Go see Wuga dancing

On this day, a duck mingled with Sobud’s sheep, and the steady sheep kept away from it at all costs. The shepherd sees it as an enemy and barks at it. The atmosphere in the sheep became tense.

Sobud realized that this duck was not a hoax, let alone a joke—because it stood in the middle of the flock, like a person waiting for a bribe. Sobud poured water on it, trying to drive it away. But water dripped from its back, and it shook its feathers nonchalantly. Maybe people can use water splashing to make the scratches of mice on the muddy ground disappear, but the same method is not effective for ducks. It said contemptuously to Sobud:

“Sobud, many animals are not afraid of water-such as me, such as your sheep. But most animals are afraid of fire, because fire is a process.”

“It’s weird that you speak human words.” Sobud said.

“The difference between trousers and shorts is some fabric. Ducks and people are also.”

“You scared me, you should stay away from me.”

“Anyone who can say this is 99% likely to be celestial illiterate.” The duck coughed and continued, “Don’t drive me away, my Sobud. I don’t want to just talk about it. Call you your own-I will follow you, at least I can do this decently. You can’t miss me.” The duck undoubtedly gave Sobud a brand new identity, but Sorb De is completely unaware of his new identity. The duck quacked and demanded that everything turn to his advantage. Sobbed was sad, but took it home.

Sobud’s brother is named Batu Zhaorige. He works in the cold Northland, and his cheeks are purple-brown. When Batu Zhaorige saw a rickety duck behind his sister, he showed a pungent expression.

“Sobud, there is a duck behind you.” He was a hard bone, staring endlessly at the duck.

“Brother, I found it in the flock, so I brought it.”

“The shepherd dog will not agree, it is already very busy.” Batu Zhaorige raised his left hand in a gesture of rejection. He didn’t have an index finger. From the vacancy of his index finger, he could see his snakeskin scarf and the withered corn field in the distance-it was a small rectangular landscape.

“Brother, you don’t need to take the duck out, just keep it at home.”

“Then let it stay at home. But don’t let it follow you.”


“It’s like a hooligan.” Batu Zhaori’s questioning cannot be encoded. It turns out that he was wrong-the duck has never followed Sobud since he stopped in. It followed Batu Zhaori’s song every step of the way, and sometimes lit his cigarette. When Batu Zhaorige prepares dinner, it becomes sentimental, standing at the door of the kitchen and listening to the movement of the spatula. Even more incredible is that the duck can make the engine roar forever, cook the poisonous anemone well (but no one dares to eat it), and it even sacrificed its spine for the advancement of local orthopedic surgery. Sobud doesn’t understand it-when people come into close contact with ducks, they will find that their knowledge system is simply devastated. The duck followed Batu Zhaorige without complaint for two years. It has gone through untold hardships, worked for him day and night, his fins were worn out, and he almost suffered from rheumatism. Gradually, Batu Zhaorige relaxed his vigilance and ignored it. When he is in a good mood, he will touch his neck with compassion. But when the duck approaches Sobud, Batu Zhaorige will still use a riding whip to drive it away.

One day, Batu Zhaorige had to leave home for three or four days because of something. He rarely leaves his young sister for a long time. For Batu Zhaorige, letting him leave Sobud is letting him withdraw from a certain culture. Batu Zhaorige locked the duck in his room before leaving, and blocked the keyhole with his severed finger. Batu Zhaorige repeatedly told his sister not to open that door.

A tragic thing is about to happen!

Soon after Batu Zhaorige left, the duck quacked and ran into Sobud’s room, knocking over several stew pots on the way. Sobud saw that the door of his brother’s room was smashed, and the lock flew to nowhere. How presumptuous a duck is playing, with the strength of a bull, Sobud has a foreboding that a rough negotiation is coming. The duck stood by Sobud’s bed and looked straight at her, showing signs of a man’s shaved beard on his mouth, and a screw cone drooping under his tail. Is there something going to happen? Sobud curled up on the bed, staring at the brown streaks that looked like lymphatic scars. “It uses too much brown.” She thought to herself.

“Master, we must have a chat.” It whispered. In these two short years, it has become servile enough.

“Brother told you to stay away from me.”

“He is a rare villain, tyrant, and extreme weather. Sobud, you are the master here. You should be dissatisfied and resist.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying, you should quack.”

“Are you going to hear a secret, Sobud?” The duck said, as if tickling Sobud. This trick is a hundred-for-all. Because “secret” is the sweet cheese of children, they will rush into your arms as soon as they hear the word “secret”. These “secrets” that seduce children guard their virginity like worker bees. They can survive without any scale.

Sobudd really asked curiously: “What is it?”

“Wuga,” the duck whispered. It walked towards Sobud and humbled its head on her knee. Sobud touched its neck, this was the first time she touched it. Sobud smelled the wet smell of its feathers. Because it is a duck, people think it is cute when it smells like this. But if it is not a duck, the smell is a bit scary.

“What is Wuga?”

“Wugar is in the north. She is going to dance tomorrow night. Watching her dance, you will forget all your troubles and be happy every day.”

“Where is Wuga?”

“You have to go north.”

“Where are you going?”

“The further north, the lighter the bear’s color. In the place where the lightest bear lives-she dances there.” The duck said and left. It also closed the door for Sobud.

But it’s so small that it can’t touch the doorknob, how does it close the door?

After the ducks left, Sobud had been thinking about Uga. The duck only said that Wuga is in the north, Wuga dances at night, and Wuga and the bear. But it didn’t tell her what “Wuga” was. When the sheep was herding, Sobud was also thinking of Wuga. Wuga, who had never met, attracted her strongly. Sobud made a fictional “Wugar” in his brain-she is a beautiful woman. Wuga grew up drinking goat’s milk, stronger than a polar bear, and his sweat can grow old like moss. The men in her room played cards the size of a bullfrog and could even call out everyone’s names. She may be almost completely blind, unable to distinguish between day and night. Wuga may have crystal clear thigh bones and is a reasonable person. There are chrysanthemums, rock piles and wicker on the soles of her feet, and skyscrapers growing on her back. Her way of giving and receiving love is to dance, welcoming everyone who comes with passionate dance steps. Wuga may be a saint with great wisdom, because of this, her dance can shock people’s hearts and forget their troubles. If Sobudd painted the “Wugar” he imagined on paper, Sobudd would definitely go to jail for abusing color. Wuga is constantly changing colors in Sobud’s imagination. She seems to have become an amazing master, which awes Sobud and induces Sobud to work diligently and meticulously. Sobud completed the shepherd mission that day. An old sheep bordered by parting told her the account balance and password, and reminded her to “be avant-garde at all times.”

