Instead of being anxious in the busy, it is better to “leave blank” for yourself

  White space is a common technique in the creation of Chinese art works. Art needs to be left blank, and people also need to “leave blank”. “Blank” allows us to say goodbye to the high intensity and high pressure of modern society, let us have time to stop, pause and buffer, and use interesting things to unload our pressure and unhappiness.
   There are many friends who have the awareness of “blank” around me. Some are keen on hiking on weekends, climbing hills and ridges in the mountains without signal, and having in-depth contact with nature all-weather; some are obsessed with vlog ( Video weblog), to be a recorder of daily life…Through “blank”, these friends of mine unanimously reap happiness and relaxation, which not only improves the efficiency of study or work, but also greatly improves the quality of life.
   “Leave blank” is not a waste of time, let alone depravity. “Leave Blank” adheres to the principle of rest and recuperation, and is committed to seeking various structural balances.
   Personally, “blank” is the balance between work and life, and the balance between body and soul.
   In terms of society, “blank” is the balance of fast-paced, high-pressure and slow life, and low-pressure, and the balance between growth and development.
   Instead of being anxious in the busy, it is better to “leave blank” for yourself. “Leave blank” is a kind of great wisdom, and I hope more people have this kind of wisdom.