Make life a fairy tale

I was poisoned by the old saying “A gentleman is far away from the kitchen” and refused to let my two sons step into the kitchen. As a result, when they were sent overseas at the age of sixteen, they suffered a lot. In the middle of the night, they remembered the delicious food their mother made, and their tears and saliva surged together.

Superb cooking skills can make people have a rich life, and people who love food are often happy people. So, after my daughter was born, I learned the lessons from the previous two sessions, and “contrived” to teach her cooking skills.

God did not live up to my painstaking efforts. But before Jun was enthroned in England at the age of eighteen, as soon as he entered the kitchen, his ten fingers were like fish in the water. The fish dances infinitely graceful in the water, and she spells out countless gorgeous “patterns” with food.

Soon after arriving in London, she and two friends shared a house in the suburbs. Every Sunday morning, the farmer would go to the nearby vacant lot to sell fresh meat and organic vegetables. The prices were several times higher than those in the supermarket, but the daughter felt it was worth it.

She wrote in an e-mail: “Vegetables are as if they have just been pulled out of the mud, and when you hold them in your hands, the greens of the vegetables seem to fill your palms. Mom, you often say that meat if Fresh, call it, and it will answer. Now, I bought a kilogram of pork belly, I called it, and it really responded…”

Reading this, I laughed out loud. In order to add interest to life, when children were young, I often entertained them with “nonsense”; now, when children are older, they actually know how to “return the favor” in the same way!

But the day after you went home for vacation, you couldn’t wait to go to the supermarket, buy everything, and show your skills. The two dishes she designed were Western-style meatballs and garlic broccoli; for dessert, baked shortbread. Mother-daughter role reversal: she cooks with devotion and intoxication; as for me, I sit on the sidelines calmly.

She cooks without a measuring spoon. Both dishes are delicious, the biggest feature is that the taste is varied, not the straight, straight, bland, but twists and turns. I noticed that she made good use of lemon zest and lemon juice – lemon grabs the flavor and has a head-starting dominance. Adding it to the pork balls mixed with shredded cheese, it is just right to drive away the stagnant taste and subtly form a rich sense of hierarchy. As for putting lemon zest and lemon juice on the roasted broccoli, it seems like a well-organized “miniature novel”, with a surprise “intentional”.

The taste is really good, but I think the process is too complicated. However, she responded in a leisurely manner: “Mom, it is only with a lot of work that a quality product can be produced!”

After the meal, she said, “Wait for my dessert to be served!”

She stirred the many ingredients piled on the table together, as if she didn’t have much effort, she turned into a few pans of crispy, fragrant, thin and crunchy biscuits. I ate it piece by piece, twelve pieces in a row, my eyes bulging like goldfish.

Kejun said proudly: “Every time the guests come, I bake this biscuit, and everyone is full of praise! I gave it a nice name, called ‘Wind Entrance’, because it is like a fragrance The fragrant wind gently floats into the mouth of the guest!” When she said this, her eyes were filled with honey-like sweetness.

My daughter, who knows cooking skills and loves cooking, lives happily like a fairy tale in a strange foreign land.