How difficult is it to find a toilet in Europe

A French friend of thereporter once shared with me his feelings about traveling to China. He said that I love China too much. One is that there are countless foods, and the other is that it is easy to find clean and free of charge. Public toilets. Not only in France, but in many European countries, it is difficult to find a paid toilet. Finding a free public toilet is basically an impossible task.

On Google Maps, European tourists often comment on attractions, many of which are praised because “this park is very nice, there are several clean and free toilets.” Some tourists commented: “The ticket for this park is only 2 euros. We played for a whole day and went to the toilet 4 times. It’s worth it!” In 2016, a travel website conducted a survey with 3,000 tourists from all over the world. According to a questionnaire survey, finding a toilet in France is the most troublesome for tourists. Many people complained that “even if you have a coin for the toilet, you can’t find a toilet. This makes us understand why money is not everything”; Some tourists have to mark the location of the toilet before traveling, and then determine the route to play; some tourists have no choice but to say that if you are lucky enough to encounter a toilet, you must not miss it even if you don’t have the intention to urinate, because God knows that the next toilet will be there. when and where. Even the French themselves are often full of self-deprecation, who said that there are too few public toilets in France. There are toilets everywhere in France, especially the underground passages in remote areas. They have become natural “toilets”, which are great for sight and smell. Disaster. When a friend was traveling in France, he encountered an internal emergency and had to ask the policeman on duty on the street where there is a toilet nearby. The policeman shrugged, shook his head, thought for a while, and replied apologetically that there is no toilet nearby. If you really can’t persist, try to find a remote place to solve it!

I went to Brussels for the first time many years ago. When my companion saw that the public toilet in the train station charges 1 Euro, they thought it was too expensive, and they wanted to use the free toilet on the train if they insisted. Unfortunately, all toilets on the train were locked that day.

In Europe, public toilets that exist alone are very rare. There are usually toilets in restaurants and cafes, but they are located behind the counter and can only be passed after consumption. The toilets of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks require a password. The way to obtain the password is also to consume. The password of the toilet will be printed under the receipt. Of course, it does not mean that you can use the toilet for unlimited times in the future by remembering the password once you consume. Yes, because the password for the toilet is changed every day.

During the epidemic, all restaurants and cafes were closed, which made the taxi drivers who had been traveling all day extremely depressed. Taxi driver Said told reporters: “Before the epidemic, we liked to go to the toilets of star-rated hotels, because it was free. If there were no nearby, we had to go to the cafe to buy the cheapest cup of coffee and go to the toilet. The epidemic was blocked, Most star-rated hotels are closed and office buildings are closed. Using the toilet has become a major problem. You can only drink less water or find a quiet place to solve it.” He told me that a friend of his female taxi driver has basically no internal emergency. Solution, finally had to buy adult diapers.

Many European cities have simple toilets for men on the streets, while women are a lot depressed. 90% of the queues in front of public toilets are women. Not long ago, Denmark put into use some simple toilets for women (pictured), but to be honest, it still needs psychological construction for women to accept this product.

The lack of public toilets in Europe is mainly due to the lack of government financial support. Even if it is calculated at 0.5-1 Euro per person, it is still difficult to cover the cost in Europe where labor costs are high. Last weekend, my two children and I went to a toilet in a large supermarket. Alice, the person in charge of the toilet, told me that she generally does not charge children. The daily income of the toilet is about 100 euros, which is basically the same as the labor cost.

In August 2020, the Paris city government invested heavily to build 435 new toilets with automatic doors on the streets of Paris, which are completely free of charge. The toilets are heated in winter, equipped with hangers, mirrors, sinks, hanging clothes baskets, and even background music. The Paris city government hopes that through this investment, tourists’ complaints about the difficulty of going to the toilets in Paris will be completely changed, and they hope to welcome them after the epidemic. More international tourists.