“If I die, please investigate my husband!”

  What do you think of when you hear the word “doll”? Is it a naive plush toy, or a scary doll in the movie that makes your scalp numb? Or… Recently, forensic Qin Ming’s new book “Dolls” went on the market. To this end, we have launched a series of books on forensic medicine Qin Ming (12 volumes, including “Doll”), revealing the details of the horror case for the first time.
  A complicated and confusing case At the beginning of “The Doll”, three puzzles are thrown out: First, how did the aunt who fell from the building late at night died? In the middle of the night, on the sixth floor of a residential building, a little girl at home was about to fall asleep. At this moment, she heard a loud noise coming from the next room, and her shoulders shook with fright. The sound seemed to be made by someone falling heavily to the ground. Immediately afterwards, the sound of hitting, swearing, and low sobbing continued to come. “The aunt next door was abused again…” Although the little girl was accustomed to this, she always felt scared in her heart. She didn’t understand at that time, why does the family living under the same roof behave like this? The little girl tidied the mattress silently, and she drew herself into the bed, trying to cut off the noisy sound. Just when she was at a loss, the movement suddenly stopped. But then she heard the sound of the door opening next door, followed by the sound of shattered, staggering footsteps. After that, there was a dull loud noise from downstairs, something fell heavily to the ground…It was the aunt next door who fell, and she died on the spot. People say that the aunt committed suicide because she couldn’t think about it. Only the little girl knows that everything is not like that at all.
  Second, where did the wife who disappeared for 18 years go? On summer evenings, the village yard was unusually quiet. The man returned home aggressively and found that the courtyard door was concealed. “Isn’t she running away from home?” Such thoughts almost immediately flooded into my mind, because men often beat their wives in the past two years. Every time he finishes his hand, the man only has to say a few good words to coax his wife, and his wife will be fine. But this time, the man admitted that he had acted a little harder, so he had a bad premonition in his heart, and he returned home earlier than ever. But as soon as he opened the door, the man’s original anxiety was instantly occupied by fear and panic. He hurriedly pulled two suitcases and left home. In a flash, 18 years have passed, and no one has seen a man’s wife again, and no one knows where she has been.
  Third, it is not an accident that the loving couple fell into the water hand in hand? On the bank of the suburban park, sparsely populated, there was a sudden sound of falling water. People fishing nearby hurriedly searched along the river bank, and soon they found a humanoid object floating in the middle of the river! The fisherman hurriedly jumped into the river and rescued people ashore. The police came after hearing the news and the investigation revealed that the person who fell into the water was a young couple playing together. They might have gone the wrong way and fell into the water accidentally. Regrettably, one of the couple who was rescued went into a coma and the other died. However, when the police looked at the dense vegetation on the river bank, they were puzzled: “Such a high vegetation has to cross over to reach the river. Isn’t this accident at all accidental?”
  These three confusing cases, what is the truth? What’s it like? Perhaps we can find clues in a diary full of prophecies. The police found in the diary information that seemed to be related to the above three cases: “So, I dare not tell others. In fact, can’t they hear the sound of beating and crying? The more people discouraged. , He beat his mother harder. I dare not persuade or ask for help; is this our destiny? Generations of women, trapped in hopeless marriages, cannot break free, and cannot go out until Become a silent doll; if I die, please investigate my husband.” The diary is full of violence, sorrow, fear, despair, and crying for help under the eaves… Who is its owner? Is it someone in the three cases? Or is it that more than one person wrote this prophetic diary?
  Many cases have multiple reversals. In addition to the startling main story in the book, there are also bizarre unit cases. For example, in an apartment where a migrant girl lives alone, it’s neat and clean. The computer on the coffee table in the living room is on at this time, but you can look down. There is a girl’s body lying between the coffee table and the sofa. Did she suddenly die from working overnight? ? Why did the teddy dog ​​lying in the door of the kitchen die? Lin Tao, a ghost inspector in the forensic team, was investigating the scene alone at this time. He suddenly felt something strange behind him, and suddenly turned his head and saw a lively Teddy dog! Fraudulent corpse?
  At another job site, a nanny filmed a terrible video. In the video, the old man suddenly fell to the ground while clutching his neck, twitching his hands and feet, tumbling and struggling violently on the ground, and then stopped moving. Soon, this video was posted online. The leading communicator was the eldest daughter of the old man. She claimed that the younger daughter abused and killed her father, so she wanted to expose her. But the youngest daughter never said a word when facing the police and kept crying. Why does the nanny want to photograph the death of the old man? Was the old man really killed by the younger daughter? What is the purpose of the eldest daughter manipulating the public opinion of netizens?
  Finally, there is a special “part-time job” site. In the beehive on the roadside, the busy bees were very angry, they had to abandon their work of collecting nectar and were busy driving away the flies that came from nowhere! The beekeeper was deeply puzzled when he saw this. He quickly opened the beehive and found a head! When the forensic doctor who sent the police was distressed about how to autopsy the head of this person, the investigator said that a part of the torso that may belong to this head was found in a tanker truck, but there was another corpse beside the torso! Is this a serial murder case? In the book, many cases have multiple reversals, and the ending is unexpected.
  How to leave the perpetrator In real-life families where domestic violence occurs, the perpetrator and the victim often have their own disguise. The perpetrators often behave inconsistently inside and outside. They are generous and friendly to people outside, but violent towards their family members inside. And most victims choose to forgive and conceal domestic violence, there are complicated and unspeakable reasons. The purpose of this set of books is to awaken the initiative of the victims. Leaving the perpetrator is the right path they should choose.
  But they will encounter many difficulties in the process of leaving: being intimidated by the perpetrator, threatened or even subjected to violence again, the victim is sometimes helpless and sometimes even killed. Fortunately, in the face of this problem, Qin Ming provided some tips in the book for your reference. In addition, the new book also comes with a pull page card containing 5 anti-domestic violence common sense. The popular science content includes: Will the divorce cooling-off period affect the divorce of domestic violence victims? What role can the perpetrator’s repentance book play in the divorce? When faced with threats, what should victims of domestic violence do… After understanding, readers are welcome to share with those around you who have encountered such problems.