They were silent, sitting by the stove

A little mirri in the middle, all three motionless in their own thoughts, watching the flames. The fire that was extinct threw soft reflections on the lady’s beautiful faces, which now blushed her rare inner vitality. He wondered himself that he had opened his heart. He had never spoken so much about himself. And he would never talk again.

Finally he put his hand on Christophe’s hand and said:

– What are you doing to the child?

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The moon that was covered by the clouds came out

That was where the new quarter started to grow, – the poor huts, the newly opened roads, the high chimneys of the factories. Christophe thought of the acacia forest he had seen in the evening, and wondered:

– There’s even running running there…

The old city, sleeping in the shade, with all that was there, its living people and the dead people became more and more loved by him: for he felt something threatening that city…

Hostis habet Muros …

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The thing that the man has just said moderately sparingly

Christophe was a little embarrassed about this kind of art, because he knew that infection itself; and without trying to return to the past, – (the impossible and unnatural desire), – he now purged his soul again in the spirit of the past Masters who had had the instinct and ability of the great collective art to screen and curb their thoughts. Such was, for example, Handel, who despised his time and racial devotion, and composed huge spiritual Anthems.and their oratorio, heroic epic, folk songs for their people. The hardest thing was to find such poetry texts as the composer’s inspiration, which might have aroused common feelings today for all the peoples of Europe, such as the Bible in Handel. The present Europe had no single book: no poetry, no prayer, no creed that would have been all. Oh, such a shame should weigh underground on all modern writers, artists and thinkers! Not only have you written, thought of everyone. Beethoven alone has left a few pages of new, comforting and fraternal gospel; but only musicians can read it, most people never hear it. However, Wagner has tried to build a religious art on the Bayreuth Hill, who would connect all people. But his great spirit was too far from simplicity and too full of all the decadent musical mistakes and thoughts of his time: not the fishermen of Galilee came to the holy hill but the Pharisees.

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He didn’t come for a long time

One evening Christophe heard by chance that he had been dangerously ill, that he hadn’t been playing for weeks, Christophe went to him even though Françoise had denied him.

He was not first received; but when he heard his name, he was shouted back from the steps. Françoise was on her own, she could be better, she had pneumonia, her appearance had changed a lot; but he still had an ironic smile and a sharp look that never softened. However, he seemed really pleased that Christophe came. He asked Christoph to sit by the bed. He spoke of himself lurking indifferently, and said he had died. That’s when Christophe was hugging. But Françoise Oudon drank her. Christophe blamed the actress for not telling him anything:

– Did you say anything? That you would come? Never!

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It is better not to take it

Christophe looked at him: and his mind was due to his former random friend, a selfish and immoral grisett, who was incapable of any kind of real emotion, but when he saw suffering, he accelerated as a mother cherishing something yesterday or an unknown person to him. Even the most disgusting tasks at that time did not scare him: on the contrary, he seemed to feel strange pleasure in submitting to the chores that demand the greatest refusal. It was just a matter of informing him: he seemed to have found in it an action for all the need for ideality, that is, without expressing his expression in him; his soul was, for the rest of the time, completely exhausted in his life, but in these few seasons he breathed and lived; in relieving his neighbor’s suffering, he felt well-being, laughing internally; his joy was almost inappropriate to such an opportunity. – Both goodness in this girl who was selfish, that egoism in Jacqueline, which was good, was neither bad nor good; they were just a breakdown required by health. But the first of them can be better after its health care.

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