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    Can Haley’s Moderation Trump Trump’s Extremism? Iowa Kickstarts a Pivotal Republican Primary

    Tomorrow, the Republican primary commences in the US election. The inaugural state casting its vote is Iowa. Currently, Trump enjoys an unequivocal advantage in the primary, surpassing Haley, his closest rival, by a substantial 50 points. Unless Trump is barred from candidacy, his ascension as the Republican nominee seems foregone. Notwithstanding Haley’s incapacity to surpass Trump, she remains a formidable candidate for the deputy position. Should Trump opt for Haley as his running mate, a symbiotic effect would ensue, effectively appealing to centrist voters and ethnic minorities. This presents Trump’s sole prospect of victory. 1 The erstwhile US ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Governor, Haley, stands…

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