The information brought by the wandering diclofenac

In a German court in Magdeburg, there was a triumph. After a long struggle, King Oton’s son, the Duke of Lothring, Konrad, had won the mighty French Count Hugo and thus rescued Frank’s legitimate King Ludwig from his most dangerous opponent. The victorious Duke of Lothringen had solemnly arrived in Magdeburg after a handsome match. There were also ambassadors of the King of France who had come to King Otto to thank his lord for the effective help that had been given to Ludvig by this mighty power. Also, high-ranking spiritual men from time to time stayed in the court of King Otto: Bruno Cologne, King Oton’s brilliantly learned brother, and Luitprand, a beautiful history writer.

But not all the king’s companions were happy. The face was serious there, young King Konrad, Berthan’s eldest son. A few days ago, the mother had received information that was by no means delightful. Always had the young Konrad been warmly attached to Adelheid and was delighted with every good message she had received from her sister. The information brought by the wandering merchant and the horse director now heavily weighed his heart. He hadn’t been able to talk to King Otto about it yet.

In a window cubicle, he now stood with Luitprand, whom he had worried about. This also seemed serious because he knew Berengar’s cunning.

“We still have the opportunity today to talk to the king,” said the scientist. “You, prince, are in the king’s great favor; I am amazed that you have not discussed with your sister before.”

“It would have been impossible, since the French ambassadors and other high rank of lords kunnianosotukset have taken her all the time. Yes, I have great favored by the king, but you know that he is not in such celebrations will be happy to tolerate interference.”

Luitprand nodded his head. “However, he must know about it today,” he said seriously. “You don’t know Berengar, but I know him, and I’m afraid the danger threatens the young queen – the danger of life.”

Konrad to serve. “I hope you see things too dark. The merchant just thought he was in Gardalinn, Berengar would never dare to do that. But yes I speak with King Oto.”

Outside, he straightened his young fingers, nodded kindly to the learned Lord and went out of the room. Luitprand looked after him, saying to himself: “You have a lot of commendable help, a young man. But you are a retarder, and you take care of serious things too lightly.

King Otto had allowed Konrad to speak and listened to his story. His face was always more serious. At last he said: “Luitprand come here, he always knows the best advice. Besides, he knows the Queen of Italy and also Berengar.”

So they negotiated a triple. Luitprand was often described by King Otto in eloquent words as a young queen’s delight, talent and sublime quality. Now he was busy showing how great his danger was, as long as he was in charge of Berengar. “That man will not bother with any kind of mischief,” Luitprand assured.

“That’s why we have to run to rescue the unhappy queen,” said Otto firmly. “But my royal sister’s ambassadors have to come to my speeches. From their own mouth I want to hear what he has to say. No Bertha lady can be disappointed in trusting me.”

The ambassadors came, and when the king had heard their message, he decided to go to Berengar in Italy with a set of troops.

But before the equipment was ready, the ambassadors arrived from the Italian party, which was hostile to Berengar, and in front of them was the borderline Azzo Canos. In the name of the Italian nobles and Queen Adelheid, who hid in Canos, they prayed earnestly for the king’s help.

“It must be given to you,” the king exclaimed. “Indeed, that unhealthy gets pregnant with the power of my army! Or has he proclaimed to treat the royal prince whose mother is in my great protection!

Rarely did the king look angry, but when it happened, his eyes were struck by lightning that made many tremble. Now everyone discovered that the true truth was in the hands.

No more troops were sent to the question, but an entire army was equipped to march to Italy. Otto had decided to make an end to the hijacking of the government. In that decision, he was also confirmed by the Italian ambassadors, asking him to give another poor ruler a poorly managed nation. But the noble king was now thinking primarily of rescuing the young queen and reproaching her.

Handsome was the group that led Oto to Italy. The upcoming King Konrad of Upper Burgund was not involved; for him the king had other duties. But several of the princely princes followed him. His own son, Ludolf, led the front seat, his brother Henrik Bavarian was involved in the ensemble and also learned Luitprand. They went through Brennersola and through Eisack and Etsch Valley directly to Verona. But before that, Berengar had left the city for the fortified Pavia, where he thought he was more secure.

