Zhengzhou Chemie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is founded March, 2004, the joint stock system company. The company occupies a land area of 25334.6 square meters, the excellent surroundings, has can satisfy the technique of production the standard workshop 1500 square meters, the warehousing facility 500 square meters, the work place 500 square meters, the quality control room, the laboratory, production management administrative offices and the new product research and development department is complete. Has the independence water supply, the power supply, heating, the refrigeration system, the fire prevention, the security and the three wastes processes the facility to be complete. The company produced the feed to add the medicinal preparation 1000 tons abilities for years, produces well appointed, complete. Can meet the production product needs. Synthesizes the pot, the centrifuge, the drying oven, the grinder, the mixer, the dedusting equipment, the rationing equipment, packs the equipment and so on, its specification, the performance and the technique of production form a complete set. The technique of production flow layout is reasonable, will not cause the overlapping pollution. The production equipment installment meets the technical process requirement, is advantageous for the maintenance and the maintenance. Has the complete technological document. And can produce the important working procedure to carry on the control. The production equipment has the safety protection measure, the fitting management order. Main products including Fenofibrate (30MT per month), Flutamide (largest producer in the world), 2-[4-(4-chlorobenzoyl)phenoxy]-2-methylpropionic acid,
4-Chloro-4′-hydroxybenzophenone, Pralidoxime chloride, Pralidoxime Iodid, Flutamide, Bromisoval, Saccharin, Saccharin Sodium, Tranexamic Acid, Etamsylate and etc.

The company has a quality high, to understand the technology, to have the cadre troop which the knowledge, will manage. 4 management have above the technical college the years of schooling; Has a high school record product research and development troop, effective strengths 6, have the undergraduate college school record, engineer two people, engineer 4 people. The company has taken the staff troop construction, strengthens mount guard training, in hillock training, has skilled production operation worker 68. And 2 feed operators, 2 feeds inspect a work project, 1 feed maintenance worker, undergoes training, obtains the occupational qualification certificates. The company pays great attention the product quality management, strengthens the quality control, has the basic chemical examination equipment, has receives the professional training qualified quality control personnel, to examine inspects a work project 5. The company has the independence quality assurance system, the instrument room, examines the handling room, the location can satisfy the examination request. Keeps the type observation room, keeps the type observation cabinet to be able to satisfy each kind of end product, raw material depositing. Various construction sections responsibility is clear, the system is perfect, has the standard working instruction. Each kind of record, the report is complete. The information feedback system is unimpeded, has the product to recall the system.

In Our company stresses the management, outside the tree image, from safe, high quality, highly effective, the environmental protection works hard, from the energy conservation, the management, the product quality wants the benefit. The company forward formalization, the standardization, civilising, the modernized direction develops.