Where does one’s confidence come from


Self – confidence is one of the necessary conditions for success and the source and motivation of success. The vast majority of successful people are all people with strong self – confidence. Only with confidence can people be full of hope and persistent pursuit until they finally succeed. Self – confident people can shine brilliantly. They will expose their abilities to the sun, naturally accept others’ approval and ignore criticism. Because his heart is convinced that he is the best!

Confidence is like a caterpillar breaking a cocoon and turning into a butterfly. When they grow wings, they don’t have to crawl all their lives. Even though the process of breaking through the cocoon must go through a painful struggle, but for the sake of the vast and beautiful sky, what is this? If it had not been squeezed by the narrow cocoon hole, the liquid in its body would not have been able to flow to its wings, and the wings would not have sufficient strength to allow it to fly freely in the air. The tiny caterpillar can fly with open wings because it firmly believes that there is huge energy in its body. Otherwise, it will never be able to get out of the shadow of the heart and the thick silk cocoon outside.

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Your spiritual world determines your language level.


Some people say interesting things while others say boring things. This is whether what you say can express what you want to say, whether it can be expressed vividly and whether it can be expressed well. Namely accuracy, image and music.

As the saying goes: There are three things to say, but it is better to say skillfully. Qiao means accuracy, image and music. In order to be skillful and achieve a good literary language, there are still many things to be learned in addition to one’s natural talents.

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The Boundary between Life Realm and Human Nature

When you come to the seaside for the first time and look at the waves from afar, you will be speechless. Staring at the sky at night with stars and bright eyes, you will be silent. This is because the vastness of the sea and the depth of the starry sky are beyond the limits of your understanding and imagination, so that you cannot find a suitable language to express the shock and emotion they cause in your heart. When you write about Wittgenstein’s life story, similar feelings will come to mind.

Wittgenstein is best known for his extraordinary intelligence. He was a genius: at the age of 13 he made sewing machines, designed engines, worked as an architect, and, of course, most importantly, created two completely different philosophical schools with great influence. This one alone is enough to make him one of the greatest thinkers, and his philosophy is also a topic of enduring popularity. In contrast, although there are many good stories about his 62 – year – old life circulating in the public, it is a pity that most of them are anecdotes of the east scale and the west scale. As a matter of fact, I have not seen the words that tell Wittgenstein’s life story very well, which are enough to show the brilliant edges and corners of his unique and even eccentric personality and highlight the mythical quality of his life from being extremely rich and destitute. Yes, Wittgenstein has always believed that his thoughts have nothing to do with his life, and he has always dismissed attempts to decorate his philosophy with his magical life stories. However, I think that his life does have meaning beyond his philosophy, so it is another book worth studying. The two books, his philosophy and his life, are not necessarily complementary but can both be wonderful. They can be read separately.

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