Sobud drove the sheep home. Found that the duck had been standing in front of the door waiting for her, it had already prepared dinner. This duck is long and annoying, forcing people to plunge into the blizzard of poor winter. It carries a halogen lamp, forcing you to stay away from your safe haven, and then moves up inch by inch on the back of your head. After dinner, Sobud told the ducks about his imagination. The duck listened with gusto, and after Sobudd finished speaking, he respectfully said: “From imagination to determination, this is how children grow up, Sobud.”

Sobud silently watched the duck deftly clean up the dishes. The imaginary Wuga was teaching her how to clean the canvas bag with a toothbrush, taking off her shiny leather shoes, and showing Sobud her rusty gray socks.

“Do you want to see it? Sobud, do you want to see Wuga dancing?” The duck interrupted her thoughts.

“Brother is back, let’s go and see.”

“You can’t take your devil brother with you. If you accidentally tell your brother, Uga’s delightful magic will disappear. Will you keep the promise?”

“I am too young to drive. I can’t go there alone.”

“Sobud, you just need to tell me-do you want to see Wuga dancing?”

The imaginary Wuga suddenly began to dance. While dancing, she called Sobudd’s name. Sobud did not answer her, she ran to play cards. Wuga wrote Sobud’s name on every playing card-a total of fifty-four “Sobuds” can be strung together into a necklace. The ducks circled her, still saying strange things in her mouth that she didn’t understand. When Sobudd came back to his senses, he found that the duck had put his head on the back of her feet. Sobud squatted down and touched its neck. She wanted to watch Wu-Ga dance, and she wanted Wu-Ga to kiss her instead of stringing a pearl necklace with her name. Finally, she nodded.

“Good night, Sobud. We will leave tomorrow.” The duck said gratifiedly.

The next morning, Sobud walked into the kitchen and found that the duck was not making milk tea. It was shaking its tail, and hummingly moved a sack of cacti with bright red markings into the kitchen. The weird cactus squeezed into the sack, like a group of red jaguars dozing on each other’s pillows. Sobud realized that something was wrong, and she shouted at the duck to let it throw away the cactus.

It didn’t seem to hear what Sobud was talking about, and stubbornly picked out the cacti one by one and threw them into the stainless steel sink.

OMG-Sobud picked up the duck and ran away. But it’s too late! The cactus and the stainless steel rubbed with sparks, creaked, the sink was compressed, Sobud’s world was as lively as a group of picric acid and thunderbolt-the kitchen was immediately blown to pieces. Sobud was directly bombed to the first floor and rolled several times on the coffee table. She opened her eyes with difficulty, and a ball of flame came and burned her face. They bit Sobud’s ear and dragged her off the coffee table. Sobud was swallowed by the fire and squeezed together with the smoke, as if entering a flock of sheep with fever. She lay on the floor, covering her like a quilt in pain. The duck is right-most animals are afraid of fire, because fire is not a substance, but a process. Sobud saw the duck lying beside her. It has dense feathers and good nutrition, and the flames on its body are sky blue. High-voltage insulated gloves cannot lift it. Sobudd was unable to move, and could only think about when people would come along the smoke to rescue her and the duck. Sobud was bored, flicking his black muscles, and he could still hear their strong and vibrant echoes.

When a large group of people arrived, Sobud was almost burnt to charcoal, and when he was carried out by the adults, he immediately vomited all over the floor. The duck was also moved out two hours later. Brave people approach it, sensitively heat the glass on it, and want to make a handicraft. The duck is dead. People gave a thumbs-up to the duck, praised it, and said that this crazy move, on the other hand, showed its great loyalty to the family.

Perhaps it was because Sobud was shining with a unique newcomer (living person) light-everyone surrounded her and marked her with countless exclamation points. Someone brought a single-use toothpaste from the hotel that was only enough for adults to brush two or three teeth, intending to save Sobud’s life. Fortunately, people with wisdom always show up in time when people need it. A belated wise man severely criticized them, righteously stating that Sobud should now be taken to the hospital.

The tragic thing happened again. An older duck came over holding Sobud’s sink. It is straight and tall, wearing gray and autumn warm pants and a hard lace hat, and its aging face gives people a touching guarantee. “She just had her skin burned and she didn’t need to go to the hospital.” it said. Everyone agreed. But Sobud saw a dog approaching and sniffing her mature liver. Sobud may be burned more than just the skin.

“Peach skin is the closest to a girl’s skin. I can provide some peaches to give children new skin.”

Sobud was annoyed, because its expression looked like a living sentence-“Throw away all caution!”

What happened later was incredible. It also constantly reminds Sobudd of the terrible consequences of over-believing in the “duck” experience. The group of people peeled the peaches around Sobud, and then glued all the peaches to her. They chose the pale peaches, and the peach skin was wrapped in a layer of fine hair that made Sobud sneeze. Soon, Sobud’s body not only added a layer of peach skin, but also a layer of snot and gray-brown peach heartworm. “I’m not a girl yet, I’m only eight years old. Why did the duck give me peach skins?” Sobud thought desperately.

It was already noon when Sobud was relieved from the itching and pain. She rolled on the ground, trying to wipe the peach skin off her body, but it was useless. The little peach heartworms grew awkwardly under the nourishment of difenoconazole, pressing heavily on Sobud’s back, making her feel anxious. Sobud wanted to roll over and crush them. But they actually pointed to her nose and shouted in unison—”You cruel mother”, Sobudd had to stop.

