How should children with eczema rub medicine

  Eczema is a chronic, inflammatory, itching of the skin, which is very common illness, my general population prevalence rate of about 3% to 5% of children up to 10% to 20%. When the itching of the affected area is unbearable, it can be relieved by patting the affected area or applying anti-itch medicine. Do not scratch the affected area vigorously. If the scratched rash becomes suppurative, there is a slight infection, but this situation generally does not cause serious systemic infections, and parents should not worry too much. The scratched area should be applied wet first, and after the liquid of the wet compress has dried, you can rub some antibiotics for external use. But after applying antibiotics, it takes 2 hours to apply hormone ointment. If the scratched rash has scabs, apply some ointment to soften the scabs. After removing the scabs, apply wet compresses and rub medicine.
  Hydrocortisone butyrate ointment itself contains hormones. If the child’s eczema has exudate, it cannot be rubbed directly. You should wet the compress for a few minutes first, so that the eczema no longer exudates and the skin becomes dry before applying the ointment. Generally, after applying hormone ointment, the eczema will get better in half a day. However, topical drugs can only temporarily improve symptoms and cannot cure them. It is also necessary to find out the root cause of eczema and carry out targeted treatment to completely cure eczema. Patients should pay attention to avoid various suspicious pathogenic factors in their daily life. During the onset, avoid eating spicy and irritating food, and avoid hot water washing and excessive cleaning. Try to wear soft and loose cotton or other natural fibers. Clothing.