The weight of happiness

  When you feel the heaviness of life, you should feel fortunate, satisfied, and joyful. Because behind the heaviness is bound to be the richness of life and the harvest of career.
   Time flows like an instant, and the years of youth are like yellow flowers yesterday, withering and withering with the thick frost. When I heard a young man calling my uncle for the first time, I was not relieved by this respectful address. On the contrary, I feel sad. It reminds me that I am no longer young, my youth has passed, and the years have never been forgiving.
  Days suddenly become trivial, complicated, and busy. Life is like a magic mirror. Before I had time to deal with it in the future, it suddenly presented its most substantial, authentic, and boring side to me. It makes me messy and makes me feel at a loss. Especially after getting married, starting a family, and having children, the things you need to do every day seem to increase a lot. To work, to live, to buy vegetables, to earn money, oil, salt, firewood, rice, sauce, vinegar, tea, water, electricity, and communication fees… as large as a child’s nursery, buying a house and buying a home, as small as treating others, welcoming and delivering, every day is a word : Busy! Too busy, care about this and lose the other.
  In the endless busy schedule, the gray hair grows day by day, the wrinkles are also increasing day by day, and the burden on the shoulders is getting heavier day by day. Later, the children went to school and the wife was transferred from the country to the county seat, but the burden of life continued to increase. So, for the sake of my livelihood, for my family, for my wife and children, and for the responsibility and role that society has entrusted to me, I can only take it for granted and continue to run and work with all my heart and soul. It’s like an old horse with a heavy load. Facing the cumbersome cart of life, there is no choice but to drag it hard.
  Tired becomes inevitable and becomes a normal state of life.
  As a result, I often miss the carefree days of the past. I only know two meals a day, I only know how to go to school, I only know how to travel, I only know how to play cool and leisurely youthful years.
  As a result, they are often troubled by the burden of life, irritable, and unhappy, and often give rise to a desire to get rid of.
  One day, a friend who was also exhausted by the burden of life but always remained optimistic and open-minded, after hearing my troubles, told me such a story. It is said that there is a person who lives a very heavy life like us, trekking through mountains and rivers to find a way for the saint to consult and liberate. After listening to his distress, the saint gave him a bamboo basket, pointed to a gravel road and said to him: “Every time you take a step, pick up a stone you like and put it in the back basket. What’s the feeling.”
  The man did as the saint ordered, but he didn’t get far, and the stone filled a basket. The saint asked him how he felt? He said: “The more you move forward, the more cute stones you like, and the heavier the back basket.” The saint piled up his silver beard and smiled and said, “Child, we When everyone first came to this world, they carried an empty basket. However, as we grew up, we liked more and more things. Every time we take a step, we have to pick something out of this world. The things you like are put into the back basket, and the farther you go, the more things are in the back basket. This is why you feel that the burden of life is getting heavier and heavier.”
  The man asked the saint: “How should we come How about reducing the weight of life?” The saint replied: “It’s actually very simple to reduce the weight. You just need to take out any of your work, love, marriage, family, and friendships to reduce the weight.” The saint replied. Then he asked, “Which one of them would you like to take out of the basket without hesitation?” Facing the saint’s interrogation, the man was speechless.
  After listening to my friend’s story, my mood suddenly became brighter.
  I remember that Lin Qingxuan, a well-known Taiwanese writer, said when he explained the “beauty of life”: “Love and beauty can alleviate the burden of many lives.” Lin Qingxuan once gave an example: When you go home and see your lover , You can pick her up with a loving touch and turn her around. Then, you look for a 50-kilogram stone, pick it up, and turn it around. As a result, you will find that the stone is very heavy, several times heavier than your lover. Why? That’s because you don’t have any feelings or love for the stone. The weight of a stone is pure weight, while the weight of a lover is a weight of happiness.
  Yes, what each of us puts in the “back basket” is not pure stone, but the love, career, family, marriage, friendship, etc., which we carefully searched from this world in the course of life, make us linger. “Things” that are hard to separate. It is because of these reluctant “heavy” that we feel the richness of life, the beauty of life, and the fulfillment of life. So when you feel the heaviness of life, you should feel fortunate, satisfied, and joyful. Therefore, behind the heaviness must be the richness of life and the harvest of career.
  What the basket of life carries is always the weight of happiness.