Hungry, she picked up the discarded peach pulp on the ground and stuffed it into her mouth. The peach pulp is as refreshing as Sengu Ri beer under the night cooking. When she swallowed the peach, she heard the sound of breaking glass from deep in her body—it was a depressing sound. Not only her liver, but her stomach is also ripe. If it hadn’t been for the nutrition of the peach skin to sustain Sobudd’s life, she might have died long ago. The peach skin is more like a necessary condition at this moment than a sufficient condition. Sobud should be considered a half miracle. If someone mistakenly ate her as a peach, he should apologize to the world-“Excuse me, I accidentally ate a rare animal.”

The duck that was burned to death may have been taken by someone to make dinner, and Sobud could not find it. She took some money from the sheep’s account. Sobudd originally wanted to take a taxi to watch Wuga dance, but because she held the money too tightly, the remaining high temperature in her body burned the banknotes to ashes. The death of the paper money was like a sudden beam of light, illuminating her gray brain. Sobud patted the ashes in his palm, knowing that he would never see Wuga dancing. She couldn’t reach the northernmost point before dark. No one would pull a little guy in a peach skin into the car. If Sobud is a man of great power, he can fold the world in half, and he can cross to the far north in one step.

Sobud walked north against the noon sun. Above her head is the boundless sky, the soil under her feet is full of water like a sponge, and the tough little cows are walking around, and it will not be long before being swallowed by the soil. They are replaced by a group of young hedgehogs with significantly insufficient fat reserves. They did not know where they came from, and moved briskly on the mud. Sobud looked up at the sky, and was amazed by its whimsical coloring method. It was reminiscent of the blue of paper covering the sky, mixed with silver like creatures. As soon as the wind blew, silver fell into the dominant blue, which became a misunderstanding that could not be reconciled. The peach skin on Sobud’s face was hot like a frying pan. She scratched her itchy skin. Sobud may have reached the world on the back of the coin, and everything here makes her feel strange. Did the fire burn her eyes?

The charred meat creaked as Sobud walked.

A man kept walking in front of Sobud. He is a little thin, but his belly is fat-looking like a mature farewell work. He was wearing a flat, narrow-brimmed straw hat, carrying a heavy backpack, and humming disgusting songs. These disgusting lyrics and tunes hit Sobud’s stomach, and she felt dizzy. So he sang all the way, Sobud spat all the way. She vomited and made the sound of glass breaking, and the peaches she ate at noon covered the road. The man finally stopped singing and looked back at her. Sobud smelled the damp smell of the stream on his body, as if he had known each other.

“What are you singing?” Sobud asked.

“I’m singing about my heart of obedience.”

“You will kill you.”

“What kind of peach are you?” He walked over and gently stroked the peach skin on Sobud.

“I am not Peach. My name is Sobud.”

“My name is Jeddah. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the north.”

“Let’s go together then.” He imitated Sobud’s rhythm and walked side by side with her.

Jeddah asked Sobudd why he became a peach. After listening to her, he shook his head and sighed: “Sobud, the all-knowing local duck will make you suffer. This is a conspiracy, because it was done after your brother left.” Sobudd because My whole body hurts all over, and I walked slowly. Jeddah asked if she needed help.

“No, no, I’m fine.” Sobud said.

“There are so many sad things in this world,” he said, “just like the wings of insects always appear in pairs, our pain and joy are always with us. But why did the duck burn your house?”

“Because it uses me as a filter. We were going to see Wuga dancing together…”

“Where do you want to go with the duck?” he asked.

“Go to see Wuga dancing.”

“Where is she?”

“In the place where the lightest bear lives. Tonight—she is dancing there. Watching her dance will make you happy forever…”

“This is very desirable! But Sobud, you are going on? Impossible, it will soon be dark.”

“I know I can’t see Wuga anymore, Brother Jeddah.” When Jeddah approached Sobud, she noticed that his skin shone beautifully like ceramics. It has an unpleasant sense of ignorance, but it is rippling with a kind of almost evil childlikeness. There is a subtle and sharp difference between the skin of Jeddah and the skin of ordinary people. It is not so much the skin of a living person as it is the reflection of a ceiling lamp.

The skin of Jeddah can be used to sharpen pencils or to make underwear.

“Why?” Sobud touched his skin.

“My skin comes from Da Makan Mine.” He said. Sobud was attracted by his skin, accidentally tripped over a hedgehog running on the ground, his face was covered with mud. The soil is hot. The weather is getting hotter. The hot wind blew in at noon, and exchanged good afternoon with Sobud. Her knees began to swell and she felt careless and unhealthy. Jeddah looked as usual. He didn’t seem to notice anything abnormal. Jeddah lifted Sobudra up and silently built a silent and deceptive fulcrum for Sobuda. They continued to walk north.

“Brother Jeddah, are we heading north?”

“Yes, Sobud.”

“Brother Jeddah, the farther to the north, the colder the weather, and the lighter the bear’s color. Uga dances where the lightest bear lives.” Sobud stopped, she realized something, fear made her Shivering: “Brother Jeddah, did we go wrong?”

“Maybe we are heading south,” Jeddah replied.

“Brother Jeddah, if I go further, the peach skin on my body will rot in the heat.”

Jeddah took Sobudd’s arm and dragged her forward: “This is a joke.” Sobud struggled desperately, and fell to the ground again. He tore a large piece of the peach skin on his arm. The burn on Sobud’s body became more painful as the wind carried the sand. Sobudd was sweating from the heat, and the sweat dripped on the peach skin, causing even harder itching. She curled up on the ground in despair, refusing to torture one after another. Perhaps as Jeddah said-this is a joke. After all, every extreme example can be a joke. These jokes were caught by clever people like banana balls being kicked out.

“Sobud, I swear to Changshengtian, this is North.” Jeddah felt sorry for tearing off Sobud’s peach skin. He lifted Sobud up again and tried to glue the peach skin back, but failed.

