Simple emotion

  Simple emotions come from the daily life of fireworks, soft and pure, like sake, and pure water, naturally a kind of softness is born in the heart.
   When the friend moved to a new house, he agreed that all the old things would be left behind and not taken away, but when he moved, he still carried away three large cabinets. My friend said that these three cabinets are still usable. They can put books and clothes, and put the past time away temporarily, and find a backing for their emotions.
   I also have a simple feeling for old things. After walking in this world for many years, I feel that the houses, vegetation, cities, old books, old clothes, etc. all have memories and warmth. When one of them is about to disappear or leave, I will have a certain reluctance. When others say that I am “resent to the old”, just take it as it is, there is time in the old things.
   It has been two years since I moved to this place where I live now, and there is a big river in front of the building. I was standing on the balcony on the 18th floor and saw a concrete arch bridge on the river not far away. Because of a new road, few people usually walk, and one or two people sometimes stand on the bridge to fish. I often walk there and watch the rushing water flow under the bridge. I was in a daze there, letting my impetuous heart find some peace. A few days ago, when I heard that the bridge was going to be demolished, I was reluctant to leave. I looked at it a few more times every day, and then used my mobile phone to take pictures of its daily light and shadow.
   It is often everyday objects that are full of simple emotions, such as farmers and farm tools. A friend said that his father had a mulberry pole that had been used for decades. The patina was bright. Now it is no longer needed. It is placed in a corner. In his spare time, his father will find this pole and wipe it carefully.
   The space I have lived in has the most simple emotions. Every time I move, I look at the place I used to live. The house is empty, with used calendars and a few paintings hanging on the wall. Even when I moved to the office, everyone else left, and I was the last one to leave the house and closed the door carefully.
   The house I lived in was a place where a person’s soul lived. In Song Dynasty Yang Guobao’s “Ti Zuo Ju Bi” stated: “There are bamboos and a hundred poles, an incense burner, a thousand books, and a pot of wine. That’s enough. “On the wall, write a person’s inner satisfaction, this can not but be said to be a simple emotion, irrelevant to the past and the present.
   The clothes worn also have simple emotions. There is familiar warmth in the clothes. Those clothes pockets contained a certain daily life at that time. For example, I used to keep a pen or a few sheets of paper in my pocket when I went out for interviews in the past, so I could record it at any time. I also let go of a few petals of flowers of the season, full of floral fragrance.
   Lovers always reluctant to throw away the clothes worn by the son. The son always thought it was saving. The son didn’t know the simple feelings a mother had placed on her child’s clothes.
   Simple emotions seem plain, but they can hit the soul most directly.
   Zhu Ziqing wrote several times of his “tears” in “Back View”, revealing the simple emotions between father and son. Especially when I saw my father buying oranges from the back at Pukou Railway Station, I shed tears. From then on, Pukou Railway Station in my mind is no longer just a place of departure and arrival in the sense of traffic, but also a cultural icon, but also a coordinate of simple emotions in people’s hearts.
   Simple emotions are sincere, natural, and fresh. They are not pretentious or modified. They are true from the inside to the outside. In this noisy world, we have met some hypocrisy and some strong feelings, and the simple emotions between countless ordinary people are the most unforgettable.