Rare is not expensive

  An interesting law: the first white hair and the last black hair will be plucked without hesitation. Black hair on one shoulder, mixed with a piece of white silk, teaches people how to bear it; the temples are like snow, and a piece of black hair is mixed in it. It is so dazzling and dazzling. Because a few, because of outlier, naturally, they are brutally eradicated. If black and white are mixed, everything will be fine again.
  Less, so I never forget.
  If every day is thrilling, a calm and stable afternoon, it will be memorable, and it will last forever; on the contrary, every day is so common that there is no need to mention it, and a moment of surprise and joy will last forever and always care about it. Things are rare and expensive, even memories.
  Therefore, the long summer is cold, and the deep winter is warm, and there will always be surprises. When the crowd is noisy, the quiet person is a lonely sprig, free and easy to look at; when the crowd fights, the indifferent person owns half an acre of square pond, and alone receives a piece of sky and cloud shadow, which makes people rejuvenate. In awe.
  What is rare becomes a kind of “itch” that is beyond expectation. If things go on like this, it will give people the illusion: the more rare, the more precious, and the common and easy to get, there is no need to worry about it.
  The delicacies of mountains and seas are rare and high in price. Just talk about nutrition, and often some ordinary and cheap ingredients can be replaced. As far as health is concerned, a common meal may not necessarily be lost to a table of gluttonous feasts. Rough tea and light rice should not be compared to delicacies. It is worth wasting. One vegetable and one dish can strengthen one’s body. One porridge and one meal are also difficult in material resources. Ordinary food is also of great benefit.
  Family affection and friendship are mostly hard to be as emotional as love, probably because they are used to it. Exhort and exhort, family members are tireless, no matter when, they always have a pair of arms waiting for you. Old friends seldom swear to each other, let alone write a blank check: see each other day and night. Talking about wine and tea will only happen occasionally. In contrast, love is even more heart-pounding. But it is also a fact: family affection and friendship are always stronger, even if they are as plain as water, they are like long flowing water.
  What is precious is not scarce or rare, but not ignoring the common and easy to get. People with ordinary intentions feel extremely precious at all times and everything.