Is it really appropriate to use “emetic tube” to induce vomiting

I have heard that girls who want to lose weight but cannot resist the temptation of food will use their fingers to “induce vomiting” after eating. Although this practice has been criticized, there is an even more undesirable practice-“women’s online shopping vomiting tube Insert the plastic tube 50 cm into the stomach”. Recently, such a video has caused heated discussion.

Is there really such an vomiting tube for sale? A reporter searched on an e-commerce platform and found that there are businesses selling vomiting tubes, but a direct search for “vomiting tubes” shows that there are no related products. This is because the merchants deliberately replaced the vomiting tubes with other pictures. image.

According to the information of a merchant selling vomiting tubes, the price of the product is 8 to 180 yuan, and the diameter of the tube is 10 to 60 mm, which is also divided into different hardness. According to reports, the vomiting tube is “made of qualified and tested plastic.” The product page shows that the monthly sales volume of the vomiting tube is more than 500. According to the merchant, a tube can be used for a week, “because of the corrosion of stomach acid, it needs to be replaced frequently like a toothbrush.” According to him, after using the tube, he can vomit cleanly in two or three minutes after eating, and he can even lose more than ten kilograms a month.

Another merchant that sells vomiting tubes stated that the vomiting tubes can be used after every meal and are not harmful to the body. However, when the reporter asked whether the vomiting tube had relevant inspection qualification certificates, the merchant stated that it could not provide it. In addition, the business also said that some people who do food and broadcast will come to consult to buy an vomiting tube.

Platform: It is not allowed to sell vomiting tubes, but it is more concealed to publish in building materials

The reporter saw that many buyers left messages under the product. Some people said it was very easy to use, but some people said it was painful and hoped to adopt a correct and reasonable way to lose weight.

The reporter consulted the customer service of the platform, and the staff said after inquiring that the vomiting tube was released under the category of “building materials”. The staff said that plastic tubes and other products sold by ordinary building materials can be released, but if human contact is involved, such as vomiting tubes, they are generally not allowed to be sold, and the platform will handle them if they are found.

Reminder: Inducing vomiting is harmful to your health, and you must adopt a healthy way to lose weight

Dr. Chen from a hospital in Shanghai said that vomiting is not a reasonable way to lose weight. Frequent vomiting can cause damage to the stomach and esophagus. Stomach acid will corrode the esophagus during vomiting, and may also cause gum recession. If the throat is stimulated to induce vomiting, too much force will damage the throat. In addition, the use of vomiting to lose weight can easily lead to disorders of the digestive system. The human body is short of nutrients for a long time, and hair loss will occur. Dr. Chen said that long-term vomiting and weight loss can also cause serious psychological problems, induce anorexia, depression, anxiety, etc., and seriously affect life and work. The use of intubation to induce vomiting is even more undesirable. Personal intubation to induce vomiting can easily damage the esophagus and stomach, and even puncture the organs, posing a serious threat to health.