About us

  DANKONG INDUSTRY & TRADE GROUP CO.,LTD is established in 1981, as a leading industrial enterprise specialized in pharmaceutical and dyestuff, with a dozen of subsidiaries such as Zhejiang Dankong Chemical Co.,Ltd, Neo-Dankong Pharmacutical Co.,Ltd, Dankong Imp.&Exp. Co.,Taizhou Zhenggang Dyestuff Co.,Ltd.Now Dankong owns above 950 employees ,238 million CNY of total asset, 210,000sq.meter of land area, 48,100sq.meter of built-up area. Main products include reactive dyestuff, acid dyestuff series and cardiovascular, antibiotic series. In 2000, all sales reach above 80 million U.S.dollars, 50 millions of them is from oversea. DANKONG is proud of being ranked into national large scale enterpise, national top 100 chem enterprise, national largest export chem crop., key enerprise of Zhejiang, high-tech enterprise of Zhejiang, R&D enterprise center of Zhejiang ,AAA credit grade by Zhejiang ICBC etc.

  DANKONG bases its enterprise on science and marketing. Since donation to top 6 universities in 1992,DANKONG becomes the combination center of study-research-production. At the same time, DANKONG established chemical R&D center of Zhejiang, DANKONG-Zhejiang university and other 5 united R&D centers, with top domestic R&D institutes in cooperation. All products are ISO9002 certified in 1998. For large scale production and advanced research, DANKONG certainly becomes the biggest manufacturer of Reactive Blue KN-R, Meta-Base ester,Norfloxacin,Bromcondense of Chloramphenicol, Sole manufacturer of Cyromazine, D.D.Q. Reactive Blue KN-R,Meta-Base ester won gold and silver medal award in National science and technical program respectively. Cyromazine is approved by EPA, and registered in USA, Australia and other tens countries. Now total products amount to 8300MT., 70% is exported to Americas,Europe, Japan and other worldwide areas. in that case, DANKONG has established a long term business relations with BASF, DYSTAR,SANOFI, MERCK,HOECHST,CHEMO and other top companies. At present, DANKONG stands for high reputes in this circles for its high quality,credit and good service.

  In the new century, DANKONG begins the new plan to develop significant enterprise: 6 hectare pharm. new zone, 25 hectare dyestuff new zone in the coast of east sea , collecting excellent human resource to gain great honors in the future.