Speculation beyond the times

  From this issue, our journal will serialize a particularly advanced thinking masterpiece “Reasonable Speculation”. This is a thinking notebook half a century ago, but so far, many viewpoints still surpass our times.
  For example, the idea of ​​”big universe and small universe” proposed by the author is the multi-universe theory (ie parallel universe theory) that was put forward based on the uncertainty of quantum that was popular at the beginning of this century.
  In addition, the three forms of motion proposed by the author, including physical motion, biological world, and rational activity, were also not officially proposed until the beginning of this century to classify science into material science, life science, and thinking science.
  What is particularly peculiar is that this work was written after the author was sent to the forest of Changbai Mountain in early 1970. In the face of the hardships of life and the harsh environment, his thoughts were soaring and unconstrained. He linked the laws of cosmology and physics with the prospects of social development and human evolution, and proposed the three-stage theory of nature, society and human development. He started from the universe, from the movement of matter to the development of society, from the limited speed of light to the infinite spirituality, from the universe, physics to philosophy, and aesthetics. Said that there is no other one today. Especially with regard to the idea of ​​”future man”, half a century ago when people did not know what the chip was, the author imagined the combination of mankind and the developing artificial intelligence technology to produce superhuman thinking, so that human self-renewal reached “inanimate life”. In the newcomer stage of “no death”, and therefore deduced the philosophy, morality, ethics and culture of the future society and the blueprint for social life, his viewpoints are even more shocking and shocking.
  Since the purpose of our journal is “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and this book, which opened up half a century ago, is the best catalyst to open up readers’ imagination and the detonator of divergent thinking. Therefore, , Our magazine decided to serialize this huge series.
  Finally, we introduce the author-the famous scholar Professor Zhao Zhanyue.
  Mr. Zhao is a philosopher, a warrior, and even more so.
  To say he is strange, first of all his origin is very strange. His father graduated from the University of Wisconsin and the Noviz Cavalry Academy. After returning to China, he served as a lieutenant general of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, but worked secretly for the Communist Party. He took him from Taiwan to the mainland after liberation.
  Mr. Zhao is even more peculiar. He used to be a postgraduate tutor in theoretical physics at a famous university. He understands many foreign languages ​​such as Russian, English, and German. He has translated “Problems for International Mathematics Competitions”. “Introduction to the Theory of Relativity” published in the 1980s was the earliest popular introduction to the theory of relativity in China, and it was republished by Tsinghua University Press in 2002.
  But Mr. Zhao is another successful businessman. In 1980, Mr. Zhao Zhanyue went to Hong Kong to invest in the business sea, introduced many advanced technology and equipment for China’s power industry and communications industry, established the first satellite receiving antenna production plant in Asia, and successfully set foot in high-tech, power equipment manufacturing and power construction In other industries, he is still the chairman of many companies.
  He is also a social elite. He was a member of the 8th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a member of the 9th and 10th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
  Mr. Zhao’s thinking is different from ordinary people, wise and open-minded, but he is low-key and humble. His free-flying thoughts, courage to explore and perseverance have always affected us. And it is with the support and help of Professor Zhao Zhanyue that our “Big Science and Technology” magazine has persisted to this day.
  Not much to say, Lun Bian said in “Zhuangzi: The Way of Heaven” that the real mystery is beyond words. It’s up to the readers to experience it for themselves.