The word “like” is really unreliable

One of the biggest lies I heard when I was young is to choose to do what I like to do.

The mistake is not in the word “choice”, but in “like”.

We often say “what to do depends on what you want” or “I don’t know what I want, so I don’t know how to do it.”

In fact, the order is reversed.

Most people don’t know what they want to do. If they take this as a prerequisite for action, they don’t have to do anything.

I want to instigate this matter again: Chinese-style education lacks the “interest discovery” link, and all leisure activities are based on the principle of not delaying learning, so leisure activities have become a burden.

Most people are not interested in the regular content learned in school. Who would be interested in what is forced to learn? What’s more, they have to constantly take “correct answers are very standard” exams. As a result, I was unable to choose a major after graduating from high school. I was completely confused when I chose a major that I didn’t like enough. I had no idea about finding a job in the future. I finally found a job I didn’t like very much.

Of course, not everyone does not know what they want to do.

Every year when I do offline sharing, there will be a kid in the audience who says that his dream is to be a writer.

However, when I asked him “Do you know anything about the work of a writer?”, he couldn’t tell the specifics, only that he would stick to his dream.

Why do you like something you don’t understand?

But this is the weird phenomenon that exists among young people. In fact, we don’t understand the daily work of an ideal career. What we like is the wealth and aura that this job brings.

Why do many people say that being a writer and making a star debut is something they like?

Because these professions have a high exposure rate, especially celebrities. Appeared brightly in the news every day, and was sought after. And we will treat the professions we know a little bit as our favorite professions.

I used to think that I like to be a writer. The reason is very simple. I like to read books. I know the writers the most. I don’t know the others.

Later I discovered that I actually prefer the education industry.

Learning is where I am interested. I have always had a strong passion for how to learn and how to grow quickly. It is my specialty to express, share and influence others. The most important thing is that this job can help more people and let me have A strong sense of value.

A job that combines interest, expertise, and sense of accomplishment is the road of choice for me.

It took me nearly five years to find this road. When I graduated from high school, I chose the major of economics, because my family was poor at that time, and what I wanted to solve most was the economic problem. After I came out of this major, I was sure that the salary was good. But during the whole college period, I was very confused, ramming like a headless fly, trying everything and daring to do everything, until I really smashed a way out for me.

Since high school, similar talents have flashed in me. Not only do I like to work hard on my own, but I am also very good at motivating others. Once my friends around lose their morale, they will choose to chat with me and recharge.

This talent didn’t begin to bloom until I found a stage that suits me.

Up to now, I have not only loved my work, it can be said to be a little in awe. It is not the word “interest” that can be summed up.

And like, in my opinion, it needs to be vigilant.

Why do you say that?

In my opinion, when talking about likes, we must confirm the following things.

First of all, liking is definitely not a whim.

I want to learn dance, piano, calligraphy, or I watched a show and watched other people’s competitions singing, and I felt that I also wanted to learn singing. This kind of thing that we want to do on a whim is easy to give up when we encounter setbacks, not to mention that we may have other whims at any time.

So when setting goals, you should look at your own interests from a longer-term perspective. Which major you should study is not determined by what you are thinking at this time, but by the career you want to do in the end.

Every choice we make right now, whether we want or not, actually depends on the life we ​​ultimately want to live.

For example, I am not interested in learning English, but I very much hope to become a diplomat, but English is a language that diplomats must know, so I have to overcome and endure something for my dreams. This is like doing whatever I want. It’s totally different.

Second, don’t treat interest as instant gratification.

Reading novels, watching TV dramas, and eating are all things that can give people instant satisfaction and bring instant happiness. So when someone asks what your hobby is, many people will answer “my hobby is eating”. Eating does make you happy immediately, but things that make you happy immediately can also make you very easy to get bored.

The book “Games Change the World” says that people actually like hard work. If one thing is too easy, it will quickly make people feel bored and unable to invest in it for a long time.

The game is such a difficult job. You will voluntarily go to the game to find tasks and fight against enemies. It is precisely because of this that the game has a long-term appeal.

Otherwise, the level will be cleared at once, and there is nothing fun.

Finally, don’t make a final conclusion on interest at the beginning.

When you start to do something, don’t just give up, don’t say that you are not interested, most of the really interesting things can’t be like eating an ice cream, which immediately produces a sense of happiness.

You must stick to the moment when the sense of accomplishment occurs, and then judge whether you are really interested.

Our enthusiasm for a thing can be derived from a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Compared with subjects like physics and chemistry, most people think they are interested in television, literature, and music. Why? Because these things are the most accessible and the first to understand, people have no threshold when it comes to listening to songs.

In fact, your interest may not be in music at all, but in physics, chemistry, or programming. However, because the barriers for these latter subjects are too high, you find it difficult at the beginning to learn, and you give up. Then you Your interest is ignored, your talent is buried, but you don’t know it from beginning to end.

The two words “like” and “dislike” speak of self-feelings, so we always feel that we are most qualified to speak out, and we don’t need to be afraid of denying it.

Because every time someone wants to argue with us, we will say: Like is my personal feeling, I just like.

But the word “like” is really unreliable.

Every time I want to say that I don’t like it and give up, I ask myself if I really don’t like it, or is it just a temporary difficulty?

I allow myself to give up, but I am not allowed to avoid myself.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, I always felt that I might not be so interested.

I don’t like social interaction, and I feel strenuous even dealing with employees. HR said to me: “Sister Yuan, I think the people in the company are a little afraid of you.”

I said: “I am afraid of you too.”

What I enjoy most every day is work. For a while, I thought, maybe I would prefer to be a writer, cartoonist, or some other home. This kind of independent work is the best for me. I can work alone in my room. To death.

But in fact, I think entrepreneurship is more interesting. Bring a group of people to achieve greater possibilities and set bigger goals. From nothing, from small to great, this way of working allows me to accomplish more while I am alive. More ambitious things.

Even in the things that I like, there are parts that I don’t like.

When I leave this world, I should not use words like “like” or “dislike” to describe this life.

I would say, that is my destiny.

This is much more reliable than the “like” that some people say about it.

Real likes are not easy to be discovered.

Exam-oriented education will not give you the answer, and the university will not give you the answer. You only have to take the initiative to find it yourself, slowly learn about the world, and then combine your own strengths to explore a field in which you are willing to dedicate your life.

This kind of stable love is the source of strength for life-long struggle.