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    Seeing life through the cold eyes of that Frenchman

      I remember that in the early 1980s, Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) was a hot topic among young Chinese intellectuals. Speaking of Sartre, the first thing I recall is his photo of him peddling the leftist newspaper “Dyelo Narok” on the street. He is old and unattractive, hiding behind old-fashioned short-sighted glasses that look like the bottom of a wine bottle. This photo was later included in the anthology “Sartre Research” (1981) edited by Mr. Liu Mingjiu, a French literature expert.   When Sartre’s theories and works were widely disseminated in China, it was the time when the Chinese youth were struggling to get out of the spiritual ruins caused by the ten-year…

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    Live steadily until the age of 30 and then self-exile for a lifetime

      Those who had known the name Mavis Garland for a long time found it hard not to associate her with Alice Munro. Both of them are Canadian female writers, but they are opposite in every way except for this point: Monroe stayed in Ontario all his life, observing people and things in the small town; Garland was born in Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, and then went into self-imposed exile. , Seriously want to be a person who makes his home around the world. When he was ten years old, Garland’s father died and his mother remarried. In eight years, he changed seventeen high schools before finally graduating in…

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    These Green Papers Are Toxic And Could Be Deadly

      In the spring of 2019, in Delaware, USA, Dr. Melissa Teiden of the Winterthur Museum checked out an old book published in 1857 from the library. It is a guide to home decoration, and the title of the book is “Country Country Decoration-For a Tasteful Home”.   The book is beautiful, and although it is more than a century old, it still retains its bright green exterior, which complements the gilt letters and patterns. As part of the collection to be exhibited at the Kunsthalle in Winterthur, the book’s striking colors are still impressive even though the spine and cover are about to fall off and the stitching is broken.   Dr.…

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    Ramble about siesta

    Ever seen a take-out nap? A Japanese company has launched a delivery service called “Nap Space,” in which a van converted into a bedroom is driven to the office floor to solve the problem of nap time for office workers. As the saying goes, “If you don’t sleep at noon, you will collapse in the afternoon.” Taking a nap at noon is an important way to restore the “vitality” of the body. So, how to take a nap more scientifically? Is a nap a good idea? Previous studies have shown that regular naps can protect against Alzheimer’s disease by improving mental agility and consolidating memories. In addition, taking a nap…

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    Gluten-free foods, to eat or not to eat?

    Is gluten just bran? The edible portion of a grain consisting, from the outside to the inside, chiefly of the bran, endosperm, and germ. The bran is the outermost edible part of wheat, which is mainly composed of dietary fiber. Gluten is a nutrient in the endosperm. The endosperm of wheat is mainly starch, but also contains gluten and glycolin, a complex of these two proteins called gluten. The word “gluten” may be new to you, but when it comes to gluten, you’re probably familiar with it. Our common gluten is actually gluten. When making dough, gluten proteins absorb water and expand, then bond to each other to form gluten,…

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    The mystery of the origin of the American wild horse

    Recently, American researcher Deso began testing DNA in ancient cow bones found at archaeological sites in the hope of learning more about the domestication of cattle in the Americas. When he sequenced mitochondrial DNA in fossilized bovine teeth, he found that one sample had a distinctive sequence. Upon closer inspection, he was surprised to find that the sample — a tooth fragment from an adult “cow” — belonged to a horse, and that the sequence was the earliest ever made of domestic horse DNA in the Americas. Stumble upon The piece was found in the town of Leopold, one of the first settlements of Spanish settlers in North America. The…

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    British media commented on “Top Ten Scientific Advances in 2022”

      Recently, the British “Guardian” released ten major scientific advances in 2022 selected by ten scientists. Among them, China’s inhaled new crown vaccine and the use of artificial intelligence to discover antibiotics were selected.   Inhaled vaccines induce mucosal immunity and may provide long-term protection against respiratory viruses, the report said. For people with “needle phobia”, this type of vaccine is more attractive. If these new crown vaccines work as expected, the annual booster shots will soon be a thing of the past. In addition, antimicrobial drug resistance is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten public health threats facing mankind. Antimicrobial peptides are recognized alternatives to…

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    “Avatar: Way of Water” swept away the haze of the world film market

      At the end of 2022, the 3D blockbuster “Avatar: Way of Water” created by the famous American director Cameron after 13 years, broke through 1.1 billion US dollars at the global box office one month after its release. , Brazil and other major markets have become the annual box office champions.   Following the first “Avatar”, Cameron has once again built a beautiful and unimaginable alien world. The application of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D virtual photography and motion capture has brought shocking experiences to the audience. The haze of the epidemic in the world film market has injected a shot in the arm.   ”Avatar: Way of Water” focuses on presenting…

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    Sweden’s “charging road”

      In order to achieve the two goals of “be the first to become a clean energy-based country that does not use fossil fuels” and “strive to make vehicles on the road achieve zero emissions by 2030”, the Swedish government calls on the people of the country to purchase new energy electric vehicles. However, although new energy electric vehicles have the advantages of cleanliness and pollution-free, due to the far insufficient cruising range, the car often breaks down halfway, so the general public in Sweden is not interested in buying electric vehicles.   After pinpointing the “pulse” of the people in the country, the Swedish Transport Administration began to “prescribe the right…

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    Permafrost “Black Magic”

      Permafrost, a special soil that is below zero degrees Celsius and contains ice, is distributed in high latitudes and high altitudes around the world, such as the Greater and Lesser Khingan Mountains and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in my country. Permafrost has extremely special properties, so it can form a variety of peculiar frozen landforms. Groundwater is coming out   An important condition for the formation of permafrost is that the soil contains water, which will form many interesting landforms during the process of continuous freezing and melting.   Subsurface ice, as the name suggests, is the ice formed in permafrost, including frozen ice, buried ice, and veined ice. Ground ice is an…

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    Lapis lazuli – the magic weapon of the ancients

      There is a kind of naturally produced jade, the color is blue, just like the sky, and it is also dotted with glittering golden minerals, as if countless stars are shining in the night sky. Such a perfect combination makes it glamorous and has been loved by people since ancient times. This is lapis lazuli. sacred stone   People have known lapis lazuli for a long time. As early as 7000 BC in Afghanistan, people were already mining lapis lazuli. Around 4000 BC, the city of Ur in the Euphrates River Valley in the Middle East was already doing a prosperous lapis lazuli trade. Locals consider lapis lazuli to be a…

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    Live for the splendor and freedom of life

      The Middle Ages is often referred to as the era of retrogression of Western civilization. It was the execution ground for religious trials, the hell where the Black Death took 20 million lives, and the severe cold of swords and swords and endless wars. Women in the Middle Ages were just subordinates to their masters. This tradition of gender inequality is surprisingly similar to the oriental patriarchal thought. Peasant and petty bourgeois women toiled until they stopped breathing in order to obtain food for subsistence. Most of the high-class women spent their whole lives wandering in cold castles. Become the link to maintain the interests of the two families. But…

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