Good grandma

  Ke Yi was a patient I met when I just graduated from university and was a resident in the ward. She lives in the ward under my management, with advanced lung cancer, multiple bone metastases, severe anemia, and the rapid development of the disease makes her survival time numerable. In our TCM oncology ward, most of the patients are seriously ill. Ke Yi immediately reminded me because of her always smiling face and meticulous and decent dress. She is a university professor and is 75 years old.
  ”Lao Ke, I am your doctor in charge, my surname is Lin.” I called her “Lao Ke” as soon as I walked in. “Ni, call me grandma, I’m enough to be your grandmother.” She was gentle but very decisive, and her slightly commanding tone made me change all my future titles.
  Although grandma is weak, she is always optimistic. She carefully organizes her dress every day and puts on light makeup carefully. Her own floral shirt in the hospital gown adds a bit of vitality to the blue and white hospital gown. “Ni, are you wondering why I’m dying and still putting on makeup?” One day, I came in while she was putting on makeup, and I saw my puzzled face and explained to me, “A person should treat him in good condition every day of his life. Life, especially a woman, must be dignified and beautiful. God has given us more time to survive, and we must be kind to ourselves.” In those days, it was really rare for women to put on makeup, but after seeing her with makeup, I really feel that she is over seven years old. In the past ten days, her charm still exists, elegant and noble.
  She is full of love, and she cares and loves every patient around her. Once I saw my grandmother struggling to get a small pot of buns from the food delivery cart in the nutrition cafeteria, I asked: “Grandma, how do you buy so many buns?” I know her condition is very serious, and she has never Can’t eat anything. She smiled and told me: “Old Wu hasn’t been willing to buy buns for a month, so I’ll take them to give him a tooth sacrifice.” Lao Wu is the husband of a rural female patient in her room. He often joked with everyone that he just had buns. With everything. He spent all his money for his wife. Now the money for selling the house has been spent. We can often see him hiding in the corridor and drinking porridge during lunch. Seeing the grin of the grandmother who carried the buns, I knew she was imagining the happiness of Lao Wu eating buns. It was also after her death that we learned that she had sent money to Lao Wu’s children more than once.
  One day, my grandmother secretly called me aside and said mysteriously: “Can you do me a favor?” “Of course!” I answered without hesitation. She took out a photo from under the pillow, on it was an intellectual woman in her 50s or 60s, kind and kind, with wisdom and generosity in her eyebrows. “Is it pretty?” she asked me like a child. “Yes, noble and good-natured. Who is it?” “For your grandfather’s wife.”
  ”That…you…” Seeing that I was a little confused, she gently took my hand and said calmly “Grandma knows my condition. My time is not long. Grandpa treats me well all his life. I love him very much. If I leave first, he will be very sad and he will not take care of himself. This is a friend of ours. Alone, we called her Annie. We met when she was in school abroad. She is single and we are very close. If they can be together, I can leave with confidence. Please send my letter and this photo after I leave. Will you give it to Grandpa?” Tears flowed down the corner of her eyes, and I couldn’t help but be moved by such a deep love. That year, I was just in my early thirties and got married, but I still couldn’t appreciate the selfless love of a woman who detached myself from myself.
  One morning not long after, when I just came to the ward, the nurse on duty told me that grandma had left at 7 in the morning. I rushed into the ward, and my elderly grandfather was using his face against his grandmother’s cheek to say goodbye. The grandmother told the doctor early and wrote a will not to rescue her. She said that she hoped to keep her original color when she left. She did not want to burden anyone. Death is natural and the only way for everyone. She wanted to live Feel satisfied and happy in this world. I did not disturb them in their final farewell. I quietly left the ward, tears bursting into my eyes, and my mind was always circling every picture and every sentence related to her…
  In fact, the doctor not only treats the disease, but also spends day and night with all kinds of patients. , Was healed by patients and family members. Back then, my grandmother touched me with her beauty, her wisdom, her tolerance, and her love. She taught me and told me that a woman should love herself and give her love… She is also my healer.