I have admired many people. I consider myself a crooked tree, so I respect those straight trees. Indeed, we should remember the experience of going out to buy a Christmas tree before Christmas. Looking from a distance, the rows of lovely trees are all wonderful, but when I look closer, none of them is right for me. This one is too weak, that one is too curved, the other one is too short, etc. The same goes for people. There is no doubt that the reason why some people leave me with a tall impression is because I have limited knowledge of them and I am too clear about my shortcomings.

Not only my own flaws, but also the flaws of other poets and painters in my life circle, I also know at a glance. The connection between art and a certain genetic defect, the connection with a certain incompetence, abnormality or disease, has almost become axiom. The biographies of writers and artists reveal this connection. Looking around, the life experiences of friends and acquaintances convinced me even more. However, people may suspect that this connection is just an illusion caused by different perspectives. If we do a careful investigation of the most ordinary people, the result may be that “normal” is as rare among them as well-known individuals in the fields of literature and art. The lives of celebrities are just being shown more often.