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    Ditch the Donkey Drama: Why Perfection is the Thief of Your 50s

    The “Donkey Dilemma”, also known as Buridan’s donkey theory, was proposed by the eminent French thinker, Buridan. While contemplating philosophical inquiries in the 14th century, Buridan relayed this narrative: There existed an extremely famished ashen-hued donkey. Before it lay two equal piles of forage. It necessitated mere morsels to subsist, yet ultimately perished of starvation, unable to decide which fodder mound to consume first. The donkey in the tale seems absurd, yet in actuality, many individuals unwittingly replicate the donkey’s foolish conduct, unawares. Relinquish the Fixation with Perfection As the year 2023 draws to a close, the initial cohort of those born in the 1970s have attained the age of…

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