Verona greeted the King of Germany with great joy, because everyone was already tired of the yawning hurricane and felt the loving, gentle nature of Oto. They’d love to bend under his artery.

Meanwhile, Adelheid lived in peace with Canos, both of whom had been his companions in his suffering. For a long time he had been lying on his own illness, but was now healed of the care and care of Waltrud and his friendly borderline, and his strength and youthful bliss had returned. She enjoyed being in those fun, cozy rooms that the Countess had left for her use. He felt there were loving and hospitable people around him. The distant seemed to be the time when he ran out of prison or, like the back-up creature’s heart filled with fear, fled along forests and lands, even near hunger death. Often it was all about him as a bad dream.

“Waltrud”, he said, “I feel as if I was another person. You too think I am second. We have had a lot of experience in a short time. We have enough everyday worries. ”

“You’re right, the ruler,” said the girl. “And how strenuous was every day’s distress and distress! But we also have every day to experience the Lord’s help.”

Adelheid nodded tearfully, as a statement that he understood it. “Too easy I forgot that he is gracious and compassionate; often my eyes were blurred by doubts and weak beliefs, now I am ashamed. Martin to me, so many times miraculously rescued us from the trouble of death and allowed us to get a good shelter here.

His voice trembled as he spoke of Lothar, and Waltrud embraced him warmly. “You know the ruler that he is happy.”

“I know yes,” the queen continued, “and I do not hope to be loved back into the world. Now I can even think of those who have suffered such great suffering for me. Let the Lord not regard them as sin. . I am separated from my child and my people, and I ask myself: Why? ”

The monk had come in unnoticed and heard Adelheid’s words. He sat down on the Queen’s reference, and with his gentle voice he spoke like this:

“We do not always, O Queen, down here understand the spirit and purpose of the guidance of God. There are a lot of things that only eternity to us become clear. And yet I think that we are already here, too, we can stage our own lives to notice any of the purposes of God. I am a trivial man, I do not but I want to start with myself. Why did I get to jail? To come with God to save you, the queen. What seemed like a disaster before me, I’m very happy about it now. ”


“Yea, ye my loyal have for your sakes suffered pain,” he said in a motion, “and it will cause me to be ashamed;

“See, therefore, the grace of the Lord in giving you help through faithful people,” Martti replied. “Isn’t this the blessing of the accident? And tell us, have we not strengthened our single helper in this time? Do we not believe that he has become stronger, our love for him greater? At least it should be,” he added. “It’s the purpose of our divine breeder – but we are slow students.”

After a while, he continued: “What God’s purpose has been for your outward life, oh queen, we do not yet understand it, but it seems to me that it would soon appear that she will bring everything to a wonderful conclusion.”

There was still no word coming from the borderline in Canossa. The castle was lonely. The Border Crew did not take his boobs against the guests in the absence of his spouse; only Reggio’s bishop had been there for a few days to say to the queen, respecting their welcoming and insurance for their unchanging loyalty.

But one day, silence and loneliness came to an end, when a number of election guards rode up the castle mountain. Then the hearts of those waiting are beating harder. After a moment there was a sign familiar from the castle gate: the boundary line itself came home.

It was with great joy that he was received by him. Happily, the radiant rays beaming to him greet him. The Count jumped down from the horse’s back and closed his spouse with his arms.

“I bring good news,” he exclaimed. “We come from Verona to deliver a high command, but we are tired and hungry after our long riding. Let us now see, Griseldis, what is stored and done in your robe and basement.

Rajakreivitär rushed to inform the queen of the results of the guests, and soon she was followed by a boundary lady, accompanied by a handsome, scientist dressed in a suit. This was Luitprand. With a radiant eye, the queen received these two highs, who respectfully worshiped her.

They then brought up their say. They had been sent by King Otto, who wanted Adeiheid to convince him of his friendly feelings and asked him to give him a precious decoration. He also wanted to declare that he was willing to take Adeiheid’s possession, for he considered it a great honor to be his liberator, and most of all he wanted to punish the frog. But his wishes were not satisfied yet; he asked the queen more.

