Fly to class

  This year, I was sent by Peking University to teach in the Chinese Department of Ewha Womans University in Seoul. One of the graduate courses was “Studies of Modern Chinese Novels”. Having a student in the class made me feel a little different from the beginning. She is petite and exquisite, with delicate and agile features, and a thin and graceful figure. She often laughs with other students, showing a mature elegance, a natural delicacy and an upbringing that has become a habit in her liveliness. So, even though her skin is younger than others, I concluded that she must be older than the other students.
  My guess is correct. One day, she told me that her home was not in Seoul, but in Gwangju, where she flew to class every week. It turned out that she had graduated from Ewha Womans University with an undergraduate degree for many years. With the Chinese she learned, she has done a lot of work in the society. Now, together with her sister, she has opened a Chinese academy in Gwangju. She is the dean and the teacher herself, managing and teaching. In the heavy work, she increasingly felt the need to enrich her knowledge and improve her level. So, she stepped into the gate of her alma mater again to “charge” her future.
  In China, many successful careers are now returning to school. But most of them are “gold-plated”, some are for promotion; some are idle; some are arranged by leaders and paid by units. As for the people like this who came to the campus completely out of their own consciousness and purely for the sake of knowledge, “suffering the hardships again and again, and being punished again”, I can’t say that there are none, but they are really few and far between, not to mention she is a What about “falling out of the sky” once a week out of your own pocket?
   “Why don’t you come by train or drive?” I asked her.
  ”It takes more than 4 hours by car, and only 1 hour by plane.” She replied earnestly, “I concentrated all the courses in these two days, I concentrated on studying for half a week, and went back to work for half a week.”
   “Then Aren’t you too tired? When will you take a break?”
  ”I will go to Canada for two weeks, and I will focus on rest.” Focus on study, work, and rest. This may be the secret of her mature and elegant appearance.
  Some countries in the world go to eat by plane, some go to gamble by plane, and some go to travel by plane, but for education, some people don’t even want to take money by plane, not even by car.
  Going to class by plane is not a kind of style, not a kind of show, but a kind of spirit. With this kind of spirit, you can also do a good job in education while walking.