Parents are irritable and children are hurt

  In order to understand the characteristics of children raised by irritable parents, American mental health expert Juliet Vizi conducted follow-up surveys of children who grew up in many such families. It turns out that irritable parents have a very great and subtle influence on the formation of their children’s character. The researchers summarized eight characteristics of children raised by irritable parents.
  A taciturn child said: “Because the parents are emotionally fragile, so I will always apologize.” Children who grow up in this kind of family are always cautious at any time, extremely worried about which sentence is wrong and will cause their parents to denounce. Very silent at home, I feel the safest to hide in my own world. Such children are too sensitive to the feelings and reactions of others. If things go on like this, it will inevitably lead to a child’s lonely character.
  Children with grumpy parents will think too much about anything when they encounter them. They always think about the details, and they are so careful that they are very anxious and do not know how to deal with them.
  Be careful of words and deeds Children raised by irritable parents are scolded by their parents for making mistakes since childhood. Therefore, I am particularly afraid of getting into trouble, shy away from doing things, and speak cautiously.
  Indecisive children who grow up in such a family grow up, the parents have the final say on the big and small things, and never have the opportunity to make their own decisions, so “decision-making fear” will inevitably appear when they grow up. It is difficult to make a choice when encountering a problem, or make any comments. When faced with a decision, you always feel anxious. Once you express your opinions, you will feel sincere and sincere, for fear that your decision will cause trouble.
  To please others Children who grew up in such a family are always afraid of others being upset or losing their temper, so they will always try to take care of everyone and make everyone happy. For myself, when encountering unhappy things, I always hold myself in my stomach.
  Insecure and irritable parents can never give their children a sense of security, because it is difficult to predict when the parents will scold or even fist and feel lonely and empty psychologically.
  Once children raised by poor communication and irritable parents are depressed, they often push everyone away and refuse to communicate with others. One of the reasons is that the mother did just that. These children also work very hard to learn how to let others enter their lives, but they always feel powerless. The key reason is that they don’t know how to communicate with others correctly. Another reason is that these children are very sensitive and fear that they will say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and make others unhappy. So, to be safe, the best option is to have less contact with others.
  The scolding and scolding of parents who lack self-confidence is actually a ruthless destruction of their children’s self-confidence. This will make the child feel “I will be scolded if I don’t do anything well”, so self-blame is infinitely amplified and self-confidence is gradually lost. Due to lack of self-confidence, I am afraid of letting go of everything when I grow up. I am always worried about getting more and more troublesome and causing trouble, and obviously the quality of work and life will decline.