Sobudd wiped the mud on his face and gathered courage. But Jeddah started singing again without warning. He was singing “The male toad was intoxicated in love and crushed the female toad.” Perhaps persistence is also the trait of the abuser. Sobud could no longer move forward half a step, vomiting on the ground, but only acid water. Jeddah’s voice is getting smaller and smaller. He has already walked away. This time he didn’t look back and disappeared in the sand of the north. “Jeddah!” Sobudd shouted in the direction of his disappearance, and no one answered her. Sobud’s shout made the male hedgehogs run clean. The female hedgehogs did not run far, gathered around Sobud, and looked at her with a dazed expression. They thought that Sobud was about to give birth and kept reminding her that it was not suitable for giving birth.

“Children are very important.” They chattered endlessly.

“Then just put the child in the safe.” Sobud said. She looked at hedgehogs running around and their finger-like feces, and realized that life is always the dead. Sobud wanted to watch Wu-ga dance. At this time, she could only look for her in a peach skin with her ripe internal organs, as if she was working with an unsuitable tool. The fly was attracted by the fruity fragrance, flapping its wings around her, and the blowing wind made her chest cold like pine needles.


A dilapidated, frost-colored car stopped in front of Sobud. Jeddah poked his head out of the car window to call her. Sobud got into the car.

“Brother Jeddah, I thought you were gone.”

Jeddah started the car, “I was going to leave, as I said-the omniscient local duck will make you suffer. Your duck blew up your house with a cactus, and an old duck gave it to you. Your peach skin has ripened you-it’s crazy. And you are full of nonsense, and may explode at any time. But I want to send you to Wuga. The song I sing can make the pickled fish jump and make The dovecote bloomed, but you vomited after listening. I have to look at you, because there are already countless flies around you.” His speech was astonishing and his face flushed.

“Brother Jeddah, where did you get the car from?”

“Let me make an analogy. If you do high-altitude picking, you have to have this determination—you will fall. Sobud, what I’m going to say next is not demeaning—some people think they will always It won’t fall. Do you understand?”

Sobud looked at the hedgehogs on the ground through the car window and found that they had formed a brown line. Although the hedgehogs have become a line, their elegant and unique eyes are still clear. This force makes the rippling brown shadow stand up into a solid oil painting. Sobud whispered: “What you said is more difficult to understand than what a duck said. You didn’t answer my question at all.”

“Nothing unusual. I walked less than a hundred meters north and found this car. It was buried in the sand by the general.”

“How did you discover it?”

“Relying on presumptuous curiosity. Sobud. I thought about it on the road. Why did the cactus explode? It might be because it packed multiple embryos into one seed. Not the cactus, but the seeds of the cactus exploded. do you think so?”

“Maybe.” Sobud’s voice sounded a bit wrong. Jeddah quickly turned to look at Sobud while holding the steering wheel. Sweat has been flowing down her temples. He heard Sobud’s teeth fighting, making noises like billiard balls hitting each other. Jeddah could even smell the pain that emanated from her. It is said that people have the most sensitive sense of smell in middle age. Jeddah felt that he did not have a bad body odor, but he was considered unqualified in the conscription medical examination for “too strong body odor” a dozen years ago-it must be because the doctors are all middle-aged. Jeddah is not young anymore, and people always mistake him for his young age because of his smooth skin. He didn’t tell Sobud that she should call him “uncle”, he likes Sobud to call him “brother”. Just like a newborn baby is not interested in saline solution, he thinks the word “uncle” is salty, and you have to approach it anxiously to prevent it from reminding you that you are no longer young. The sound of teeth fighting disappeared, and Jeddah found Sobud gritted his teeth, staring straight ahead.

The car never stopped. The weather is getting hotter, the hedgehogs are getting less and less, and the rattlesnakes are sitting together eating barbecue, next to a stack of crumbling plates. Sobud thought it would snow in the north, but it didn’t—the dust was flying here and the cacti were growing well. Sobud sniffed his arm, and the fruity aroma became more pungent. The place with the strongest aroma even crushes the skin, and the tiny pits created by this are like a broken small boiler, in which soft peaches are boiling. The fly smelt the smell through the thick window glass, and banged against the glass to eat her. It didn’t take long before the windows were covered with light gray marks, and the narrow grooves of the glass were also full of dead flies. Sobud looked at the bleak desert outside, and again he was certain that he couldn’t see Wuga-Wuga danced where the lightest bear lived. There are no bears here.

Jeddah asked her to watch the sun: “Look at the sun, Sobud. We are heading north, which is the right direction. We are almost there.” Sobud did not speak.

People always think that there is a big gap between two disasters. In fact, they are not. Because of Jeddah’s amazing driving skills, the car at high speed did not crush the hedgehog, but Jeddah ignored the source of the disaster-the seeds of the cactus. Sobud felt that the car seemed to bump, and it was blown up with a loud noise. The glass was shattered, and glass dross was splashed everywhere. The seats were also burnt to black. What a seed it is that can shake a car. Sobud was hit in the car so dizzy, the thin air around him smelled like an iron. The car started to catch fire, and Sobud’s peach skin was quickly burned out. Most things in this world cannot be restored. Sobud pushed the car door with the power of a lion, got out, and rolled around in the sand with the skill of a gerbil, extinguishing the flame on his body. The door on Jeddah’s side was also pushed open. He groaned and got out.

“Ah, the seeds are getting more cunning nowadays.” Jeddah pressed his sore head as he chattered, “They see the wind at the rudder. Sobud, they are disguised as waste in the wind, but even if the world is tilted, they are Can stand on the last dust and ask for living expenses from nature.”

“Brother Jeddah, why didn’t you catch fire?”

Jeddah squeezed his skin: “It’s very strong.”

Jeddah saw that the sun was about to set, and it was useless to know how to worry. Jeddah shook his head and sat on the ground, and Sobud sat down next to him. The little head rested weakly on his shoulders. She seemed to be weeping, this little poor. Jeddah looked at the naked Sobud and sighed: “You don’t even have a peach skin now.”

