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    Analysis: How Conservatism and Bias Shaped the Predictable 2023 Oscars Awards

    Maybelline, the denizen of New York hailed as the epitome of “straight men” in her generation, appears to have fallen out of favor with the “girlfriends” who once adored her, her “landlord” Watson, and even her “stepmother” L’Oreal, who now treats her with disdain. The atmosphere grows increasingly tense. The curtain has fallen on the 96th Oscars. There were no curveballs, no upsets—just as anticipated. Every outcome was predictable. “Oppenheimer” undoubtedly emerged as the night’s greatest victor, clinching seven out of thirteen nominations, including four pivotal awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. It dominated nearly all the major categories, while the much-hyped “Barbie,” which caused…

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