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    She Documents Women in ‘Anonymous Autobiography’

      Writers who are obsessed with “personal memories” are easily considered relatively narrow and not broad enough, especially when it comes to female writers, “personal writing” has almost become a narrow stereotype.   When the light of the Nobel Prize shines on Erno, more people can see what she really cares about through autobiography and memoir writing: class conflicts, war, “May Storm”, women’s liberation and many other histories and major social issues. The 82-year-old female writer has spent most of her life writing about the living conditions of the people at the bottom of French society, and has made continuous and far-reaching efforts for gender equality.   Anne Erno is by no means…

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    “There is not much time left for Xiaomi to build a car”

      The story of the first generation of car-making forces is still vivid in my mind. From the establishment of the brand to the birth of the first car, the heart-wrenching plot twists and turns, and after several struggles, it finally managed to gain a firm foothold. The second wave of car-making forces will then appear. Whether it is a technology company or a traditional company, it seems that they all believe in an old and inspirational logic in car building: if you pay, you will be rewarded.   After Baidu, the most intensively arranged car-building operation is Xiaomi. In the past few days, there have been media reports that the construction…

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    Why is Europe so difficult to unify?

    although Europe is a continent, it is actually not much bigger than China. China has stubbornly maintained a “great unification” situation for most of the more than 2,000 years, but Europe has never been able to achieve reunification. What exactly is this for?   Westerners in modern times were the first to notice this question, but they usually asked the other way around: China has so many natural belts, so great geographic isolation, and so many cultures that it is no less than that of Europe. Why can China achieve reunification?   Works such as “Cambridge History of China” and “Global General History” are usually attributed to China’s specific cultural psychology, the…

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    U.S. stock apocalypse: 7 crashes in 30 years

      From 1990 to the present, there have been 7 major drawdowns in U.S. stocks (at least one of the three major U.S. stock indexes fell close to or more than 20%), in 1998, 2000-2002, 2007-2009, and 2011. , 2018, 2020 and from the end of 2021 to present.   Among them, the 2000-2002 Internet bubble, 2007-2009 subprime mortgage crisis and the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020 have three large drawdowns, and the three major stock indexes have all drawn back more than 30%; while the 1998 Asian financial crisis and the Russian financial crisis , the 2011 European debt crisis and the 2018 Fed rate hike in the…

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    The Fed’s Dilemma

      On June 16, Beijing time, the Federal Reserve concluded its two-day June interest rate meeting, announcing a 75 basis point interest rate hike, raising the benchmark interest rate to 1.5%-1.75%. It was the largest single rate hike by the Fed since 1994. Since 2022, the Fed has raised interest rates by a cumulative 150 basis points.   The Fed’s aggressive rate hikes may only be halfway there. According to the benchmark interest rate dot plot given by Fed officials, it is expected that by the end of 2022, the federal funds rate will be raised to 3.25%-3.5%. This means that in the four meetings in the second half of the year,…

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    Jamestown and the Birth of Black America

      Every American knows the rumours of the founding of the United States of America: the experiences of Captain John Smith, the bravery of Indian princess Pocahoutas, and the founding of the first settlement, Jamestown. Yet the stories of the first African-American origins are buried in almost 400 years of history.   One day in mid-July 1619, two pirate ships cruising between Cuba and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula saw a Spanish galleon named “San Juan Batista” sailing slowly. In the hope that the ship might be loaded with gold and silver treasures, the two pirate ships named “White Lion” and “Treasure Holder” began to pursue, and finally blocked the Spanish sailing ship in…

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    Thinking of Brand Marketing in Uncertain Times

      At the time of writing this article, at the time of the development of the high-level platform of the epidemic, it has added a layer of fog to the uncertainty of this era.   Looking back at recent years, “change” has become the only constant. The epidemic broke out and was capricious, digital life became the new normal, the Metaverse was born, the double reduction brought about earthquakes in the education and training industry, and brand marketing frequently overturned… All kinds of changes, whether for enterprises, brands, or organizations and individuals, have occurred With irreversible effects, it also indicates that we have entered an “era of uncertainty”.   As we all know,…

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    New environment and new consumption – breaking the C-end marketing dimension wall

      At the moment when the epidemic is raging, consumers’ choices of products have undergone subtle changes. With the shift of public opinion and consumer attention, it is more urgently necessary for companies to plant brand reputation and word of mouth firmly in consumers’ minds through brand building, so as to empower market expansion in the new environment.   C-end brand marketing routines are almost stereotyped: experience, marketing and subsidies are the usual marketing techniques for C-end products. However, the strategy of corporate brand promotion needs to be considered from different dimensions.   In terms of the steps of C-side marketing, it can be simply summarized as “approaching – interacting – awakening”. In…

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    How the disgusting spread came about

      Psychologist Robert Zaronc has interesting conclusions about the “cockroach experiment” and the “exposure effect”.   Zaronc put the cockroaches in a transparent and straight aisle, let the cockroaches run across the entire aisle to the other end of the darkness, and counted the time. Next, let the cockroaches run again, this time with other cockroaches as spectators on both sides of the transparent aisle. The experiment found that in the presence of spectators, cockroaches ran faster. This shows that the performance of cockroaches will be affected by the audience. He next tested the difference in the roaches’ ability to turn with and without spectators (the roaches were good at turning in…

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    Egyptian belly dance

      Egypt, an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5,000 years, is located in northeastern Africa, while the Sinai Peninsula to the east of the Suez Canal is located in the southwestern corner of Asia. The Sphinx, the ancient city of Thebes, the Temple of Karnak, and the longest Nile River in the world are all rare “treasures” that are highly favored. In addition, the “belly dance”, which is quite popular among tourists from all over the world, is full of strong national characteristics, beautiful and sexy movements, enthusiastic and exciting, and it is a rare cultural feast.   Some time ago, the European super-large dance epic “Fire Dance”, which…

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    The discovery of blind children

      The whole screen is black. There seemed to be nothing, and it seemed to be filled up again.   The sound continues – the sound from the cassette and the dialogue of the characters. In this black field we are just guessing, whose whole world this is.   This is how the movie begins. This is the famous Iranian director Majid Majidi’s masterpiece “The Color of Heaven”.   ”You can see and you can’t see.” Clearly, this is a statement that is important to understanding the subject. Don’t blame it for being too direct. Many times we don’t want obvious guidelines. “The author’s conception or intention is neither an applicable nor an ideal…

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    “Future Crime” Desire Machine

      ”It runs everywhere, sometimes stops, sometimes continues. It breathes, it heats, it eats. It excretes, it fucks. Machines are everywhere.”   - “Anti-Oedipus   ,” Cronenberg changes again after many years Back to the Cronenberg of “Sensory Games” and “Desire Named Express”: Seeing the elegy of human desire, love and survival fragmented in a mirror called the future. In 1970, Cronenberg made a 70-minute film called “Future Crime”, which tells the story of the death of millions of women in the future world because of the use of cosmetics, the mysterious disappearance of the doctor who was investigating the matter, and the mysterious growth of new cells in the patient’s body. Organ…

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