“My brother…”

“Unfortunately, now only the useless brother Jeddah is left. Sobud, there is nothing I can do. It is getting dark and the car is broken…” He looked at the burning car not far away and sighed again. . Sobudd, who was leaning on him, said nothing. Jeddah squeezed Sobud’s little face, and blood was stained on his fingers. Jeddah patted her shoulder again, and blood was stained on her palm. He lowered his body and looked at her face and found Sobud closed his eyes.


Sobud is more suitable for the term “thrive” rather than “nakedness” or “pain.” She should have the satisfying yeast smell, not the bloody smell in the pork shop. Jeddah pretended to be nothing, and yawned a false yawn, as if he hadn’t noticed that Sobud had been caught dead like a fish in the net.

His fault is not. You can’t always be with your child, Jeddah thought, the child’s digestive system may be able to do this, but you can’t. Sometimes you just blink your eyes and the child runs under the cabinet full of bad guys.

Jeddah continued to sing his song “It can make the pickled fish jump and the pigeon shed can bloom”. Perhaps this is not the case, but Jeddah emphasizes its authenticity. He even has enough ability to make society reiterate this fact in a subtle way. The hedgehogs all ran away. They listened to him singing and accidentally lost their precious primary colors and turned into the light pink of apple blossoms-this was almost a sterilization operation for the hedgehogs. Jeddah didn’t stop singing, he searched for his own exit by singing cute girls-this exit can be a concrete door or an indirect exit in the form of a mirage.

Jeddah saw a man coming from the north. When people look at distant objects, their eyeballs are in a relaxed state, so when the person comes closer to Jeddah, he feels the muscles next to the eyeballs tighten, as well as the base of his tongue. The visitor wore heavy winter clothes, and his whole body was as hard as a vehicle. The large palms could shade the watermelon. Jeddah found that his face was frostbitten, and the bright purple on it seemed to roar at him.

“God.” Jeddah took a deep breath, covering his face and shaking all over. The rattlesnake in the desert climbed on Jeddah’s back-maybe it was uneasy, who knows? He immediately made up his mind, stood up and threw Sobud’s body into the burning car. The smell of burnt tires overwhelmed the smell of burning corpses. The frost-colored car was “speaking truth after drinking” in the red flames that did not match it. Jeddah could not help but understand it, because there was once a shiny copy of COSMOPOLITAN lying on its back seat. Jeddah also started his own “speak truth after drinking”, because of tension, blood vessels were exposed on his nose. He feels too lonely. The doctor who gave him a physical examination is drying his bad body odor piece by piece on the rope in the bathroom.

His fault is not.

Batu Zhaorige approached, and he saw a man with a strange shape. The man’s skin was as gorgeous as a gem. Batu Zhaori Ge immediately remembered this dazzling light. But what impressed him was that it was not so much the similarity between the man’s skin and the gemstone as the difference between them-this strange man was not a piece of ore, but a living thing.

“Car accident?” Batu Zhaorige asked.

“The seeds of the cactus exploded.”

“Sorrow. My name is Batu Zhaorige.” He walked over and hugged Jeddah gently, and pressed his cheek that was hot from frostbite to Jeddah’s face. Jeddah wanted to please Batu Zhaori Ge and prevent Batu Zhaori Ge from cutting him into a beautiful little moon like a pear.

“My name is Jeddah.”

Jeddah felt Batu Zhaorige’s stomach snapped against him, and Batu Zhaorige shook his head, his chest contracted. He ended the hug abruptly, bent over and covered his mouth with a retching. Jeddah patted him on the shoulder, wanting to ask him what happened, but Batu Zhaorige suddenly straightened up and slapped Jeddah with his saliva-stained hand! Jeddah was beaten and turned around and was slapped to the ground. He clamped his hips to prevent him from falling down too ugly. Jeddah felt hot pain first, followed by sticky saliva on his face. The smell of alcohol, sun smoke and sour pineapple, he realized that Batu Zhaori Ge almost vomited stomach acid. Obviously, Batu Zhaorige’s rationality does not often stand up from the box and fumble down the steps. It just lay there complaining about the hard work. “Batu Zhaorige may share the same legal counsel with Moboxun.” Jeddah thought.

“Why are you hitting me?”

Batu Zhaorige pulled him up and lifted Jeddah’s arm logically. He looked at Jeddah’s skin carefully: “This is so beautiful.” Jeddah noticed that there were tears rolling in Batu Zhaorige’s eyes, and the tears wet his eyelashes. They looked like a pair of raised, black paint. Painted hands. Why did Batu Zhaorige cry? Jeddah didn’t think his skin had the charm to impress the thug.

“Where did it come from?” Batu Zhaorige wiped his nose with his sleeve.

“It comes from the Damacán mine.” Jeddah breathed a sigh of relief, because Batu Zhaorige did not notice Sobudd in the car.

“I have to peel it off.” Batu Zhaorige said, bending over and drew a knife from his boot.

Jeddah almost bit her tongue. He felt his chest gradually bulge, and fear gliding on his cheek like a water spider. Look at that majestic knife, it has a flawless nose. If you were stabbed by it, you would be crazy with pain. Jeddah felt his legs soft and almost knelt on the ground. When facing a knife, Jeddah would feel that a beauty was standing in front of him, because he was at a loss and dared not breathe. Batu Zhaori’s song is really a good example for the big bad guys; he has a lot of imagination and a strong body-with weapons in his hands.

“Why?” Jeddah asked.

“Don’t ask, I have always been ignorant of these social methods.”

Jeddah took a breath. He wanted to lose his temper at Batu Zhaorige, like a normal man, but as soon as the thought came out, Jeddah felt a biting chill hit his forehead. When he spoke again, his voice sounded like a baby: “Then what can you give me, Batu Zhaorige?”

“Jeddah, you just killed a person, didn’t you?”

“Here comes a real dog.” Jeddah lamented. Batu Zhaorige not only smelled his body odor, but also smelled the corpse from the pungent smell of burning tires. Perhaps as long as he wears a knee-length swimming trunks, Batu Zhaorige can use his nose to infer a few drops of sea water. “This is an accident, brother. I’m not a murderer. You know, I’m even a kind person. I’m helping her. It wasn’t the car that killed her, she was going to die.”

