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    Permafrost “Black Magic”

      Permafrost, a special soil that is below zero degrees Celsius and contains ice, is distributed in high latitudes and high altitudes around the world, such as the Greater and Lesser Khingan Mountains and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in my country. Permafrost has extremely special properties, so it can form a variety of peculiar frozen landforms. Groundwater is coming out   An important condition for the formation of permafrost is that the soil contains water, which will form many interesting landforms during the process of continuous freezing and melting.   Subsurface ice, as the name suggests, is the ice formed in permafrost, including frozen ice, buried ice, and veined ice. Ground ice is an…

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    Lapis lazuli – the magic weapon of the ancients

      There is a kind of naturally produced jade, the color is blue, just like the sky, and it is also dotted with glittering golden minerals, as if countless stars are shining in the night sky. Such a perfect combination makes it glamorous and has been loved by people since ancient times. This is lapis lazuli. sacred stone   People have known lapis lazuli for a long time. As early as 7000 BC in Afghanistan, people were already mining lapis lazuli. Around 4000 BC, the city of Ur in the Euphrates River Valley in the Middle East was already doing a prosperous lapis lazuli trade. Locals consider lapis lazuli to be a…

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    Half the brain can recognize words and faces, study finds

      A study of brain plasticity and visual perception found that people who had half their brains removed as children could accurately identify the difference between two words or two faces more than 80 percent of the time. Given the volume of brain tissue removed, this accuracy highlights the limits of the brain’s ability to rewire itself and adapt to drastic surgery or trauma.   The findings, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, are the first-ever attempt to describe neuroplasticity in humans and understand whether a single brain hemisphere can perform tasks that are normally performed separately by the two…

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    Reduced oxygen supply may have been the cause of Earth’s first mass extinction, study finds

      A new US study has traced the cause of the first known mass extinction of animals at the end of the Ediacaran period about 550 million years ago to a reduction in global oxygen supply. The research has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.   The study, led by Scott Evans, a postdoctoral researcher in Virginia Tech’s Department of Earth Sciences, shows that about 80 percent of animals became mass extinctions during that time period, with animals that depend on large amounts of oxygen appearing to be particularly hard hit hit. This suggests that the extinction event was environmentally controlled,…

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    Why is China’s body armor the number one in the world?

      In the case of liberalizing market competition, China often plays the role of “developed country pulverizer”.   China is the world’s largest producer of body armor, accounting for 70% of the global market share.   During the Iraq War, 12 British soldiers were surrounded by enemy forces. With few enemies and many enemies, the British army rushed out of the encirclement, and the body armor was beaten into a hornet’s nest. Some people even shot 12 times, but the body armor was not penetrated. In the end, only one person died of being hit in the brain. .   At that time, they were wearing bulletproof vests produced by Ningbo Dacheng Company. The…

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    Renovation of Old Houses in Japan

      Can refurbishment change the fate of Japanese houses that have been repeatedly knocked down and rebuilt?   | Tear down and rebuild |   There is a small town about an hour away from Kobe by train. There is a block in the small town, and houses are row upon row. The house here was built by Japan’s largest prefabricated house builder “Yamato House Construction”. The town sprang up in the 1960s, when the real estate boom swept through postwar Japan. But today, many houses built in that era have long been replaced by new houses, because most prefabricated houses, or most houses in Japan, only have a service life of more…

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    House demolition is also a business

      Archiving existing building materials, providing building material rental services, recycling waste building materials to create new buildings… People are gradually realizing that construction waste is a valuable asset rather than a burden that needs to be disposed of with money.   For a long time, cranes and bulldozers have been great symbols of urbanization, and the dust and rubble after blasting are even more feats that politicians like to highlight. In the UK, construction projects account for as much as 60% of materials consumed, 33% of waste generated, and 45% of carbon dioxide emissions. It can be said that the construction industry is like a monster that is greedy, profligate and…

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    What would happen if you set off a “nuclear fireworks” on the moon?

      The atomic bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused people to still talk about “nuclear” discoloration, but in fact, most people in the world have never seen the spectacular sight of nuclear bomb explosions with their own eyes. In the 1950s and 1960s, the two superpowers in the world at that time formulated a “generous” plan to invite people from all over the world to watch a grand “nuclear fireworks” celebration, which was set on the moon. The Crazy “Moon Nuclear Explosion” Plan   As we all know, after the end of World War II, as the victors of the war, the United States and the Soviet Union rose rapidly and…

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    The oddballs of the planet

      Are you used to seeing the step-by-step planets in the solar system, do you know that there are many strange planets in the universe? Let’s get to know each other today. party planet   There are currently eight planets in the solar system, and their trajectories do not overlap with each other, and there is a huge gap between them, just like a group of strangers who have never met in their lives. But in other galaxies, some planets don’t, and they often come together in what seems like a big party.   Astronomers have found six planets of the star TOI-178, about 200 light-years from Earth, by studying data from NASA’s…

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    Black holes navigate space travel

      A spaceship sails in space, and navigation is a problem. Because the GPS navigation system formed by the earth orbit satellite network is useless in places far away from the earth. If you take just one wrong turn en route to a distant planet, your chances of getting back on track are slim. You need some form of interplanetary navigation system to help you see where you are.   For this task, astronomers have turned to some of the most extraordinary objects billions of light-years away: quasars. Quasars, the brightest class of objects in the universe, not only guide us with precision to distant stars, but also help us learn more…

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    Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    After 18 months, the largest investment plan for climate energy in the history of the United States is about to land.   On August 12 local time, the US House of Representatives passed the “Reducing Inflation Act” with 220 votes in favor and 207 votes against. The bill was passed in the Senate with a narrow margin of 1 vote on the 7th, and will then be handed over to President Biden to sign into law.   The above-mentioned bill covers various aspects such as medical care, climate and tax reform, and is expected to bring in fiscal revenue of US$740 billion (about 5 trillion yuan) and expenditure of US$433 billion (about…

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    World’s largest bacteria discovered

      There are countless bacteria around us, but we can’t see them, because the individual bacteria are very small, and the diameter of most bacteria is between 0.5 μm and 5 μm, and their true appearance can only be glimpsed under a microscope. However, recently, some scientists have discovered “giant bacteria” up to 2cm long, which has changed people’s understanding of the bacterial world. The discovery of Thioroccus ornate   Olivier Gross of the University of French Andres discovered a strange white strip-shaped organism growing on the surface of the leaves of the Flemish mangrove in the mangroves of the Guadeloupe Islands in the Caribbean. After 5 years of research, Jean-Marie Volland,…

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