Epidemic slows down in Europe, women suffer more injuries

Agence France-Presse reported on the 28th that the new crown epidemic in Europe is gradually unblocking, but cases of violence against women are increasing sharply.

In Spain, since the end of the pandemic emergency in May this year, a woman has been killed every 3 days, compared to the previous one every 7 days. In Belgium, 13 women have died in violent cases since April, and only 24 women were killed in the whole year of last year. In France, 56 women have been killed this year, compared with 46 women killed last year. This spring, five women in Sweden were killed one after another within two weeks.

The head of the Spanish Government’s Anti-Gender Violence Working Group, Russell, analyzed that during the lockdown, the perpetrators have increased their control over women. With the lifting of the epidemic lockdown, women have become more free, and the perpetrators are dissatisfied with the reduction in their control. It is easier to commit extreme violence against women. Roselle further stated: “In recent months, we have seen cases of female victims continue to rise, and we have also seen how the unblocking of the epidemic has exposed another epidemic, that is, male violence.”