Batu Zhaorige shook his head slowly: “Stop talking-God bless.”

Jeddah’s brain turned quickly, and he rubbed his hands: “Brother, listen to me. The smell has penetrated, and it’s useless for you to wash it. What do you want a smelly skin for? It will It made you collapse. Rather than peeling me, peeling peaches would make the family happy.” Jeddah’s voice was filled with anxiety, and he didn’t realize how reckless his answer was. At this moment, he was like a thief with cold meat in his trouser pocket, and when he saw a hawthorn tree, he emphasized his weakness to it.

“Jeddah, where do you want to take Sobud?” Batu Zhaorige asked him with a knife.

Did he just mention a name?

The word “Sobud” slapped Jeddah hard-this is the second slap today. God-all this happened without warning! Batu Zhaorige is like a different person. He may be hurt. The reason why the dog licking the tile suddenly started screaming is because it was scratched by the tile fragments. “Sobud said she has an older brother.” Jeddah felt his bones fall apart, a cold war broke out in his stomach, and the sense of security crept away-this was not a joke. He stared nervously at Batu Zhaorige’s sturdy arm and his knife. A second he was still teasing Batu Zhaori’s “irrationality”, but a second later, he trembled because of this. If the dead “Sobud” is Batu Zhaori’s “Sobud”, then what will happen next is self-evident.

“I still have a bargaining chip.” Jeddah thought, and said cautiously: “Batu Zhaorige, there is indeed someone, but that is not Sobud.” Jeddah pressed his belly with his hand, feeling that the contents were about to run out. Up. I’m a dead bug, Jeddah thought. Batu Zhaorige came to him. He almost stepped into the cunning area of ​​Jeddah, and every step Batu Zhaorige took, this area was shaky. Jeddah pushed him, trying to avoid Batu Zhaorige’s violent communicative attitude like a black bear. He believes that as long as his will is firm, the function of this cunning zone is still possible to recover. But Batu Zhaorige is still heading in the direction he chooses, “Whether this person is donating money or grabbing money is definitely the same simply and neatly.” Jeddah sighed secretly. Batu Zhaorige held Jeddah by the neck and threw him away. Jeddah fell to the ground and rolled several times before almost rolling into the fire. The dazzling flame forced him to squint his eyes, his eyelashes curled up in the heat. This scene seemed familiar, and Jeddah felt a little thirsty. He may have been stabbed by a scorpion, and his thighs are very itchy and unbearable, but it is a wonderful pain that sows the seeds of opportunity for the possible death. Later Jeddah learned that it was not the seed of death. The reason why he felt itching was because he sweated too much.

“Jeddah, your eyes keep telling me-I killed Sobud. Sobud is engraved in your right eye, and conspiracy is engraved in your left eye.”

“You’re crazy, Batu Zhaorige, you’re crazy! That’s not Sobud! Your brain is frozen out. If you don’t believe me, go and see in the car, who is burning inside?” Jeddah beats Roaring in the sand. Batu Zhaorige covered his face and shook his head, he was lost in confusion. He scratched the handle of the knife with his nails frequently, as if scraping fish scales.

The opportunity is here!

Jeddah took advantage of the time when Batu Zhaorige was scraping the scales of the fish, and immediately got up and ran northward like crazy. His movements are surprisingly fast. “I have to escape this lunatic!” Jeddah’s survival instinct inspired him. If Wuga really dances in the far north, then the north must be overcrowded. He can get in the crowd, and he bet that Batu Zhaorige will not strip him under the noses of so many people. He ran hard on the sand, and the wind whizzed past his ears. Jeddah didn’t dare to look back, he didn’t know if Batu Zhaorige had followed. Jeddah hoped that the heart of Batu Zhaorige was shattered with grief. He ran so fast that he trampled several hedgehogs to death. He had lost his agility while driving and could no longer find the hedgehog under his feet.

Jeddah has been running, out of breath, sweat stings his eyes. Jeddah closed his eyes and felt a cold wind blow against his face. He opened his eyes and realized that he had actually ran to the far north without a problem. Jeddah was dumbfounded, and he stopped running for his life. Jeddah saw the ice sheet behind the desert and the winter parked in the ice sheet. She would not expand, but was still, allowing flying insects and people to enter her clear body. It was white and the temperature was astonishingly low. There is no one here, only a large ice crusher and a truck. Fear and cold almost killed him suddenly. This is where Batu Zhaorige works-there is no Wuga at all. The gods cannot dance here either.


Jeddah turned his head and saw Batu Zhaorige standing not far away, “He has been behind me.” Jeddah thought. He suddenly felt no fear, and a new sense of emptiness prompted him to calm down and answer Batu Zhaorige’s question. He panted because of vigorous exercise:

“Huh… Batu Zhaori Ge, I didn’t kill Sobud, but I have to give you an answer. She wants to watch Wuga dance.”


“The duck told her-Wuga is at the far north. Watching her dance can forget all the troubles. We met on the road and I decided to drive her off-I was just a temporary driver.” Jeddah felt like a hero. Torture.

“It turned out to be so. But the duck deceived her, and Wuga was not in the far north.”

“Then where is she?”

Batu Zhaorige came over and gave him a punch. Jeddah fell to the ground, his muscles twitching under the hot ice under his palm. He dared not move. Because Jeddah was motionless, an ice spider ran over and formed a web in his poplar. Jeddah can’t spread his wings in the blow, he is likely to be like a hedgehog, which can make people look away for a moment. When he was attacked by the enemy, he would only shrink into a ball, and then watch the migration of the world. Batu Zhaori Ge patiently answered him:

“Jeddah, Uga is everywhere. When I was a child, my Eji and my father locked the door of the room. I knocked on the door and asked what they were doing, and they answered me—we are going to watch Uga dance. ”

“But don’t the white bears live in the far north?”

