In the past year, let me change the 7 biggest ways of thinking.

The biggest difference between people is the way of thinking.

Facing the same world and the same problem, you and I think from different angles, take different reactions, and the final results are quite different.

French sociologist Tory once said:

” Whether a person’s intelligence is superior depends on whether his mind can accommodate two different thoughts at the same time, without prejudice to his life.”

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It turns out that this is the law of breaking windows.

People, once they indulge themselves for the first time, there will be countless times in the future.

I believe that in your life, you certainly have such experiences.

Before going to bed at night, you pick up your cell phone and say to yourself, just play for a few minutes, and it turns out to be hours.

At the banquet, a friend gave you a round of vomiting – inducing toasts, but you couldn’t refuse, saying that only one drink resulted in a second and third cup, and finally you almost got drunk and returned.

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