Chasing the spring light and flying a kite

  Spring in April is suitable for outings, flower viewing, and kite flying. When the spring is beautiful, with the help of outdoor kite flying, basking in the sun, and breathing fresh air, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also stretch your muscles and bones, and promote blood circulation throughout the body, which is of great benefit to physical and mental health.
  Kite flying, physical and mental benefits
  improve vision at close range, long time with the eye caused by eye ciliary muscle tension, is the main cause of myopia. When flying a kite, the eyes are gazing into the blue sky. In the sky, the kite is swaying and rolling, high and low, from left to right, and the eyes are constantly shifting with the target. Looking at the kite from a distance, the various flying movements of the kite can adjust the eye muscles and nerves and eliminate eye muscle fatigue. , It has a good effect on improving vision and preventing myopia.
  Relaxing the neck muscles When flying a kite, looking at the sky and tilting your head back can relax the tense neck muscles, help maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, and improve local blood circulation.
  Enhancing the physical fitness allows the body to move continuously with the flying kite, which can stretch the muscles and bones, move the limbs; at the same time, it can also vomit the old and absorb the new, promote the body’s metabolism, and have the effect of healing and fitness.
  Regulate emotions and improve mentality. Flying a kite can make people feel comfortable and happy. When flying a kite, the human brain is in a relaxed state, eliminating some internal distracting thoughts; at the same time, seeing the flying kite and the broad blue sky, the mood will suddenly become bright, so that the usually highly stressed cerebral cortex can relax and rest.
  Kite flying precautions
  choose a flat open space to fly a kite often required down the line, the situation is prone to stumble or fall. Therefore, you must carefully observe the ground conditions before flying the kite, and try to choose an open and flat site with no obstacles and a small flow of people.
  Be careful not to wind the kite or kite string around tall trees when flying kites with high-voltage power lines and trees. When flying some kites made of enameled wire and tin foil, pay more attention to stay away from overhead lines, transformers and other high-voltage power equipment to avoid electric shock. Note that you must not fly kites near the airport or near telephone poles.
  To prevent being cut by the kite string, the common kite string is slender but strong. When the kite takes off, the kite string is quickly drawn out. After the kite is lifted off, the silk string is in a taut state and has great strength. Therefore, you can wear gloves to protect yourself when flying a kite and avoid winding the kite string directly on your hands. It is best to use a kite string turntable. After the kite is launched, you must clearly know where your kite line is, and always pay attention to the surrounding environment to prevent you from cutting yourself and pedestrians.
  Don’t panic if two kite strings are entangled together, don’t panic. You can slowly approach the person flying the other kite and adjust the positions to loosen the strings. If the kite string is broken for some reason, you must recycle all the broken strings and don’t throw them away. Because the disconnection may become a sharp weapon to hurt people, after recycling, it can avoid causing injury to pedestrians or cyclists.