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    The Entanglement of Past Relationships Journey to Lisbon

    Luo Yatao came to Lisbon this time – a year after her husband had an accident. She didn’t mention it to me beforehand. Presumably, she made an agreement with Fan Xianmin. I have met Luo Yatao’s husband. That year, my wife and I went to the island for vacation, just for Luoyang taro. Their family owns a Chinese restaurant on the island. Because it is a tourist destination, business is booming in the summer and neither salty nor light in the spring and autumn. It is closed in the winter. Luo Yatao’s husband armed himself like an American soldier fighting in the desert. He snapped his fingers and said, “This…

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    The Temptation of the Origin: Why We Can’t Resist the Call of Home

      My friend is a “travel expert”. After he has a certain amount of savings, he likes to travel around the country. It is his travel purpose to enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland so as to nourish the body and mind. For a while, he lived in the beautiful Xishuangbanna for a month. In these years, he has also been to foreign countries several times and enjoyed a lot of exotic scenery.   I asked him: “Where do you think is the most beautiful after traveling through so many places?” He smiled and said: “The most beautiful is the mountain in my hometown!” Seeing my doubts, he began…

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