Sincere expression is the most effective prescription

The mouth is the mirror of the soul, and the mirror of the tone determines the presentation of the words;

Words are life swords, and the tone of the sword affects the luck of life.

Your tone determines the luck and pattern of your future life.

Everyone’s heart is soft, and the soft heart is more likely to touch soft objects.

Some people say that “speech is the most effective prescription for human use.” The soft words are like a cup of warm water, and then the cold heart will thaw in warm water.

In everyday life and work, it is soft and euphemistic to communicate with others. People are happy to “warm” to the sun, people are more likely to accept the words of warmth, cold and hard words, even if it makes sense, it makes people feel harsh, and thus psychologically repulsive.

“Knife mouth, tofu heart” is not a good thing. Communicate with people to “tofu mouth, stone heart”. On the basis of principle, do not use words that are blunt, easy to cause misunderstanding, use words to make people try to make people Comfortable.

Luck is better, first of all, the tone is better, to be gentle, not to yin and yang, and not to swear.

If you have a problem, you can express it. If you have a opinion, you can say it in a big way. Don’t irritate the yin and yang.

Everyone wants to interact with frank people, yin and yang, and swearing will only push friends farther and farther. No matter what is urgent or difficult, don’t lose your temper and don’t pry on it. The tone is slower, the expression can be clearer, others can get closer to you, and luck can come early.

“The people who really understand don’t need to yell out loudly.” They can’t scream for good luck, but those who are lucky are low-key and silent.

There is an old saying in China that “muffles and makes a fortune”, “the reason is not high,” and the loud volume gives a feeling of noise, which will result in an impression of deduction. Noisy, the volume is too large, it seems that this person is not calm enough.

When the volume is large, the momentum will be raised accordingly, and the dialogue becomes a kind of questioning. Like quarreling, it will cause psychological pressure on the person who is returning, so that the conversation cannot be carried out normally.

Interact with people, the volume should be soft, let’s say slowly, don’t let your volume cause unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles. The soft voice will add extra points to your life, avoiding a lot of unnecessary troubles, without the conflict caused by the volume problem, good luck naturally comes.

“From the heart, it can best penetrate the hearts of the people.” As long as it is from the heart and from the sincere words, regardless of the content, it will resonate with the people and achieve good results.

Reality is more important than skill. The most important thing to talk about is to take the heart and run the train full of mouths. The false feelings will be poked sooner or later, and only from the heart can win the trust of others.

People must have good luck, and naturally they must have a kind heart and do good deeds. The foundation of kindness and good deeds is to be true to yourself, not to falsify, not to deceive others. Words must be true, you are sincere and true, others will truly treat you and will treat you as a true friend. Friends have more roads to go, really more friends, natural roads lead to Rome, life is full of fun and good luck.

The tone determines the luck of the person. The words are softer, the tone is slower, the volume is softer, the feelings are really a little, and the good luck is naturally closer to you.

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