ADHD or due to early school

  ADHD, as the name suggests, refers to being active and excessively active. It is a common type of mental disorder in childhood. It is often manifested as difficulty in concentrating or short duration, inability to sit quietly or difficulty in quiet activities, like a day Busy till night.
  As the number of children diagnosed with ADHD continues to rise, parents, teachers, doctors and researchers are all trying to find the cause. Researchers from Harvard Medical School in the United States gave a surprising explanation: children who went to school a year earlier are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than other children.
  Most places have hard and fast rules on the school age. Children born in September tend to be nearly one year older than those born in August in the same grade. Researchers compared the ages of more than 400,000 children with their performance in school and found that out of every 10,000 children born in August, about 85 were diagnosed with ADHD, while only 63 of children born in September were diagnosed with ADHD. People are diagnosed with ADHD, and in a class, children with ADHD are often the youngest in the class.
  The researchers pointed out that, although children born in August, although children born in September enter school a year earlier, they are younger and may have more difficulty sitting and paying attention in class for long periods of time. This kind of restlessness may cause the child to be diagnosed with ADHD. But at the same time, the researchers also pointed out that the causes of ADHD are complex. In addition to early enrollment, genetics and family environment will also have a great impact on ADHD. When diagnosing ADHD, various factors should be combined, and Let a professional doctor judge.