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    He opens a window of light for the blind

      Louis Braille was born in Goupbury, a town 25 miles east of Paris, France in 1809. His father, Simon-Ryan Brayer, made harnesses for a living. When he was 3 years old, Braille accidentally stabbed his left eye with a sewing cone while playing in his father’s workshop, causing blindness in his left eye. Later, the wound became inflamed and infected his right eye. His parents took him to see several doctors, hoping Can save the child’s eyesight, but ultimately failed. In this way, little Louis, who was only 4 years old, unfortunately became blind in both eyes.   At the time, blind people were treated inhumanely in impoverished parts of Europe…

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    The Epic of the ‘First Lady’ of the American Press

      Katharine Graham (1917-2001), a leading figure in the American media industry, the former publisher and chairman of the Washington Post, was regarded as the “first lady of the American newspaper industry”. Former US President George W. Bush commented on her as: “a true leader, a true lady, and a legend of a generation.” Katherine Graham’s life is indeed a legend. She walked from behind to the front, from ordinary to great, and provided women with an excellent life example.   Catherine was born into a wealthy Jewish family. Although the prominent family background provided her with a good living environment and educational background, it did not give her enough warmth and…

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    John Ruskin and his “Lolita”

      Whether it is a writer or an artist, the acquisition of inspiration is the most important foundation of creation, especially “Lolita”. A love affair between a middle-aged man and an underage girl has made Bonakov’s “Lolita” extremely high in literary attainments and popularity. The prototype of the protagonists Humbert and Lolita in the book was once debated by the world. focus. However, in Britain a century ago, there was a real love between a great writer and a young girl.   1.   John Ruskin (1819-1900) was a famous literary critic, artist and architect in the British Victorian era. ” was published one after another, becoming a “new star” sought after by…

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    From land to sea, Fa Xian draws a “circle” in Asia

      In the history of the “Silk Road” for more than 2,000 years, there are countless people who traveled westward to Central Asia and South Asia to learn scriptures. Master Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty in The History of the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty. During the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the Sixteen Kingdoms period, Fa Xian’s trip to seek the law in Tianzhu traversed the hinterland of Asia and the South Asian subcontinent, passed through the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, and finally landed in Laoshan, Shandong, which constituted a special journey in the history of the “Silk Road”. In the sixtieth year, go west to seek…

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    How Japan is exporting green energy technology to Africa

      Japan is far away from Africa, but Japan has been trying to get closer to Africa after the war out of strategic necessity, and this trend is deepening. At present, in Japan’s view, Africa is not only a ticket field for its own “normalization”, but also a test field for promoting the “normalization” of the Self-Defense Forces, a stage for games with other countries, and a potential market.   Providing aid is the main way for Japan to get involved in African affairs, and Japan’s aid to Africa involves many fields, and green energy power generation is one of them. Gradually become the highlight of aid to Africa   Initially, the green…

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    Crisis drives structural change in EU energy strategy

      Since the full escalation of the Ukraine crisis, Russian gas supplies to Europe have been significantly reduced. Not only the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline cannot escape the fate of being abandoned, but the flow of the “Beixi-1” pipeline to Germany has also dropped to 20% of the normal period. Gazprom supplies to six EU countries, including Poland and Bulgaria, have been completely cut off. The European Union and its member states have begun to prepare for Russia to cut off its natural gas supply. The entire Europe is shrouded in a huge “cloud” of energy shortages. In response to the energy crisis, the EU’s energy strategy is undergoing structural changes.…

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    Disraeli’s Dream of “Young England”

      In the British Isles in the second half of the 19th century, a political star who was good at writing and writing was active. He was appointed to form a cabinet twice, and he made many achievements during his reign, bringing supreme glory to the British Empire under Queen Victoria. As the empire expanded, his fame spread far and wide. Even in the land of China in the East, his writings are often seen in newspapers. According to scholars’ research, in the late Qing Dynasty, the “Wan Guo Bulletin” and “Painting News” sponsored by missionaries were the first to publish special articles, and they spoke highly of his political career…

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    Passionate and noble love

      In 1827, Pushkin ended his exile and returned to Petersburg. In early 1828, he fell in love with the beautiful Olenina.   Anna Alexeyevna Olenina (1808-1888), born in a noble family, her father, Alexey Nikolaevich Olenin, worked as the director of the public library and the Academy of Arts Long, at this time a third-class civil servant, member of Congress, and his mother, Elizabeth Markovna Portoladskaya, was the daughter of Anna Kane (to whom Pushkin wrote the famous poem “To Kane”). Dear aunt. Olenina is charming and beautiful, with a slender waist, plump breasts, blond hair, and a sweet smile. She has the beauty of the characters in the paintings of…

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    Earthquakes and Earthquake Culture in Japan

      Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, and both the large earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 and the recent predictions of future earthquakes in Japan are shocking. However, the earthquake culture produced by the Japanese in the process of fighting against it has also aroused great attention from the world.   Earthquakes   in Japan Japan is located at the junction of the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate. Plate motion has created huge earthquake zones around the Pacific Ocean. The moving speed of the Pacific plate squeezed into the Eurasian plate is about several centimeters per year. When the deformation accumulates to the extreme, the plate interface will not…

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    One small step for the Olympics, one giant leap for democracy

      The road to democracy has never lacked bumps and thorns. The political changes of South Korea after World War II can be said to be a history of struggle full of blood and tears, and a history of difficult struggles of the Korean people in their unremitting pursuit of democracy and freedom.   Since Park Chung-hee came to power in a military coup in May 1961, South Korea’s authoritarian political system was formally established. Since then, South Korean politics has entered a vicious cycle of seizing power within the military and government or transferring power within the military. In a period of heavy political pressure and clouds, the Korean people have…

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    A Brief History of World Aviation Development at a Glance

      Two famous flying pioneers, brothers Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, likely spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. What is certain is that in 1899 Wilbur Wright asked the Smithsonian Institution and other magazines for knowledge and advice on aviation. He may have been drawn to the large birds soaring over the Kiddy Hawk dunes in North Carolina. Why do they have the ability to soar above? He and Orville observed how birds flap their wings in flight, using their raised muscles to control their wings and flight direction. These are all key factors in flight — not just wing shape. Their judgment is correct.   On December…

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    Forgotten chapter

      Walking into the used bookstore and smelling the unique smell of old books, Mike couldn’t help laughing: there are too many ancient stories in this store, and the accumulated history is waiting to be read and shared with others. On the innermost bookshelf, he found what he had been looking for—two layers of dust-covered books tightly packed together, once the owner’s treasure, but now forgotten here in the darkest corner.   These old books from Italy, America, France, Greece are full of recipes for cooking all kinds of dishes, and they hold secrets from all over the world. They stood there quietly, tucked away in little corners of the bookstore, waiting…

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