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    Oklo nuclear startup plans 2023 IPO after raising $850 million, but faces challenges ahead

    “Father of ChatGPT”, OpenAI CEO Altman (Sam Altman) ushered in an IPO with a valuation of 6.1 billion. Titanium Media App learned that on July 11, Eastern Time, Oklo, a nuclear fission start-up company invested by Sam Altman, announced that it plans to merge with AltC Acquisition Corp, a SPAC company founded by Altman, and will establish a joint venture in New York, the United States. The achieved IPO listing, stock code “OKLO”. It is reported that Oklo’s valuation in this transaction is about 850 million US dollars (about 6.129 billion yuan). The transaction is expected to provide $500 million in gross capital, with the net proceeds funds used to…

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