“No, their sheets are white. I said the phrase,’You can forget all your worries by watching Wuga dancing. The reason I say that is because after my father and Eji finished watching Wuga dancing, Eji gave birth. My sister.” Batu Zhaorige said dumbly.

Jeddah smacked his lips lightly. This old-fashioned story is like an unhealthy condiment, cheap and stimulating, his mouth began to secrete saliva, and his internal organs are amazed. Sobud is the younger sister of Batu Zhaorige, and his only Qindamuni brings him the happiness of loneliness. Jeddah has no sympathy for Batu Zhaorige. He can guarantee that in the future, Batu Zhaori Song will replace another nonsense with another nonsense. Because the Batu Zhaori song in front of him stared at him closely, as if to crush and expose everything.

“Jeddah, she is only eight years old.”

Look-it really is a piece of nonsense!

“It’s not with me, Batu Zhaorige. I said, she was going to die.” Jeddah said, patting her instep.

“I want to peel off your skin.”

“Why are you so obsessed with taking my skin off? If you think it’s my fault, if you think I’m the culprit responsible for all this, then just kill me, brother!” Jeddah yelled desperately. . He stopped shouting suddenly and pressed his fat belly in pain. A faint sorrow enveloped Jeddah’s stomach as his stomach surged. He retched and fell to the ground. Jeddah’s diaphragm contracted violently, his whole body convulsed, his mouth opened wide and he began to vomit, vomiting like a shotgun, and his lips were numb. It sounds funny, everyone is vomiting today. Jeddah felt that his vomiting at the moment was not a disease, but a trick of a magician, because he actually vomited a duck! The duck was deformed by its throat and looked like a thin slice of raisins. It shrank on the ground and twitched. It had a pair of big concentrated eyes, and its nostrils were like a gap. From it you could see the cold sky—unlucky nitrogen. They would be sold as wigs by the sun after the earth exploded. Jeddah recalled the rectangular landscape between the broken fingers of Batu Zhaorige. Strange, has he seen Batu Zhaori Ge before?

“You are a duck.” Batu Zhaorige watched for a long time before suddenly speaking.

“Duck!” Jeddah was amused by the fact. Jeddah hypnotized the world with singing. He thought he was awake, but in fact he was also confused. Jeddah had forgotten that there was a group of ducks living in his stomach. He thought he was an upright and kind person. The long-dead father yelled like a beast in his ear, “Put on your sweatshirt!” The shouting slapped him like a whip. Oh, damn Dad Ma, always ligates blood vessels with cauterization, smokes endlessly, drives like crazy-or the little girl pleases him. He had to go home and find a docile milking machine to suck out the remaining duck in his stomach. Then… forget it, let him go! Jeddah wiped his saliva and stared at Batu Zhaorige without distraction. Now he is not afraid of Batu Zhaorige’s skinning knife. He is not afraid to come to 10,000 Batu Zhaori songs-what can you do with a duck? Jeddah tried some duck poses, which looked pretty but a little layman. Jeddah has been sending the duck in his belly carefully from below for many years, and he has never made a problem. This is due to his dama kampala and his strange songs. As a master of disguise, you must not only know a little bit of geology, but also keep in mind the principle that the grace of the barbarians is useless. It was he who lured Sobud over, with a naive joke. But there was an accident on the way-she died. Sobud, the youngest star, looked at nature with a smile, and his little head was full of curiosity and dreams.

After hearing the sneer of Batu Zhaorige, he put away his duck shape and made a gesture of “iron proof as a mountain” at Batu Zhaorige-just like when he first met, Batu Zhaorige rushed He held up a gesture of rejection. Unfortunately, these two gestures are destined to be useless. This poor man, the poor man who kept his sister’s fallen teeth in his knees-his sister was burned to ashes with the “COSMOPOLITAN”. Batu Zhaorige’s nails may be tearing. The more Jeddah thought about it, the more ridiculous he became. He tried all his life to make all kinds of stupid moves to make Batu Zhaorige laugh. There are a lot of small talk topics between them. They can wailing lively, preferably louder, so that others will mistake them for the hoof sound of a donkey.

Batu Zhaorige kicked away the hard body of the duck. He looked very calm and didn’t mean to beat Jeddah-maybe Sobud was just crumpled with feathers, not dead. “A strong but poor man is a tool, do you understand? Batu Zhaorige, what can you do by yourself? No one can do here except me…” Jeddah struggled to stand up and approached him. I found myself only in the chest of Batu Zhaorige. He couldn’t help but imagine that if Batu Zhaorige became a member of his duck team, then he could dance with fifty-four pearls at the same time.

“If you think you are an individual, then you are out of taste.” Batu Zhaorige said.

“I’m sorry.”

Batu Zhaorige pulled him by the collar and dragged him to continue walking north: “Apologizing is to show your belly, Jeddah, dogs know this.”

“No, Batu Zhaorige-I am not apologizing. I just feel sorry that I can’t watch Wuga dance with her.” Jeddah emphasized certain words loudly, showing great enthusiasm. What Batu Zhaorige left on his face, with the saliva carrying stomach acid, dried tightly on his skin. He coldly said to Batu Zhaorige: “You idiots, you can’t stay with you forever. Beside the children. The geniuses of this place hold your children in 10,000 ways.” Batu Zhaorige was silent all the way. He does not intend to use his knife anymore. He dragged Jeddah to the ice crusher, and dug a cone of ice from the ice crusher.

“Batu Zhaori Song, ducks are everywhere. I have seen big scenes, and it was really a sudden realization. But your…no, ah!” Jeddah was disturbed by the terrible pain, and jumped like a fish. . Batu Zhaorige held the ice cone and pierced his stomach. Jeddah choked, knees bent backwards with pain. Bingjian dictated pain carefully to Jeddah’s nerves. All Jeddah could feel was the skill of words, which tricked him into turning around with a trick to kill the summer. Jeddah’s magazine was full, and the duck sprayed out of his mouth, which had already faded out of sight. Batu Zhaorige tossed the ice cone aside, and tore open the gap in Jeddah’s belly with both hands. It turned out to be a “stab!” It sounded like a fine silk cloth. Jeddah let out a scream, feeling his spine shattered by the pain. But Jeddah was wrong because he was just a piece of skin, without muscles, bones, or even subcutaneous fat. Only some fake entrails and ducks under his skin. Is it an illusion? The brown ducks huddled together, graceful, fluffy and soft, they wiggled their feet and wings leisurely, and their orange eyes seemed to be broken. The torn skin wave gleamed, curved like ivy, reacted chemically with oxygen, and turned pale red, looking like a scab on the back of the hand. Where is the bottom line of mankind to be placed by Jida? His foul and humid smell entangled Batu Zhaori Ge like a magnet wire.

