Future business, born into the new

  Some people assert that the so-called “new crowd”, “new products”, “new media” and “new channels” of new consumption are all “pseudo-new”.
  Amidst the “new” sound, such assertions can be described as shocking and shocking.
  We have seen that the newly-famous BATs have been under strict supervision one after another, and the once applause has gradually evolved into a shouting. After surpassing their predecessors to become a new generation of business leaders, the giants have become disgraced one by one after gaining a huge reputation.
  We have seen that those new consumer products and new consumer brands known as classic cases quickly fell into mediocrity, and even ended in decline. Seeing him get up from the Zhu Building, seeing him banqueting guests, seeing his building collapsed!
  We have also seen that in the wave of “loving the new and disgusting the old”, the highest-tuned fields have achieved mediocre achievements. On the contrary, those fields that are unknown have often won the sigh of “Great, my country”.
  The future of business is born from the new, what is “new”?
  ”New” is a dream. The fourth industrial revolution has gone from conception to full-scale unfolding. For the first time in history, China was eligible to participate in the industrial revolution, and for the first time became the strongest competitor, creator and contributor.
  ”New” is a fact. The environment has changed, everything is changing. Thousands of sails passed by the side of the sunken boat, and Wan Muchun was in front of the diseased tree. In the sea of ​​commerce, the waves are scouring the sand, various industries are changing with each passing day, disordered competition is being broken, and high-quality development is flourishing.
  ”New” is the trend. In the face of major changes unseen in a century, new development can only be achieved with new eyes, new perspectives, new patterns, and new thinking.
  This is the height of “new”, the mission of “new”, the destination of “new” and the underlying logic of “new”. In the future, all new and upward businesses are welcome, and of course, only new and upward businesses are accepted. Do not iterate, that is, weed out.
  In a new world, it is easy to recognize the new, discover the new, and advocate the new, but it is not so easy, or even quite difficult, to implement the new into practice and introduce it into the strategy. How to not be complacent? How not to be in a hurry?
  The so-called not breaking or standing, but breaking does not mean standing. What and how to break? What to stick to and how to stick to it? What to stand, how to stand? They are all issues that are far from being resolved, or even not yet resolved.
  On December 8, 2021, the 19th China Marketing Ceremony and the First China Commercial Circulation Conference will discuss the answers to these questions with you.
  This is a feast of thoughts, with big names gathered and full of dry goods. Business elites and top scholars from all walks of life will guide you to understand and master the operating rules of new traffic from multiple dimensions such as new situations, new consumption, new brands, and digitalization, and disassemble the logic and trends of new business for you.
  This is a commercial carnival, bringing together leading business entities such as brands, media, channels, and exhibitions to jointly build a new ecological chain. Connect channels for brands, empower communication, promote brands for channels, expand cooperation, and provide tailor-made value services for all types of enterprises.