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    These six “health recommendations” that have been blown up to the sky have harmed countless middle-aged and elderly people

    In life, many people have heard all kinds of “health advice”, such as “drinking alcohol in moderation is good for health”, “infusion can dredge blood vessels”, “eating while it is hot is better for the stomach” … In fact, these deceitful “health advice ” have harmed many people! 01 Moderate drinking is good for your health I believe that many friends have heard the saying “drinking alcohol in moderation is good for health”, and there are even some so-called “health advice” in life that say: Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol every day can “invigorate the blood”, and drinking red wine in moderation can soften the blood vessels. 图片 However,…

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    All that is lost will come back in another way

    life, most of the pain, It’s all the result of refusal to switch places, most of the grief, It’s just because of too deep obsession. Fortunately, God is fair. When someone makes you cry, someone else makes you laugh, all lost, will be compensated in another way. all lost, Will be re-owned in another way. Many times, many things, Can’t get out of the happy ending, It’s not people who are wrong, it’s time, it’s fate. For example, the one that made you let go of all your pride, Those who go to accommodate leave, It’s okay, there’s another one, Help you rebuild your pride, Keep you safe all your…

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    70 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sherlock Holmes

    When is Sherlock Holmes’ birthday?(January 6) How many steps are there at the entrance of the apartment at 221B Baker Street, London?(Level 17) What is the Diogenes Club?(Founded by Holmes’ brother Mycroft, conversations are forbidden in the club) What was the first sentence Holmes and Watson said when they first met?(“Hi, I can tell you’re from Afghanistan. “) In the “Detective Conan” episode “The Sherlock Holmes Fan Murder”, the murderer made it clear that he was not there by doing “Sherlock Holmes 1000 Little Questions” all night. Well, this is indeed a game that “fu fans” will play. And because Conan Doyle’s stories often have inaccuracies, this game is a…

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    Musk stopped GPT-5, more like a performance art

    Musk and Bengio, one of the “Three Giants of Deep Learning”, and more than 1,000 people in the academic circles jointly called for the suspension of AI large-scale model research news, swiping the Internet, causing an uproar. Will GPT research be stopped? From the perspective of academics and industry, will AI really pose a threat to human beings? Is the joint letter a well-documented warning or a scare stunt? Supporters and opponents expressed their views one after another and made a fuss. In the midst of the confusion, we discovered that there were questions about the authenticity and validity of this joint letter. Many people in the signature area did…

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    shocking! Pornographic websites are full of “female stars”! !

    Desire is human nature. But those who do not hesitate to push others into the abyss for their own desires have already lost their humanity. Recently, pictures of naked women on Guangzhou Metro Line 3 have gone viral on the Internet. In this large-scale photo, a naked woman with a mask on is leaning on a subway car, looking at her phone nonchalantly. “subway”! “Nude”! “Exposed”! These few words immediately caused the male hormones on the Internet to boil up. How many big men with picky feet were drooling across the screen, commenting, pointing and poking, wanting to be obsessed. While eating melons happily, some people expressed deep regret: It’s…

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      Old Z lived in a cell with a seat, a fluorescent light, a camera, and an air switch.   Old Z was obese and could not freely enter and exit the cell. The ants on the ground have small bodies and can freely enter and exit the cell. When ants meet, they greet each other with their antennae, eat food scraps on the ground, drink water from the ground, and work together to carry the food they find home.   Old Z watched the ants, and the ants also noticed old Z, but old Z was not sure whether today’s group of ants was yesterday’s group, and the ant was not sure…

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    Snow edge

      Compared with the powdery snow in the north, the snowflakes in the south naturally have a different charm: fluttering and dancing with the wind, one after another like butterflies all over the sky, the sky seems to be like A pair of invisible big hands evenly decorated the earth with paint overnight. Walking into the familiar roadside woods, the old withered vines and old trees in the past have transformed into ice-clear, crystal-clear and extremely dazzling. The happy bird has long since disappeared, and the running cunning rabbit has also hid in the mysterious cave. Only the sound of “creak, creak” under his feet is clearly hitting his eardrum. At…

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    Cabbage, vivid throughout the winter

      In the cold winter season, the grass withered and withered, the cabbage in the only vegetable garden was full of vitality.   In my hometown, cabbage is the finale of the year, and there are often only cabbage left in the vegetable garden to accompany people through the cold winter. Every year after the winter frost, the family starts harvesting vegetables, and the tightly wrapped Chinese cabbage falls to the ground under the wave of the sickle. Some cabbages, like naughty children, will happily roll around on the ground. After the frost, the cabbage looks like a layer of baby cream, pink and watery, it is really gratifying to look at.…

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    How to tell if your child has a language delay

      Delayed language development in children is a concern for many parents. Under normal circumstances, children’s language function gradually begins to develop around the age of 1, and they can learn the speech of adults around them, and begin to express and describe themselves. However, some children with slower development speed may still be unable to speak and express at about 1 year old, so parents will have a certain degree of anxiety, fearing that the child’s language development will be delayed. How can I tell if my child has a language delay?   What is language developmental delay?   Pathological   mechanism Language developmental delay refers to the lack of language expression ability…

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    Is it important that newborn jaundice is high?

      Neonatal jaundice is a common pediatric disease, generally divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to worry about physiological jaundice, and the duration will not exceed 2 weeks. However, pathological jaundice should be vigilant, and metabolic diseases may occur, so you should see a doctor immediately.   Overview of jaundice In   medicine , the jaundice of a full-moon baby (within 28 days of birth) is called neonatal jaundice, which refers to the abnormal bilirubin metabolism in the neonatal period, which leads to elevated serum bilirubin levels, jaundice of the skin, mucous membranes and sclera. disease. The main effects of jaundice on infants include bilirubin…

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    Awareness of cervical lesions

      The uterus is a female-specific reproductive organ, which is divided into two parts, the uterus and the cervix, in terms of physiological structure. The cervix, which belongs to the lower half of the uterus, communicates with the outside world through the vagina, and its lesions mainly include cervical inflammation, cervical polyps, cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions, and cervical cancer. Let’s take a look at the etiology and clinical manifestations of these cervical lesions.   The cause of cervicitis   Cervicitis is a relatively common gynecological disease, especially in women of pregnancy age, divided into two types: acute and chronic. Among them, if acute cervicitis is not diagnosed and treated in time or the…

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    A man once loved a woman from the bottom of his heart, and after breaking up, he will become like this

    Love seems to have a kind of magical power, which always makes people ecstatic. When you fall in love with someone, you will toss and turn for him, without thinking about food and drink. For you, his smile is the best healing, which can make you forget all the troubles in life. But love is also full of helplessness. Sometimes whether you love it or not, whether it is suitable or not, and whether you can be together are three things. It is rare to fall in love at first sight and grow old forever, but it is common for two people to love each other and end without a…

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