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    I read “A Brief History of Time”

      In classical general relativity, one cannot predict how the universe began because all known laws of science break down at the Big Bang singularity. The universe could have started out in a very smooth and ordered state, which would lead to the well-defined thermodynamic and cosmological arrow of time as we observe it. However, it could just as reasonably start with a very choppy disorder. In that case, the universe would already be in a state of complete disorder, so disorder would not increase over time. Or, it keeps constant, and then, there is no well-defined thermodynamic time arrow; or it will decrease, and then, the thermodynamic time arrow is…

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    Live steadily until the age of 30 and then self-exile for a lifetime

      Those who had known the name Mavis Garland for a long time found it hard not to associate her with Alice Munro. Both of them are Canadian female writers, but they are opposite in every way except for this point: Monroe stayed in Ontario all his life, observing people and things in the small town; Garland was born in Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, and then went into self-imposed exile. , Seriously want to be a person who makes his home around the world. When he was ten years old, Garland’s father died and his mother remarried. In eight years, he changed seventeen high schools before finally graduating in…

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    “Grandpas Over Flowers”

      2013 is the year of Korean variety shows. Many variety shows are in full swing during this year. The influence of programs such as “Where Are We Going, Dad”, “Two Days and One Night” and “I Am a Singer” are not only in Korea, but also spread overseas. Korean variety shows The popularity in China makes people sigh that the “Korean Wave” is coming again. Korean variety shows have become the new main force of the “Korean Wave” after Korean dramas. In the year of the Korean variety show “Hundred Flowers Blooming”, another novel and interesting program appeared, which also attracted the attention of many Korean viewers, that is, a…

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    Group ugly picture: Theophrastus and his “ethical group portrait”

      Theophrastus (Theophrastus, about 370 BC-about 285 BC, also translated “Theophrastus” and “Diophrastus”) was born on the island of Lesbos in Greece (that is, Mitty Irethos of the Isle of Lini, the son of Merantes the Fuller. As an outstanding disciple of Aristotle, Aristotle commented on him and said: “The understanding is extremely high and the most diligent.” He is diligent in learning and eloquent, so he is specially named “Theophrastus” (Greek, that is, a pious and godly speaker).   In 323 BC, Aristotle appointed Theophrastus as the successor of the Peripatetic School, donated his manuscript to him, and entrusted his son Nicomacus to him. Since then, Theophrastus has been in charge…

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    listen to the rhythm of the soul

      Since its release at the end of 2013, the cosmic version of “Falling Leaves Return to Roots” – “Gravity” has caused a strong sensation and received wide acclaim. Many people even said bluntly that the release of this film made it clear at a glance who won the 2014 Oscar. This may be a bit biased, but it is undeniable that it is indeed a classic of the universe science and technology theme.   The film unfolds in the silent vastness of space, with astronauts Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) carrying out a mission outside the space shuttle Explorer. Matt, who is experienced in spaceflight, is enjoying…

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    The Raging Power Desire in the “Private Utopia”

      ”Privatopia” (Privatopia) is a book published by American political scientist Irving McKinsey in 1994. “Private Utopia” is a self-created word, and the subtitle of the book gives detailed notes: The rise of homeowner associations and private government in housing.   In the United States, there are countless associations, all of which are typical non-governmental organizations. Then, why does Professor Mai call homeowners’ associations private Utopias and associate them with nondescript so-called “private governments”?   In a 2000 case, the California Court of Appeals referred to homeowners’ associations as “secondary municipalities,” “quasi-governments,” and “micro-governments” because they “regulate (the homeowners’) daily lives in many ways.” “, “Parallel to the municipal government in almost all…

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    God’s logic

      Today, when people need to affirm a person’s talent, they often only say that he has talent, but rarely say that he is a genius. The likely reason is that people often use the word “genius” with connotations of “inexplicable” or in conjunction with words like “teenager”. For example, we are willing to praise Zhou Zhou, who likes to conduct, as a genius, but we only want to say that composer Tan Dun is talented. If what I say is still true, then this fact just shows people’s understanding of the word “talent”-genius is determined only by “heaven”, it is innate, and Zhouzhou commander The ability of music makes people…

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    US Inflation Apocalypse

      Currently, driven by multiple factors, US inflation has soared, and it has shown considerable persistence.   There are different opinions about the future trend of inflation and the Fed’s policy choices. Optimists believe that inflation can return to the Fed’s target level next year, while pessimists claim that the era of great moderation is over and the era of great inflation is coming.   Optimists believe that the Fed has the ability to achieve a soft landing, while pessimists believe that it must pay Volcker’s price to control inflation.   We review a series of policies in the great inflation of the 1970s from a historical perspective, and try to find enlightenment on…

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    The standard of male gods in history

      Today’s variety shows are full of small fresh meat and boy groups, most of whom are pretty, with white teeth and red lips, and the stereotypes are likely to cause aesthetic fatigue. If they travel to different historical periods and different regions, will they gain fans at that time and in the locality?   Ancient Greece: Nude figure   The ancient Greeks required the male body to conform to the law of formal beauty, and the various parts of the human body such as hands, feet, head, limbs and their composition conform to a certain proportion. To be able to show a strong vitality. As we all know, ancient Greece was the…

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      Once upon a time, in the middle of a large desert, there was a very small railway station surrounded by barren sand beyond the horizon. On the other side of the desert are grasslands, and on the other side of the grasslands are valleys and mountains. The railway crosses these areas and stretches east-west, far, far, far into the boundless sky.   This station is called “Desert Station”. There is only one house on the station, and three people live in it: Mr. Smith, the signalman, Mr. Jones, the porter, and Mr. Brown, the conductor.   You may think that such a small station needs three people to look after it? But…

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    Will English handwriting become a disappearing art?

      Is English handwriting an ancient art or a universal skill? From an artistic point of view, neat and beautiful font appearance is its main criterion; from a practical point of view, handwriting is also a tool through which people can easily record their personal thoughts on paper.   Handwriting is a way of language expression, known as “the language of hands”, and it is a natural way for people to communicate with each other, express their thoughts and exchange emotions. Therefore, handwriting has an irreplaceable position in our daily life.   Handwriting is also an integral part of personal image. A person’s handwriting is just like his clothes, which have individual characteristics.…

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    The stomach will be homesick before the heart

      Flipping through the dynamics of WeChat Moments, I saw a long string of texts sent by friends: “I really want to go home, I miss my mother’s braised noodles, acacia flower buns, yellow stewed chicken, broken noodles, dumplings…” Those with The text with ellipsis is slightly coquettish and playful, which reminds me of the food my mother made.   When I was working in a small town in my hometown, I always liked to go home every weekend, because as long as I went home, my mother would always arrange different delicacies for me. After I was tired of eating alone fast food in the city, I came home No matter…

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