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    Ticking Clock: US Pushes for TikTok Divestiture

    The United States House of Representatives ratified a decree mandating ByteDance to divest TikTok within 165 days, under the threat of prohibition within the nation. The ballot outcome reflected 352 affirmatives, 65 negatives, 1 abstention, and an absence of 14 individuals. Specifically: The Republican faction (the predominant entity in the House of Representatives) cast 197 affirmatives, 15 negatives, and 7 absences; The Democratic Party (the minority faction in the House of Representatives) contributed 155 affirmatives, 50 negatives, 1 abstention, with 7 individuals absent. Evidently, the legislation advocating the “dismantlement or proscription” of TikTok garnered resolute and extensive bipartisan backing, a phenomenon notably scarce within the current polarized landscape of American…

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