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    AI in the Crosshairs: Can Academics Tame the Military’s AI Genie?

    The military utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) remains nascent, yet its ramifications permeate numerous domains such as command, intelligence, offense and defense, logistics, and training, encompassing various tiers of strategy, operations, and tactics. As a versatile and empowering technology, AI not only enhances military efficacy but also poses manifold risks, including ontological peril wherein humans relinquish their predominant status vis-à-vis machines; agency hazard, involving AI’s equilibrium between offense and defense, and the equilibrium of deterrence. Active conflicts or escalations may be instigated in scenarios encompassing crisis and stability; accidental perils pertain to the harm wrought by misoperation or system failure of AI systems. Relevant international governance confronts myriad challenges, such…

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    Finland’s NATO Accession: Insights from a Local Perspective

      Recently, Finland has finally achieved its long-awaited goal of joining NATO. The whole nation rejoiced in celebration, and the Helsinki stock market soared accordingly. The capital market generally holds the view that after becoming a NATO member, Finland will be free from the geopolitical risks fraught with uncertainties. Despite Russia’s intimidation, it may appear negligible to both Finland and NATO.   Here I would like to share with you some of the insights and reflections I gained from exchanges with local friends after Finland’s accession to NATO.   First of all, we need to understand that since World War II, Finland has adhered to the so-called “Finnish neutrality” on international political issues,…

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