Unusual bench

Now, whether children or adults, everyone likes to play puzzles very much. They are happily thinking about how to put together a huge number of small parts into a complete picture? In fact, this is no surprise. We must know that each of us wants to challenge our abilities to complete a puzzle like this.

Russian Vitebsk musician and composer Yevgeny Polovinsky has been obsessed with jigsaw puzzles since he was a child. On the bench he designed, there are 256 small triangular hardwood blocks that can be rotated independently, and each small block is made of stainless steel bars. The three pictures of the benches are composed of three Russian artists in Vitebsk—Dmitry Horowovich, Andrei Dukhovnikov and Alexander Vishka. Rotate the small wooden blocks in a certain direction, you can put together any of the pictures, or use other methods to create your own unique puzzle. The bench frame is made of metal for sitting, and the small wooden blocks are also specially made. The “puzzle version of the bench” inherits the physical properties of a chair-it can rotate and sit on. The high-strength paint applied on the screen can withstand the influence of atmospheric phenomena. Only in winter, the benches placed in the open air in the center of Vitebsk and near the city hall are put away, because in the cold winter, the temperature Changes may damage the drawing.

The designer called this bench “Sijika”. The word “Sijeika” is derived from the first few letters of the verb “sit” and the last few letters of the noun “bench”. Searching for existing data, there is no similar product in the world.

Today, there are so many benches, with different styles, colors, materials and other elements. Such as “Cultural Bench”, this is actually a library with a complete set of virtual book catalogs. The back of the bench is composed of a book spine with a professional QR code. By scanning the code, you can download the selected e-books to your smart phone or tablet for free, and read it whenever you want.

In addition to “reading” benches, there are also “talking” benches. One of the benches looks like an open book with a portrait of Pushkin on the writing. This bench is placed in the garden in the middle of the street named after the poet by Tal. There are buttons on the benches, and when pressed, Pushkin’s poems and stories are played. After sitting down on another bench in the garden in the heart of Uspenskoye Grebo Street, you can hear stories about the writer’s life and creation.

“Music” benches. You can listen to the works of different composers by playing the keys painted on it.

There are several “smart” benches in Gatchina, Leningrad Region. On the back of the chair is a piece of metal sign with the names of different regions and states and their codes. Bring your smartphone close to the sign and you will immediately enter the website you need.

There are “blog” benches in the Nizhny Novgorod Theater Square. The seat surface and backrest of the bench are made of wood and metal. The two sides of the bench are like two pages of open notebooks. The rivets symbolize the @ of modern Internet technology. There is also a pencil on the side of the bench. You can write the names of the most popular blogs on it, and Wi-Fi is free to use.