Behind the illusion is a more cruel reality. Batu Zhaorige saw a clear fire man emerge among the ducks. With its appearance, Jeddah’s smile became ambiguous. The fire man stretched out his arms from the ducks and supported them on the ice on the ground. It was wrapped in red catastrophe and terrible fatigue. Wherever it touched, the ice was melting rapidly. Amidst the sound of gurgling water and the crackling of flames, thick smoke gushed out from its narrow nostrils, and sparks swirled around it like dandelion seeds. When was it covered in Damakam skin?

“Are you Sobud, or a duck?”

The sad things that happen in this world are absurd, but they are natural. They appear in a bend, grab you abruptly, and leave a black crack in you. Batu Zhaorige felt a burst of pain, and the pain was tight around his throat, leading him up and down. Batu Zhaorige seemed to be marching on the dark plain with his eyes wide open, the smell of decay came on his face, and his vigilant faces were raised one after another. A derailed train fell on his feet, and a whole body of ferns poured out from the carriage. They broke through the darkness, but brought nothingness. Everything becomes blind and disabled as a result. The plain rippled in the impact of the plants, forming a black ditch, in the ditch Batu Zhaorige found Sobudd, who was still a baby. He bent down to pick her up, but saw the black sand set off a huge wave and swallowed her. He was awakened, calling out Sobud’s name, and this emptied plain collapsed instantly, breaking into countless pearls, beating in his heart.

She had already ended, who awakened her? Batu Zhaorige’s faucet was turned on, and he approached his suffering sister with tears, took a breath and put her out.

With Sobud’s extinguishing, this cold northern land ushered in her complete night-she indulged in blowing the black Arctic whistle-with the crisp “Call!” sound, Jeddah’s belly The ducks spewed out, and they quacked towards the sky. This staggeringly huge flock of ducks, with millions in number-their feathers flooded Jeddah’s shoelaces and glaciers like muddy river water. The duck struggled in the dark, its wings rattled. They are like dancing moths. It is now minus seventy degrees, they are gradually frozen, and when they collide with each other, they make a crisp sound of the moon and pebbles. The duck carcasses on the ground spread across the ice sheet like a plague. Frozen ducks smashed into the sea like a rock, filling the sea so that the right whales were pushed onto the ice. How amazing, these overworked ducks seem to be the atoms of Jeddah. If life is made up of a bunch of inanimate atoms, the existence of Jeddah will inevitably become the so-called “banana ball”—the sound of a heartbeat from his atoms, which agitates desire, gives His rough interior was coated with fire-resistant paint. Jeddah rolled his eyes, fell into the ditch, and was awakened by Batu Zhaorige’s punch. The bottle bottomed out, Jeddah thought arrogantly.

Batu Zhaorige pressed Jeddah’s shoulder and shook him vigorously, and the sound of ping-pong-pong-pong-pong-pong was heard. These duck eggs hidden in the deepest place swayed coldly and deliberately from side to side following Batu Zhaori’s violent movements. Duck eggs are continuations, endless malice. They are full of frozen promises, promising to introduce pure mathematics into the wrong answers that they have conquered. Jeddah was lying on the ice with his heart open, repeating the ducks’ songs with his mouth open. This was his nature and talent. His second-hand singing can crush the iceberg and arouse the wild desires of everyone. His hand slid gently, his scalp bounced, and he used all his energy to “dance”. The off-track duck monopolizes him, leaving marks on his silky skin. His smooth skin became concave and convex, and the northern wind blew through the concave, wailing the oak tree in the rain. Before long, even the duck eggs in Jeddah’s belly will freeze to stone. Tickets, passports, and noisy planes, Jeddah felt like she was thrown from a high altitude and fell into a strained net. He was injured and the pain was unbearable, and people under the net screamed and fled. The doctors did not leave, but all covered their faces and shook their heads, unwilling to perform operations with such a low success rate.

The cold wind blew away the inventory in Jeddah’s belly and his slick internal organs. Through the hole in Jeddah, a circular landscape can be seen. It was a small imperfect arc of ice, which looked like Mona Lisa’s overlapping hands. The circular landscape escaped from his stomach and walked north. It was covered in blood clotting, without turning back, Jeddah’s organs could not bear its thoughts-it finally disappeared at the end of darkness. “Does the scenery only exist in the vacant position? Does it mean that a new scenery will be born only when one thing disappears?” Jeddah sighed in the watery pain. He waved the baton hesitantly, looking at the scenery in the cave where he ran away from home. At this moment, he has no reserves, only a flimsy Damakam leather. Jeddah has no defensive ability, he is furious, his artistic cell bursts-his roar can no longer be harmonious.

When the wind stirred again, Jeddah took off!

“Let the girls sing a song together!” Jeddah twisted like a stubborn plastic bag in the roaring air. This torture is more than enthusiastic. Jeddah felt the world go round and round, chaos, noise, and wolves and tiger faces followed one after another. A large group of grasshoppers jumped into his head. He felt like he was left on the ceiling full of ladybugs, and was stuffed into a ridiculous yurt the size of a pepper. The wind and snow are like playful tiger cubs, taking a bite of his body in the laughter. Poverty multiplies on his skin-he thickens, and the staggering vivid thickness castrates him. The cruelty of natural things shocked him, and this great pain will continue until he is weathered.

No girl sang for him, only Wuga offered him endless applause and curse.

① Sobud: Mongolian, meaning pearl.