Luitprand had presented the king’s message, and Adelheid kindly answered and asked everything that most of all aroused his interest.

Then Martti came in. With revelation he rushed against Luitprand, and his friends embraced each other.

This was a happy day, one that wasn’t spent in the castle for years. Just a happy face was there today. There were a lot of questions and lots to tell.

Luitprand reported that King Otto was already on his way to Pavia, and they had to join the military again the next day. Because in Pavia, Otto wanted to crown himself as king of Italy.

With love, the scientist spoke of his royal Lord, his harsh fair trial of criminals, but also of his gentleness and generosity towards the repentant. He further told the king’s faithfulness and his sincere righteousness, which, especially after Editha’s death, had awakened in him.

“It is a great fortune to serve such Lord until the end of his life, and I will not ask for anything else,” he said. [Historian Luitprand was faithful to Otto until his death. Otto often used his abilities in the embassies. He died in Otto II.]

In a conversation with his friend Martin, he still expressed his thoughts more openly. “For more than four years, Queen Edith has already been dead, and the king has felt lonely. Long she bitterly died the queen, but now she has come to realize that the best thing is to follow the advice of loyal friends and get married. And herself, Martti , who would be more worthy and more appropriate to enter the place of the deceased Editha than the noble, disgusting and ingenious … ”

“‚Ķ And the adorable queen Adelheid,” Martti continued with deep gravity. “Luitprand, this is the explanation of the riddle – the purpose of those marvelous paths that the Lord of heaven has given him to pass. And believe me, the king’s happiness will be more secure and secure through him. with his help in difficult government, God bless them both! ” he disagreed with the motion.

In the queen’s room, there were two friends with friends talking about important heart issues.

“Ah Waltrud, my heart is sad,” said Adelheid. “If I have correctly understood the transmitter speech, the king asks me to Marry This is great, undeserved honor for me;. I do not have the potential but in addition has not yet been more than two years after Lothar’s death and forget him, I can not ever Is it loyalty to the dead… if I so soon marry another? ”

“The ruler,” said the girl, “if blessed in heaven know how their loved ones go here on earth – so do you not think that Lothar more than anyone else will rejoice in your happiness? Don’t you think he would bless him who has saved his lonely widow from great distress and he will lift him up as a heart chosen and on his throne?

After a while, he continued, “As you have always treated me as a friend, and not as a servant; let me therefore speak to you as a friend. The Lord’s servants, the Lord now calls you to a high mission, and I think you should not refuse, your life will never be meaningless. is saying, “He has made it a wonderful decision.”

The next day the guests left. He would have liked Adelheid and Martti to have Luitprand with him, but he said, “Don’t hold me. I have to rush to my king. it is my calling. Goodbye! In Pavia we meet each other again. ”


Great joy and joy prevailed in Pavia. The city was glamorous at the party equipment. Joyful people flocked through the streets; in a lively, enthusiastic way, they expressed their joy in screaming ears sluggishly and in hypocrisy as unruly stalks. Maybe they have a reason for joy! Without the sword of the sword, the king of Germany had conquered the city, and the throne of the throne had fled from the way of a mighty one to one of his castles. Then Otto was solemnly crowned king of Italy, and today Adelheid had returned to his home and betrayed.

On the road to Reggio Pavia, there was a great trip. In the royal dress, Adelheid sat on the horse and beside him rode a prince, Oton’s brother, Henry of Bavarian Duke. He had been sent by King King to Canadian to retrieve his queen home in his capital. Many loyal companions were with him, Bishop Adelhard and Azzo, Martti and Waltrud, and many others from Reggio and Verona.

The Duke of Henry was fond of the joyful being of the young widow and did not leave her. It was a great honor for him that he could make his brother create his bride. There was a lot to tell the queen about her own home, her talented daughters Garborg and Hadwig [Garborga then became an abbey to Gandersheim and Duke of Hadwig Schwaben] and Adelheid liked to listen to her. But especially he spoke of Oto’s goodness and generosity. Honestly and uncleanly, he told about his mistakes, how he once stood up to resist the kingdom of his royal brother, who was too harsh about him, but how Otto had always forgiven him when he regretted. Now he had finally learned to know his loyal heart and never wanted to rebel against him, he assured Adelheid. To her delight and satisfaction, Adelheid heard the king so praised.

