I am different from you, but please be tolerant.

Intrinsic ability and belief

People often say that ” tolerance” is an excellent quality, but not many people can be truly tolerant in real life. Sometimes, we even have doubts about ” tolerance”:

Do we have to be tolerant? What is tolerance? To what extent is tolerance? Is tolerance always reasonable? Some things will naturally be we absolutely cannot tolerate. But does tolerating some important issues ( involving personal beliefs ) really mean abandoning the truth, or even showing indifference or even cowardice?

What is tolerance? Tolerance means being able and willing to tolerate things we don’t like. I can’t say to my wife or girlfriend that I tolerate her – she is bound to get angry. We can tolerate high temperature and hunger, annoying bosses, noisy neighbors and chattering colleagues. But why should we tolerate this? Because this has not caused us too much trouble, or there is no solution at all.

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Mary’s Revenge

England, Henry VIII, Catholicism, France, Christianity

Daughter, you have to avenge me.

” Your father Henry, the king of England, abandoned me because I had no son, banished me to this cold palace, and let me spend all these years in misery. In particular, Cantor, the Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, actually approved your father’s request. If you have the chance in the future, you must avenge me!”

Before Catherine’s death, she held Mary’s hand tightly and told Mary again.

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The only way out of capital winter

capital winter

The end of the Internet era has brought people endless hesitation and confusion. The emergence of the block chain has restored people’s confidence. No matter at the capital level or the market level, we seem to have seen familiar phenomena: the capital circle keeps investing in projects related to the block chain, and new models related to the block chain keep appearing in the market. A brand-new era constructed by the block chain seems to be waving to us. After the Internet, we see new development opportunities.

However, just as everything must go through germination, development and maturity, the block chain also needs to go through such a process. As a result, we saw that after the chain of blocks could not get rid of the shadow of digital cash, it began to fall into a new dilemma. As people have always been unable to find a good way to land the block chain, digital cash eventually became the fate of the block chain landing. The final non-recognition of digital cash has made the development of the block chain difficult, and a completely new change has started.

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