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    Beyond Borders: The Enchanting Words of Dubravka Ugresic

    Today, let us delve into the realm of Dubravka, an esteemed wordsmith extolled by the New York Times, “The Guardian,” and various other media outlets, exploring her enigmatic oeuvre and the astonishing tenor of her words and actions. 01. An Author sans “Nationality” In customary fashion, when introducing an author, the discourse often commences with an elucidation of their nationality. However, the designation “[Dutch] Dubravka Ugresic” in the authorial byline belies the depth of her identity. To explicate, permit me to invoke a passage from the introduction of “The Ministry of Pain,” which conspicuously mirrors Dubravka’s life journey: “Hailing from a land consigned to oblivion, instructing in a fractured tongue,…

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