As they approached Pavia, more and more troops flocked to them. Everyone wanted to be the first to see the Queen and welcome her to her Italian home. They penetrated all the way, even up to his ride, kissing his clothes and greeting him with joy. The queen also rejoiced when she saw her people again, among whom she found many familiar faces.

Deep movement captured his mind as he saw the towers and peaks of the city, and his heart beating his warm gratitude. In the darkness of the night, he had fled from the city, and now he returned to the party!

The trip stopped at the gate. With great equipment, Otto rode himself, his liberator and his savior, against him, welcomed him to the capital of his kingdom and brought him to the royal palace.

He helped the queen down the horse, and beside him Adelheid stepped into the castle gate. In love, everyone’s eyes watched the noble couple. The creature of the serpent was lofty lofty in full manhood, and Adelheid was humble and adorable in his sweet youthful bliss.

He moved in motion to bring his gratitude, but the King rejected all his thanks.

“That was just my proud duty to the King of Vaudin,” he said. “I really wouldn’t have known you because time has changed you a lot. Only eyes look at me as childishly and astonishingly as before, when I saw you as a little girl in your mother’s castle.

Then he took Adelheid to the throne hall, where the great men of the earth gladly greeted their king.

On the basis of Luitprand’s enthusiastic and charming descriptions, Otto had been waiting a lot for Adelheid, but now he noticed that his highest hopes were too full. He looked at Adelheid in all respects to enter Editha’s place.

The same day there was a betrayal. Otto himself put Editha’s ring on the bride’s finger. He quietly said, “His life will rest upon you!”

Thankfully, Adelheid looked at him, saying, “With the help of God, I will try to be what he has been, but you must have patience with my relationship; that you have chosen me before many others, you look like a saving angel sent by the great Lord of heaven. ”


“The young you are, it is true,” said Otto, smiling, “for I am almost a second comparing older; but inexperienced you are not Every few years it has become so hard suffering school as you, has the experience richer than many years of antiquing But you now, you’ll probably want.. your former beloved rooms. ”

He brought Adelheid to the door and resigned from it. There, Waltrud went inside there to organize and act. He knew his ruler’s taste and set everything in his mind. With a happy heart, Adelheid greeted her beloved home. Everything there was in the same condition he had left, nothing missing. Happily he went with Waltrud hand in hand through the rooms. Then his gaze happened in a book, and he stopped in amazement. “It’s a gift from the king,” Waltrud explained.

Adelheid opened the book and read it in the title magazine: “The Savior’s Life, Poetically told by a monk at the Corvey Monastery on Weser Beach.”

“Oh Waltrud, Editha’s book!” exclaimed Adelheid. “How hilarious he has done! I want to go and thank him immediately!”

And so he rushed out to find the king. He soon found him; Otto stood in the throne hall with Luitprand. Kindly looked at him, but Adelheid rushed to him, grabbed his hands, made his eyes radiate and said, “Thank you, thousands of thanks! You are so good.

The king closed him in his arms and kissed him on his forehead. “Edithani’s book,” he said. “I knew you would be happy about it. It was his precious treasure. He learned to walk behind the Savior.”

“The Lord also give me mercy to learn it!” said Adelheid with tears.

“And for me too,” Otto quietly added.

The sound of Luitprand stared at the high pair and whispered, his lips whispered, “God’s blessing be with you!” Then he quietly, unnoticed, left.

* * * * *

On the second day of Christmas 951, Otto, who was already living, was named “great”, inaugurated in Pavia with Lothar’s young, barely twenty-year-old widow, “The Queen of Vaudin”, whom Otto was happy to call him. Great magnificence and splendor prevailed at these festivities. For the people, the solemnities were made, for all, both rich and poor, had to receive some of the joy, it was the will of the king and the queen.

