How often does the husband and wife “love” once and how often is the ideal

With the gradual liberalization of society’s views on sex, the active dissemination of sexual science knowledge, and the relative separation of sex and fertility brought about by the advancement of contraceptive technology, people’s pursuit of sexual pleasure has become increasingly apparent. Whether the sexual life is harmonious or satisfied is in marriage The position in the relationship is becoming more and more important.

Low libido belongs to the category of male sexual dysfunction, which will destroy the harmony of the patient’s sexual life and seriously affect the quality of life.

How often is it ideal for a couple to “love”?

Generally speaking, the frequency of sex varies from person to person. From a physical point of view, as long as there is no discomfort in the body, both husband and wife agree, and after each sex, both parties feel excited and comfortable throughout the body, and they can have sex the next day without feeling tired.

However, with the increase of age, the change of physical constitution, the frequency of sexual life should also change. If you really want to take a frequency standard, there is a formula for the influence of age factors on male sexual performance abroad, which can be used for your reference: multiply the tens digit of age by 9, and the resulting product tens is the number of days the sexual life cycle lasts. , The single digit is the frequency of sexual life as it should.

For example, for a 25-year-old young man, his frequency is 8 times in 10 days. If it exceeds this frequency, it is too frequent.

How long is the ideal time for a couple to “love”?

This is also a problem that many people are concerned about. Many men think that their sex life can only last for three to five minutes, which is a manifestation of premature ejaculation. In fact, as long as it exceeds 2 minutes, it is considered normal. The latest survey shows that, from entering the vagina to ejaculating, the average time for men in the world is 5.4 minutes, and most people are still in the normal time.

But if it’s the first time for a man, he will easily be in a state of excitement. At the same time, there will be anxiety and tension. On the contrary, it will cause a short time. Don’t position yourself as premature ejaculation just because you fail the first time. Fall into anxiety.

How to improve sexual satisfaction?

It is generally believed that there are six elements that are directly related to sexual satisfaction: sexual pleasure experience, sexual experience communication, sexual care time, frequency of sexual life, emotional communication and daily sexual intimacy.

Among them, since the intimacy between husband and wife is the basis and prerequisite for the integration of body and mind, it is also the inevitable result of harmonious sexual life. The influence on sexual satisfaction even exceeds sexual frequency, sexual pleasure and other sexual interaction methods and physical experience.

Sexual satisfaction does not only depend on the frequency of sexual pleasure. Women tend to pay more attention to the exchange of daily feelings and sexual feelings and the caress before sex. Therefore, the husband is more active and gentle in the intimacy and communication in normal and before sexual activities, and the wife’s satisfaction is also higher. The time of sexual care is directly and positively related to sexual satisfaction, and in fact it is more related to women. Corresponding to the good feelings.