “We are all stardust, but we have our destiny with our hands.”

Have you ever pondered the meaning of life and our existence in this vast universe? It’s a question that has intrigued humanity for centuries, sparking discussions across various disciplines from biology and psychology to philosophy and cosmology. Let’s delve into the depths of our innermost desires and the quest for purpose that drives our everyday actions.

At the core of our being lies a fascinating connection between the beating of our hearts and the essence of our existence. With each heartbeat, we are reminded of our mortality and the fleeting nature of life, prompting introspection on the significance of our journey on this planet.

From a biological and psychological standpoint, our innate drive for movement and challenges shapes our identity and purpose. Once our basic survival needs are met, we embark on a quest to push our limits, explore our deepest desires, and seek fulfillment beyond the mundane routines of daily life.

Care and compassion emerge as guiding principles in our search for meaning. By nurturing ourselves, extending kindness to others, and fostering a sense of connection with the world around us, we begin to unravel the tapestry of existence and find value in the simple acts of love and empathy.

As we confront the finite nature of life, our contemplation extends to the grandeur of the cosmos and our place within it. The quest for meaning transcends individual experiences, leading us to ponder the origins and mysteries of the universe, adding layers of depth to our pursuit of understanding.

In this intricate dance between biology, psychology, philosophy, and cosmology, we are invited to explore the profound questions that define our existence and shape our perception of life’s meaning. Join us on this captivating journey of self-discovery and philosophical exploration as we navigate the intricate tapestry of human consciousness.

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