Who is with you, really important!

 1 I have
  seen such a small story:
  There is a person who is young and frowning all day, his heart is pessimistic, and he feels that he is particularly uncomfortable, so he consults a psychiatrist. After listening to his narrative, the doctor only gave him a prescription. The young man looked at the prescription and felt inexplicable.
  Because the prescription does not say what medicine to eat, nor what instrument to use, just simply write a line: look for a friend who is very happy every day, visit him early, middle and late. once.
  The young man wrote the letter suspiciously. A few months later, he ran back happily to thank the doctor—because his anxiety was magically healed.
  He asked the doctor questioningly. The doctor smiled and told him: “To make yourself happy, you must be with interesting people. No medicine can be more effective than a friend’s benign influence!”
  friends told me One thing.
  Once, she and her husband went out to play, but found that she was in the wrong car halfway, just as she was anxious to know what to do, her husband calmly comforted her: “The planned attractions can go again tomorrow, you see the scenery here is pretty. The two stations in the future are just the seaside. It’s good to go there.” The
  friend listened, and readily agreed with her husband’s advice, and the anxious mood gradually calmed down. Sitting in the wrong “small episode” did not affect their mood for the day.
  Later, she expressed her feelings that since she met her husband, she was infected by her husband’s calm and easy-going personality, and she has changed a lot. She once loved to dig into the horns, and now she slowly discovers that many bad problems can be easily solved by changing the angle.
  If you choose to be with a negative, pessimistic person, then his pessimism will always be passed on to you. But if you can be with happy people, then his happiness and joy will also infect you.
  Life is hard, and we are all pursuing happiness and happiness. So the best way is to be with optimistic people!
  3 The
  old saying goes: “The near Zhu is red, the near ink is black.” How important it is to be with the motivated people, I believe we have feelings in the student era.
  Before, Kunming, Yunnan, had a “most cattle dormitory” that was popular on the Internet. The six people in the dormitory are all seniors at the School of Design at Yunnan Art College. Since they were assigned to a dormitory, they have studied together, participated in the competition together, and spent the most meaningful four years in their lives together. As a result, the six people’s awards add up to more than 100, and the scholarships received are as high as 180,000.
  In the face of the reporters who came to interview, they said: “There are some of our majors in clothing and apparel design, and some in product design. But everyone is often early and late, busy with learning and activities. If it is a lot of public lessons for students, we There will be more than 20 minutes in advance to grab the seat, and will review together before the end of the period.
  It is hard to imagine that in such an environment, there will be people playing games and indulging in play.
  Living with different people, life will be completely different. Walking with the wise, you will be extraordinary; with the high man, you can climb to the top.
  With people who are full of positive energy and motivated, you will be full of energy and the possibility of success will increase dramatically. With people who are lazy and boring and complaining all day, you are also easily influenced by him, become stunned, and have no motivation to learn and work.
  There is a saying that is good, and in what kind of circle a person is in, you can know what kind of person he is. If you want to do more with less and reject mediocrity, then a “friend circle” that is progressive and self-disciplined is definitely your first choice!
  In our lifetime, we will meet many people of all kinds. We can’t decide our origins, but we can decide the life we ​​will live in the future. We can’t change the people around us, but we can choose what kind of people we are with.
  May we all have two or three confidants in a limited life, and we will know each other.