Mars, between science and fantasy

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In this galaxy with hundreds of billions of stars, the Milky Way, a star on the inner edge of the galaxy, is called “the sun”. It is a common “yellow dwarf” in the galaxy. This kind of star has a life span of about 10 billion years. After burning fuel, it will eventually evolve into a white dwarf under the influence of its own gravity. The sun has burned for about 4.6 billion years and is currently in the middle of life, warm and stable.

A more detailed observation of the sun reveals that under its gravitational force, the celestial system formed around it hides mystery. There are eight major planets orbiting the sun. The inner four planets, mainly composed of metal and rock, are called “earth-like planets”. The surface of the third-blue azure planet is mainly covered by liquid water. It is wrapped in a dense atmosphere; the fourth planet looks different from the previous one – its surface is covered by red dust, only some white dry ice in the polar regions, the atmosphere is sparse, but And because of the seasonal changes, there will be a violent flow, and dust storms all over the world will occur.

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What about the emergence of geriatric spots? In 4 ways, pay you back a clean, flawless face.

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Once a person is old, there will be an age spots on the skin. Age spots can be said to be the most obvious skin problem after people are old. When they enter old age, the body’s ability to metabolize cells is reduced, and body fat is easily oxidized, thus forming ageing pigments. When these pigments accumulate in the body for a long time, they are not excreted by the body. Over time, they will precipitate on the cell body, forming a lipofuscin pigment plaque, which is an age spot. But there are also some very young people who have age spots on their bodies. What is going on?

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He might have exaggerated the cough asthma treatment

cough asthma treatment

A few years have passed. Christophe will soon be eleven years old. He continues to develop himself in the music industry. He is familiar with the harmony doctrine led by Florian Holzer, who is St. Martin’s organist, grandfather’s friend, a very learned man; this teaches him that the chords, the series of common weddings he loves most, the harmonies that hug his ears and his heart and which he cannot listen to without knowing his spine, are evil and forbidden. When Christophe asks, why not, he gets no other answer than that is the case: the rule prohibits them. Because he is naturally inflexible, he loves them more and more. His greatest joy is to invent them in admired masters and go to show them to his grandfather or his teacher. That’s what Grandpa answers, that in those composers it is admirable and that Beethoven and Bach can afford anything. The teacher is not so flexible, but irritated and sourly says that they are not their best products.

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