Before getting married, you should not only visit his home but also meet his friends.

Pierre hermé store in the st. germain neighbourhood of paris

Your wealth and wisdom are the average value of the 5 friends you have intimate contact with.

Because you will communicate with your close friends, communicate with each other, transmit information and influence each other, and then change your way of thinking and behavior.

However, I believe that not only wealth, but also a person’s character, outlook on life, spiritual pursuit and even lifestyle are all related to his closest friends.

What a person’s best friends look like is basically the same.

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How to Get Our Freedom

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There is a famous saying: give me liberty or give me death. This means that freedom is more important than life. But what is freedom? According to the interpretation of Chinese characters, what I decide is freedom, and what I cannot decide is not freedom. If everything is not up to me, what is the significance and value of such a life? But if everything is up to me, that kind of life is not allowed in the outside world. Things that are not allowed by the outside situation, but we must do so, it will make life sin. Therefore, the westerners also said: freedom and freedom, many sins, will be done under your name. It can be seen that it is painful not to be free in life, but it is still painful to be free and become evil. But is that freedom what we should demand and what we can get? In other words, what is the content of freedom in life and where is the division of freedom in life? How can we get the freedom we deserve?

I am free to decide, but what am I? This problem has turned into the depth of life problems. James, an American psychologist, once analyzed the people who think of themselves as ” me” into three categories: the first category, James called it ” the physical me”, which is well known to all. This is the so-called me from top to heel, six feet of body, flesh and blood. If people do not have this six-foot body, flesh and blood, how can they find me? However, I am not quite free. All of this belongs to physics, biology, physiology, pathology, that is, the scope of medical research. Birth, aging, illness and death are not my decisions. To be born is not for me to be born, but for me to be born. Death is not up to me either. If I die, there will be no me. Very few people will die on their own initiative. Old age and illness are the necessary processes from birth to death. People do not want to go through this process, but physical physiology requires people to go through this process.

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Don’t talk about feelings with me, let’s talk about money.

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Yesterday, a college classmate came to me on WeChat. In mid – July, I helped him write a report.

After exchanging a few commonplaces with each other, the students began to get down to business. It turned out that they had to hand in the report again. Then he sent me some data and key points of the content.

He said, master, our leaders were particularly satisfied with the report you wrote last time. I, a big old man, can’t write a report either. You write well and write a report quickly. Help me get another one.

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