Frequent clearing of the throat can damage the vocal cords and cause pharyngitis

  The 56-year-old teacher Sun is still active on the Sanchi podium as a rehiring expert due to his excellent teaching ability, although he has reached the retirement age. Perhaps because of professional reasons, frequent use of her throat makes her feel uncomfortable throughout the year; sometimes her throat is itchy and dry, so she clears her throat twice and continues to class. In the past two years, this kind of throat discomfort has become more and more serious, and sometimes even hoarse can not say a word. Recently, she was accompanied by her family to the hospital for treatment.
  After a detailed examination, I found that Mr. Sun not only had congestion and swelling of the vocal cords, but also had chronic pharyngitis. This situation should be caused by her long-term bad habit of clearing her throat.
Frequent throat clearing and vocal cord injury

  When the weather is dry and cold, haze, sand and dust are severe, or when the flu is pandemic, many people feel that their throats are “unfresh”, either dry itchy or unbearable, or have a foreign body sensation, only “babble”. Clearing your throat can relieve the discomfort. But in fact, frequent throat clearing is a very wrong approach, because when doing the action of clearing the throat, the vocal cords will be tightened instantly, and the airflow inside and outside the respiratory tract will vibrate the vocal cords violently, which will damage them. It makes the throat more dry and itchy, and can also induce chronic pharyngitis and other diseases. Therefore, when you feel uncomfortable in your throat, it is best to drink a large sip of water immediately and swallow it slowly; if there is no water around, you can use repeated swallowing actions instead of clearing your throat.
4 causes of throat discomfort

  There are actually many reasons for throat discomfort, including weather, nasopharynx, throat, stomach diseases, and some mental factors.
  Throat mucosa degeneration: There are cilia in the trachea, which are used to remove foreign dirt or sputum formed by body bacteria. However, as the age increases, the cilia function will degenerate. It is easy to appear when a cold or external irritation occurs. Sore throat discomfort.
  Environmental factors: including temperature, air, odor stimulation, etc. For example, a sudden drop in temperature can induce local discomfort in the throat or symptoms of nasal allergies; air pollution such as haze can stimulate the throat cilia to sweep violently, thus aggravating the discomfort of the throat; smoking, secondhand smoke, and kitchen fumes can also irritate the throat Mucosa, causing acute inflammation.
  Disease factors: The air and food that a person absorbs and ingests all his life must enter the body through the throat, so the initial symptoms of many diseases will also appear in the throat. For example, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal discharge caused by nasal allergies, or gastric reflux caused by gastrointestinal diseases can irritate the throat.
  Psychological factors: After excluding factors such as environment, degeneration and disease, and without the stimulation of tobacco and alcohol, always like to clear the throat may be caused by mental and psychological problems, but this kind of situation is relatively rare in clinical practice.
“Strengthen the body and eliminate evil” to treat throat discomfort

  For patients with throat discomfort, the current clinical diagnosis is mainly through laryngoscopy, gastroscopy equipment, etc., and then differentiate and treat according to the specific condition.
  In western medicine, if it is caused by a cold or nasal problems, you need to ask the otolaryngology department. Generally, anti-inflammatory drugs, expectorants, and soothing drugs are used to relieve the patient’s dry, itchy, tight, and painful throat; gastrointestinal problems If it is triggered, it requires assistance from the Department of Gastroenterology, medication or surgical treatment as appropriate; if it is caused by factors such as the environment or its own body degradation, it should be prevented from the perspective of improving lifestyle.
  Traditional Chinese medicine will usually have four consultations and a combination of consultations and prescriptions. For throat discomfort caused by exogenous feelings, it is necessary to eliminate evil; if it is caused by insufficient immunity, it needs to be strengthened, and then according to the local discomfort, the meridians and viscera are divided for addition and subtraction. In terms of medication, coptis, scutellaria and other heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs are often used to dispel pathogens; astragalus, ginseng and other vital energy-reinforcing drugs are commonly used to dispel pathogens; for physical yin deficiency caused by body degradation or bad living habits, use Ophiopogon, Shengdi, polygonatum and other drugs Nourish Yin and nourish lungs In addition, for severe gastroesophageal reflux caused by dry throat and acid reflux, traditional Chinese medicines often use tangerine peel, hawthorn, malt, Gallus gallus domesticus, Shenqu and other anti-stasis drugs to help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce stomach discomfort. Squid bone and other medicines, which have the effect of suppressing acid.
  You should also pay attention to protecting your throat at ordinary times, and make sure that you don’t speak and sing too many times a day, and don’t move continuously; make sure to rest after continuous use of your throat; and pay attention to the correct way of vocalization.