Image and truth

The phrase “There are pictures and the truth” is said to have first appeared on communication platforms such as Tieba. Because the topic expressed by the host cannot be convinced by the viewer only through words, the host needs to use visual “pictures” to make the viewer feel rich, thereby gaining a sense of reality, and believing that this is a fact. This led to the phrase “there are pictures and the truth”. Later, “there are pictures with the truth” from online to offline, has become a word that can often be heard-I have heard this sentence from at least three or four advertisements, which of course is to make viewers and listeners believe in advertisements. What is said and deduced is true.

Earlier, editing pictures was a technical job. Kang Youwei spent a lot of money on the famous “Photo” with Emperor Guangxu in PS. When I was a kid, the masters in the photo studio were usually PS, but they had to tinker in the darkroom for most of the day. The data shows that in recent years, the industry market share of beauty retouching software has been close to half, which greatly reduces the difficulty of retouching pictures. Retouching pictures for everyone is as easy as everyone can make a phone call.

Participating in some dinners, I found that many people now like to take photos of their meals. Some people at the dinner table wanted to eat first, and some people discouraged them from saying “Don’t use chopsticks first.” At first I thought it was because the people hadn’t arrived, but later I realized that it was because the food hadn’t been ready yet. When they are ready, they will take pictures and post to Moments as soon as possible. So someone just ate half of the crab, but the likes from his (her) circle of friends have already swarmed. I have even seen people answering the phone as soon as they sit down and have to leave in a hurry. Before leaving, they use their mobile phones to “take pictures” of the food on the table. Studies have shown that using a mobile phone to take pictures of food means that the food has already been eaten, because it is said that the food in the picture has a compensatory effect on people’s appetite. If this is true, then the food photos posted in the circle of mobile phone users around the world each year have probably exceeded the annual supply of restaurants around the world. In those famous restaurants and Internet celebrity restaurants, a dish is often forwarded hundreds of thousands of times, and it will be downloaded and collected by at least tens of thousands of mobile phones.

There is a word in psychology called “body image distortion”, which is manifested as an abnormal self-judgment. And a professor at the University of Westminster, Coy Dibri, called the retouching on the Internet a “digital distortion”, which means that we have changed from being uncomfortable to being pleasantly surprised to accepting the beautified selves. To the fundamental change in the image and cognition of oneself. In other words, although the retouched self has not replaced the real self, it has been accepted by his heart and accepted two different selves.

A friend of mine, a very honest person in life, is absolutely violent when he catches someone on the Internet. And some people have few friends in real life, but they “make countless friends” on the Internet, and even serve as group owners and managers. It is up to him to decide whoever gets in and kicks. In order to establish their online image, they will “refine” themselves on the Internet with “pictures and truth” and believe that they are themselves. Just like the people who make chicken soup every day in the circle of friends are likely to be either Zhenguanxi or dominatrix in life; and people who urge people to “see through” and “put down” every day, they must report and compare each other in daily life-but they all accept it. The self presented in the circle of friends, who does not interfere with each other and “has nothing to do with each other” in reality. Modern technology does guarantee “there is an image”, but it is still difficult to guarantee “there is the truth.”

In the past, people were accustomed to writing diaries, memoirs, and biographies, but after reading more, they found that the statements in many books, including diaries, were actually far away from the truth, and some were not too far away. Especially when people increasingly like to “gold” or “add drama” to their past under the name of memory, this is actually a kind of “PS”. One reason why people have doubts about some written records is that they basically have “no pictures and no truth”. Nowadays, we “have pictures and the truth” and even have short videos, but the photos have been “refined” and the video has been “cut the head to the end”, and the truth is also impossible to talk about. Even if some are real, the “image” in a few minutes shows only part of the truth. Because there are always people who want to obtain the most valuable and cost-effective information, entertainment, and even knowledge in the least time and with the greatest efficiency, short videos have emerged. In fact, many people already don’t bother to watch crosstalk sketches for more than ten minutes. The short video can “blow up” the burden as soon as it comes up and catch the audience in the first few seconds. It is interesting but not necessarily nutritious. These “images” seem to be the truth, but in fact they are only a product of a very purposeful selection and “fine editing”. It cannot be said that it does not present the facts, but it is far from all the facts.

For many years, I have a habit of buying a local map every time I go to a strange place, although it is not easy to buy it, especially for some small cities. About twenty years ago, I went to a certain city and bought a city map. Not long ago, I chatted with a writer from the city. I said that the old railway station built before the founding of New China is still in use? He said that there is no old train station and only high-speed railway station; I said yes, he said no. They are locals, so I can’t stand up anymore. But then I found the map with the old train station mark, took a picture and sent it to him. It took him a long time to replied, you are right, I was transferred over ten years ago, and it was demolished before I came, and I haven’t seen it. It seems that the phrase “there is a picture and the truth” is indeed the truth at some point.