Before that, Adelheid had once again visited the poor neighborhood with Waltrud and produced joy and comfort for many homes. When Waltrud went to the old Rebekah, the Queen went with her too. Aamos Jewish money had come to good practice. Waltrud had left them in the head of a school because he had heard that he was an honest and trustworthy man. The manager had taken care of the funeral, and with the remainder of the money he had helped the poor in the church intelligently. All this, Waltrud knew from the old Rebecca.

But above all, the queen was lucky to remember those friends who had been helpful to her, and she was happy to have her wish to have her inauguration in Pavia. There was seen, except for the borderline Griseld and other loyal noblemen, both the fishermen who had helped the refugees. Martti had been looking for them and taking the king’s calling to them. They were infinitely happy of such glory, and even more of the queen’s kindness when she rejoiced, thanking them for their salvation. With a lot of gifts, they returned to their home after the end of the guns.

But the queen knew how she could best reward the two faithful who, with great susceptibility and many refusals, even sacrificing their own lives, had served her; The king considered it natural that they had to be respected in a special way.

So, on the day after the inauguration, when a large number of loyal friends and supporters of the king’s pair, high and low, were gathered together, to receive the royal applause privately, the last of all, Martti and Waltrud were also called to the throne of the mighty king. As they were amazed and shy, they approached, because their modest mind didn’t think of reward.

Then the king spoke to both of them, “With great faithfulness and great danger to life, you have served the queen. Most of all, God, the highest, will thank you for sitting today with my spouse, making me unspeakably happy. I can never reward you for everything you have done If you have a wish, say it! You, Martti, speak first! The road to high positions is open to you, for you are a learned man. Many monasteries would be in better shape if you were leading it as an abbot. ”

The monk bowed deeply to the king: “The popular you osotat me, O king But my mind is his soul unto the high value of the places I have got a big enough reward, to see you and the Queen about happily let me thus remain, therefore, what I am, despised monk But if I get…. pronounce the request, let it be this: Let me endure my life with you and the queen, and serve you with the gift which the Lord of heaven has given me: I have not learned as my friend Luitprand, but I can write manuscripts on the parchment. King, in humility, to serve you with my trivial gift. ”

Then Adelheid’s eyes shone and he whispered to the king.

“Your request has been accepted,” said the king. “Overall, the days of thy life shall your home with us. But the king’s life is, as you know, moving and turbulent. Therefore, you will be free to live in, in each case you need to. What writing is concerned, I am glad for your gift, and I would be very agreeable, if you’d like to reproduce Corvinus monk’s book and also the Holy Bible in Latin. ”

This offer made the monk very happy.

Then the king said, “And now, Waltrud, you loyal girl, what are you asking for?”

The glowing red cheek stood at Waltrud, looking prayingly at the queen, but she never said anything.

“Just talk,” Otto continued, calling. “I want to raise you to a free nobleman. Every nobleman in my kingdom has a great honor to have you as a spouse, for now I declare you equal with the noblest. Lower your knees!”

Amazed and frightened, the girl fell on her knees. Then he felt a light touch on the king’s sword.

“Get up as a nobleman,” he said.

Waltrud barely knew what had happened to him. There was no flash of joy in his face as Adelheid looked at him, and before the Queen had said a word for explanation, the girl had fallen on her knees in front of her and grabbed her hands.

“Ah the ruler, don’t push me!” he exclaimed with a painful voice. “I will not ask you to become a nobleman and I will not marry a nobleman. Let me stay with you as a maid, a queen! Only it can give content and joy to my life. do not send me away from him! ”

The praying words of the heart sounded, and the king and the queen felt deeply moved. Kindly, Adelheid grabbed the girl’s hand, trying to calm her, but Otto said, “God forbid that I, the faithful girl, will send you away from my spouse! ” he asked with a smile.

Waltrud was now calming down. “Excuse me, O king, my nervous behavior,” he said. “I thank you for your favor, I thank you for getting here!”

Even more than his words, he looked at his gratitude. Adelheid pulled her up, kissed her and said with a smile:

“Do you think that I am with you kyltynyt, hupakko you girl? Even I can not get along without you, before you actually want to steps were my home in your own home.”

And as he turned to the king, he continued, “But I know that he still has one hope that has lived in his heart for years.