• Wealth

    India’s Tightrope Walk: Balancing Protectionism with Global Growth

    Senior Indian dignitaries articulated at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January that India “might alleviate its stringent scrutiny of Chinese investment” should the Sino-Indian border “maintain tranquility.” This announcement once more propelled the discourse surrounding “India’s biased stance toward foreign corporations and overseas investments” to the forefront. Despite India’s repeated disavowals of being “the most formidable terrain globally for conducting business” and a “graveyard for foreign investments,” this instance appears somewhat self-defeating. Suffering setbacks has become nearly ubiquitous for foreign enterprises that have ventured into India in recent years. Even entities hailing from China, intimately intertwined with India’s topography, are not impervious to their fates. For instance, vivo…

  • Life

    France Cracks Down: New Immigration Bill Sparks Controversy and Concerns

    “On the 19th of December, 2023, the French Senate and National Assembly ratified a novel immigration bill. Formerly rebuffed by the National Assembly, this iteration was embraced as a conciliatory measure revised by a specialized committee. Dubbed the “Act to Regulate Immigration and Enhance Integration” henceforth referred to as the “Act,” its objective is to establish a more rigorous immigration framework, encompassing social welfare, management of undocumented individuals, French citizenship, family reunification, and related facets. The enactment of this bill sparked considerable discourse within French society. An Enhanced Regime of Immigration Control France has undergone numerous revisions to its immigration legislation throughout history, rendering the introduction of this bill unexceptional.…

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