Rain in the south

  The south loves rain.
  Walking on the road, I encountered thin raindrops falling from the sky, and I lost my mind for a while. The drizzle drenched my hair, but it gave me enough reason to barely walk in the rain. For the time being, I restrained myself, and I didn’t take out the umbrella that I kept in my bag at any time. I guessed that they were the same people who could stand the drizzle as I did, so they probably wouldn’t need an umbrella in this rain.
  ”It’s raining so little, so let’s not use umbrellas. There are not many people on the road with umbrellas.” I said to my friends. My friend agreed with my decision, so the two of them continued to walk forward with their umbrellas in their hands. When we got to the place, we saw that we were all wet. My friend said, “Next time, let’s take an umbrella.” I looked at her and thought of myself, and I couldn’t help but feel amused, but the two people with umbrellas were soaked in the rain.
  ”However, I don’t need umbrellas many times in the north. I heard that the north doesn’t like rain either. It just so happens that you don’t like rain.” My friend handed me a tissue and asked me to wipe my forehead and hair.
  Yes, I don’t like rainy days.
  The rain in the south is always so continuous, and when it gets up, no one can see a trace of sunshine for several days. The gray sky pressed a large cloud over my head, and I seemed to be squeezed at this moment, so dull I couldn’t breathe. Maybe my mood is bewitched by the color, and I prefer the happiness of a bright color. As for the darkness like today, I don’t like it at all. In my opinion, it is not suitable to go out on a rainy day. If the rain drips straight down, only an umbrella will block it, but it is often inevitable that the rainwater bouncing from the ground will wet the shoes and socks. It’s just that most of the drizzle in the south is caught in the wind. When the wind blows, the rain floats diagonally, and the umbrella is lowered so that only the sight of the road is retained, but it can’t be guarded against the sneak attack of the rain. After a while, the rain will disappear. Not face to face but from behind. This is also one of the reasons why I don’t use an umbrella when it’s raining. I can’t protect myself from left and right, so I choose to face it calmly. It’s just a bit of a surprise today.
  My friend knew that I was leaving. Today, I specially invited me to meet, but I didn’t want to encounter a rainy day. We chose a seat by the window and ordered two cups of hot milk tea. During the conversation, we recalled the interesting things about reading together.
  ”Remember, there was a heavy rain, and we both took off our shoes.” I said.
  ”Why don’t you remember, it was the rare time we wore high heels, right?” The friend extracted the memory accurately, “By the way, we are still wearing skirts.”
  ”You said that we were also unlucky to encounter such a heavy rain. I am afraid that the rain is not falling, but splashing.” The friend joked.
  Yes, this is another kind of rain in the south. Originally, the sky was clear, but in an instant, his face changed. At first, the raindrops the size of beans fell hurriedly, then the rain became heavier, and finally poured down. This kind of rain falls fast and heavy, and when it falls to the ground, it often bounces up quickly, and the trousers and shoes under the calf are naturally unavoidable. After a while, the rainwater on the ground has gathered together to form a current, like a rushing river.
  This kind of rain is generally exclusive to summer, and the hot and dry atmosphere can only be suppressed by such a majestic rain. But such a rain came and went quickly. In less than an hour, the rain stopped, the sun came out again, and if you were lucky, you might see a rainbow. There are still drops of water hanging on the green leaves, but it makes people feel that there has not been a violent rain just now. The heavy rain washed away the heat and everything, and it was a clear sky again. If it rains like this, I think I still like it, just be refreshing. However, if the rain is as refreshing as summer rain, how can there be so many ancient people’s feelings of sadness and sadness. The autumn rain in front of me does not know when it will fall.
  ”By the way, I heard people say that the sun in the north is hotter than ours. Remember to pack more sunscreen. Don’t be so dark that I can’t recognize you next time.” Forgive people.
  ”I’ll paint thicker and put the umbrella on, so you can rest assured.” I patted the umbrella in my bag.
  Suddenly I think of the north that I am going to go to alone, the north is less rainy, maybe as my friend said, I will like it. I am a person who likes sunny days more than rainy days, but it is not because of the lack of rain that I go to the north.
  My friends and I are about to start a new life in a different place. After seeing each other this time, we don’t know when the next time will be. Probably, as we grow older, we are more likely to be entangled by other affairs, and it is probably difficult to have a pleasant meeting. Just like today, we managed to find the right time for each of them, but it rained again. Rain is not suitable for traveling. I have always felt that the good mood of the rare meeting was also discounted by this heavy rainy day. However, rainy days are suitable for separation. Seeing that the back of the umbrella is quickly blurred in the rain, and then you can turn around and walk your own way, this is probably the gift of rain to the separation, and it should be a melancholy scene.
  What is the rain like in the north? Use an umbrella? I’m a little curious.
  I said to my friend, “I’m tired of the light rain in the south.”
  My friend said, “Maybe, if you go to the north, you will miss the rain in the south.”
  I think, I still don’t like the rain in the south. What I can be sure of is that I will look forward to a heavy rain in the summer.